2001 Chrysler Prowler - 2002 Chrysler Prowler
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24: Plymouth Prowler

The Prowler is not the first car that you think of when it comes to sports cars; in fact, you might not even remember this car. Rarity and uniqueness were two of the aspects that Chrysler was going for when the Prowler was conceptualized. The New Beetle had spurred a sudden interest in retro-themed cars and Chrysler hoped to build on this excitement. The Prowler is by all accounts a modern-day roadster with a lot of unique features.

GMC Syclone - Plymouth Prowler
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What would have made sense for the Prowler would have been to incorporate a V8 engine. Instead, the car got the same powerplant that you’d find in a Dodge Intrepid sedan. Not what you’d call a game-changer, and this negatively affected the Prowler’s sales. The sports car lived on for a short period as a halo car for the Chrysler brand.

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