1. Chevrolet Corvette

Despite the fact Corvette was never a muscle car per se, its introduction was the biggest automotive news for 1953. And it was a big boost for the American performance scene since nobody expected Chevrolet to build such an exotic car. However, the most interesting thing about the new Corvette was its fiberglass body.

Back in the early `50s, plastic was still the material of the future and they rarely used it in the industry. The Corvette was the first car with a full plastic body and Chevrolet was one of the pioneers of fiberglass construction. Under the hood was an inline six engine they called the “Blue Flame.” It featured 3.9-liters of displacement and a modest 136 HP rating.

The engine came from Chevrolet’s standard lineup, but they equipped it with three Carter carburetors. Also, the engineers at Chevrolet tried to keep the costs down by borrowing mechanical components from other vehicles to use on the Corvette.

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