20 Unreliable Classics That Drivers Just Can’t Forget

By Vukasin Herbez
20 Unreliable Classics That Drivers Just Can’t Forget

The Motor Junkie crew, as you all know, loves classic cars of all shapes, sizes, and makes. However, as much as classic cars are cool, desirable, expensive, and beautiful, they are often old, worn-out pieces of machinery. No matter how good the vehicle looks, it will give you trouble, and plenty of it. This is, unfortunately, the reality of classic car ownership that no magazine will ever tell you about.

Among all those classic cars, some are seriously flawed and unreliable, even when new. They’re cool and beautiful machines, yet problematic. Keep reading to learn about 20 fantastic – but troubled – classic cars most drivers would love to own but hate to maintain.

20. Maserati BiTurbo

The BiTurbo lineup of cars started with the 222. It was a handsome two-door coupe and continued with the 420 and 430 sedans. The BiTurbos were meant to be entry-level Maseratis at more affordable prices than expected. Under the hood was a new generation of turbocharged 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter V6 engines. They came with high power outputs from 180 HP all the way to 270 HP in later years.

The BiTurbo generation, however, was infamous for a lack of reliability. The cars were prone to all kinds of mechanical issues. Maserati made over 40,000 BiTurbos in a 13-year period. But due to the poor quality, just a small fraction of them are still on the road.

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