20 Reasons Muscle Cars Will Always Outdo Electric Cars

By Cameron Eittreim
20 Reasons Muscle Cars Will Always Outdo Electric Cars

Electric cars have no doubt arrived and made a mark on the automotive industry. But when you ask a longtime car enthusiast, most have not warmed up to the electric car yet. Sure, you have models like the Tesla Cybertruck creating a massive buzz for the electric car business. Then you also have cars like the Mustang Mach-E that are alienating an entire generation of old-school car enthusiasts. Muscle cars have invoked the emotions of car lovers for decades now. There are legions of collectors who absolutely eat and sleep everything about muscle cars.

So the question is going to be what are the car enthusiasts going to do when the electric car takes hold? All major automakers are in search of the next big thing when it comes to electric cars. Will the of future of muscle cars remain in the same light or are we going to accept electric cars as a viable replacement? With automotive enthusiasts and collectors increasing the value of muscle cars with every auction, it will be interesting to watch. Read on as we take a look at 20 things that muscle cars do better than electric cars.

Chevrolet Nomad
via: Motor Junkie

20. The Culture

Let’s face the fact. A muscle car is a piece of automotive culture. There has always been a place in the hearts of car owners for the muscle car. Whether you drove one when you first got your license or you just love the sound of a high horsepower muscle car, the culture surrounding the muscle car is undeniable. It is also something that has evolved a lot over the past few decades.

Grand Sport Roadster Via Motor Week
Grand Sport Roadster Via Motor Week

From reality TV shows to massive automotive auctions such as Barrett Jackson, the muscle car industry is massive. Will electric cars be able to replace the kind of passion that the muscle car has? Probably not for some time as the muscle car has been around for a long time. It’s been invoking the passion of enthusiasts the whole time and wil continue to.

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