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20 Cars With The Longest Production Runs

Vukasin Herbez February 18, 2019

  1. Morgan 4/4

Morgan first introduced the 4/4 in 1955 and this little British roadster is still in production. That is quite a remarkable achievement even though the Morgan 4/4 wasn’t the latest word in technology and design. For 64 years, buyers have lined up to purchase this hand-made open-top model and this little Morgan shows no signs of stopping.

  1. VW Beetle

Officially, the production of the VW Beetle started in 1938 and ended in 2003. During that time, they produced more than 22 million cars in 14 countries around the globe. The Beetle was the first global car in terms of popularity, affordability and presence. Amazingly, that means that the Beetle was in production for an amazing 65 years.

These are the 20 cars with the longest production runs in the car industry. Have you ever owned one of them? Their longevity is truly a testament to their popularity, design and durability, so if you buy any of them, you’ve made a smart choice.

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