20 Muscle Cars That Belong In Any Auto Fan’s Dream Garage

By Vukasin Herbez
20 Muscle Cars That Belong In Any Auto Fan’s Dream Garage

The world is full of big muscle car fans and enthusiasts. Although most Americans love all kinds of cars, the domestic car industry and muscle cars are their absolute favorites. But one of the questions people have trouble answering is what their favorite muscle car is. And to be honest, the answer is extremely hard since they have produced so many great machines in the last 50 or more years.

And because of that, there is usually no way to pick only one of them. That is why this list of the top 20 classic and modern muscle cars will help you create your own “dream garage.” This is a unique perspective of muscle car history from the early ’50s to the present day. This list is a handpicked selection of the finest muscle cars Detroit has ever built and a selection of legendary machines most drivers like the best.

Of course, if money is no object, there are some extremely expensive muscle cars here, including some million dollar gems. So read right to the end to experience the perfect muscle car dream collection.

  1. Hudson Hornet

In 1951, Hudson introduced the Hornet. It was a full-size sedan with an affordable price and a few interesting features. The first was the sleek design with a sloping roofline, which made Hornets look longer, wider and sportier. The second was the all-new “step down” construction that merged the chassis and body in one structure. Also, step down construction helped the Hornet achieve a lower center of gravity for better handling.

The third important feature was the improved straight eight-cylinder engine with 308 CID and up to 170 HP on tap. All of this gave the Hornet a big advantage on the race track. In fact, Hudson dominated the NASCAR races from 1951 to 1954, becoming one of the biggest legends of the sport. In comparison to other models, the Hornet handled better. And best of all, the big straight-eight provided a lot of torque, which helped with the performance.

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