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20 Legendary Muscle Cars That Need to Come Back

Vukasin Herbez October 18, 2018

  1. Pontiac GTO

Even though the 2004 to 2006 GTO wasn’t a successful model, it was a powerful muscle car with great features. It did miss the mark, so Pontiac enthusiasts all over the world deserve another model. But this time, it should be a proper muscle car and an instant classic.

GM has several competent and advanced platforms like the Alpha that could be the base for a modern-day GTO. The power is no problem since GM has one of the best lineups of performance V8s is the world.

  1. AMC Javelin

It would be unrealistic to expect that AMC could return to the market although the name is still popular with car fans. The company has been dead for more than 30 years, so there is little chance to see it again.

However, there is a need for an inexpensive but cool muscle car. And a modern-day Javelin would be the perfect fit. It would be a car with a nice design, cool features and price lower than the Mustang or Camaro.

  1. Ford Mustang Boss 302

Ford did a great job with reviving the legendary Boss 302 model in 2012 and 2013. But after that, this fantastic pony car returned to the history books. With the new generation of the Mustang already a few years old, it is time to get the Boss back again.

The previous model raised the bar in terms of power and dynamics, so Ford has to invest a lot to top that. Although there is the brutally fast Shelby GT 350, the Boss 302 could be positioned below this model.

  1. Oldsmobile 442

Another one of the great American brands that are lost is Oldsmobile. As you probably know, Oldsmobile was active during the heyday of the muscle car culture. So, most fans agree that it would be great to see a new/retro-styled 442 in the future.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to revive the Oldsmobile brand although many car enthusiasts would be delighted.

  1. GMC Syclone

Even though the Syclone was a limited production exercise in performance truck design, it left an enormous mark in car history. And it remains relevant, even today. Today, GM has the cool looking Colorado. And it is one of the best compact/mid-size trucks out there.

If they were to install a potent engine and re-badge it as a GMC, they would have a modern Syclone. That would make all those muscle car fans excited.

  1. Ford Lightning

Even though Ford is active with the Raptor, most muscle car fans think that the company abandoned the muscle car market. The Ford Lighting, a mighty performance version of the F150 was once the definitive Ford muscle truck.

But for almost two decades, Ford hasn’t had anything similar to offer. So, with the new generation of aluminum F-150 trucks, Ford should introduce a modern-day Lightning. It could come with a powerful engine and a rear wheel drive only layout.

  1. Dodge Viper

Dodge discontinued the legendary Viper last year due to poor sales, according to Chrysler. One of the best sports cars they ever produced in America is apparently not a big hit with customers. Some people feel that the Fiat part of the Chrysler Corporation was eager to kill this car, so Ferrari wouldn’t have a competitor.

But no one knows for sure. Still, the Dodge Viper is a living Detroit legend. So, most car enthusiasts think Chrysler must find a way to re-introduce this car back to showrooms all over the country.

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