1. Devon GTX

You may remember the Devon GTX sports car since the project caused quite a stir when they announced it in 2009/10. They conceived this car as the ultimate American sports car using a Dodge Viper RT10 as the basis and engine. Devon also made numerous modifications and upgraded the power to 650 HP.

The GTX used the same six-speed manual and had improved performance and top speeds. It even broke a few track records during testing, but there is no official confirmation of that. Unfortunately, the economic downturn and recession of 2009/10 hit the car industry especially hard. This caused big problems for car makers.

Chrysler decided to kill the Viper project and stop producing platforms and engines, affecting Devon’s production of the GTX. Devon tried to buy the rights for the Viper platform, but Chrysler rejected the bid. This caused the company to close after building just a few pre-production cars.

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