Austin Mini

  1. Austin Mini

American car enthusiasts know the Mini for its 21st-century modern iteration by BMW after the German brand bought Rover in the ’90s. The story of the Mini dates back to 1959 and it is an interesting one. The original Mini they introduced in 1959 and sold until 2000 is the most important British car of the 20th century.

Although the British car industry is full of expensive and limited production models, the Mini proved to be the most influential, as well as a truly timeless car. The reason for such praise is that the Mini is a technological marvel and immensely capable little car. It motorized Great Britain and has effected every car maker since. When it first debuted in the late ’50s, the Mini featured an unusual concept of a transversely mounted engine with front-wheel drive.

That engine was something nobody had in those days. Fast forward 60 years and all front-wheel-drive compact cars in the world have the same layout as the Mini. Also, the Mini was the champion of usability since it was tiny from the outside but could seat five people on the inside. Even though it had just 34 HP from the factory, this little car managed to win some of the world’s most prestigious races like the Rally Monte Carlo thanks to its small weight, front-wheel drive agility, and precise handling.

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