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20 Cars That Defined The Auto Industry Over The Last Decade

Vukasin HerbezFebruary 19, 2020

2. Dodge Viper ACR

Dodge discontinued the last generation Viper in 2017 due to slow sales. However, a car like the Viper wouldn’t go without a fight, so they presented a special edition Dodge called the 2016 Viper ACR. It is the best and one of the fastest track-ready cars in the world. As you may already know, ACR Vipers were always a car purist’s dream. They are specially-prepared road/track cars with immense possibilities and fantastic performance numbers.

The secret of the ACR Viper is the slightly more powerful engine that produces 645 HP. The car lost significant weight and has a perfectly-balanced chassis, race tires and powerful Brembo brakes. Unfortunately, at $120,000, the Viper isn’t a bargain by any means but is worth every cent.

Why is it important? The Dodge Viper is probably the best American sports thoroughbred and the future classic.

1. Hyundai Veloster N

The standard Hyundai Veloster is an odd-looking hatchback. It has an unusual three-door layout with two doors on the right side and one on the left. Apart from this quirky feature, the Veloster, in its standard guise, is a boring car without any real significance to bring to car enthusiasts. However, the N version is a different story.

The Veloster N delivers 250 to 275 HP thanks to its turbocharged engine. It comes with a trick front differential, a different suspension, and an exterior design package. With all of this, the nature of the car has changed from a boring economy hatchback to one of the best hot hatches on the market.

Why is it important? The Hyundai Veloster N may just save the hot hatch market.

These are the most 20 important cars that have shaped the industry in the past decade. Each of these cars has left a mark on the industry and each car continues to influence future models.

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