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28 Bizarre Things Car Mechanics Saw On The Job

Cameron Eittreim March 5, 2021

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5: Antifreeze Is Sweet And Deadly

Cars and trucks no longer run on straight water to stay cool, and as such you’ve probably bought a jug of coolant at one time or another. Well, the antifreeze of today has a sweet taste to it which makes it deadly for animals that are attracted to a taste. Here is a story about a thirsty mouse “Upon opening the hood of a customer’s car, mechanic Val M. Smith was startled to see a mouse holding the upper radiator hose in a death grip. It was a death grip—the mouse was dead. “Only thing we could figure was it had acquired a taste for the antifreeze leaking from the hose and died gripping the hose when drinking. Strangest thing I have seen!” – via Readers Digest.

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So this should teach us that antifreeze is a deadly thing to have around the garage. When you do a radiator flush you don’t want to do it near animals or where the coolant can leak. Your dogs or cats could be killed from drinking even a little bit of the coolant, same for children.

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4: Keep All Fluids Safe

Automotive fluids whether it be engine oil, coolant, or even accessories need to be put up and out of reach of children and animals. The story about the mouse and the coolant is unique but it isn’t something that we want to see often. If you have a pooch that roams around the garage or a child that has a knack for curiosity then you should probably put your antifreeze. No matter what kind of antifreeze you are using they are all equally poisonous.

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The fact that there are more do-it-yourself mechanics than ever before means that you are bound to have some coolant laying around. But the key is to keep it put away and safe from any kind of risk.

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3: The Flat Tire

If you have a car that has sat for years on end the tire can become damaged and unusable, sadly this person didn’t understand. “You need a new tire,” replied the mechanic. “No, it’s just the bottom that’s flat.” The customer pointed out that the rest of the tire looked fine. The mechanic had to give a brief physics lesson to help the customer understand that when the bottom of a tire is flat, the tire is flat.” – via Readers Digest.

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The flat tire is an indication that the car sat for a very long time without having air. Or the tire was flat when the car was parked and the owner just decided against fixing it. Nevertheless, the flat fire is unusable and this happens quite often.

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2: Customer Didn’t Understand The Speedometer

Every once in a while you’ll have a story that is so dumb that you don’t believe it. This is one of those stories “Reddit contributor Delmer Dueck, who owned an automotive repair shop for a few years, recalls the time a customer brought in his car, thinking the speedometer was broken: It didn’t work when the car wasn’t moving.” – via Readers Digest.

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This is a prime example of a driver not understanding what the actual automobile is. What we don’t understand is how this person became licensed in the first place. Nevertheless, there are sure to be countless more drivers like this. Especially as cars become more and more advanced in the future.

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1: Weird Sound From The Air Conditioning

Drivers often notice all kinds of weird sounds coming out of their AC unit, especially as the vehicle gets older. This specific driver thought that he heard laughing coming out of the vents “Reddit user and mechanic fatalalala recalls the time a customer complained he heard a man laughing whenever he started the car. After some digging, the mechanic discovered it was a flapping business card that was stuck in the passenger side AC vent.” – via Readers Digest.

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This is not uncommon for us to stick stuff in certain areas of our and forget about it. Nevertheless, to think that you are hearing laughter takes a certain type of sound. This mechanic will probably not forget the encounter with this specific car owner for a while.

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