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20 Blue Oval’s Legendary Classic Muscle Car Hits

Vukasin Herbez March 20, 2019

  1. Ford Mustang Boss 302

The third redesign of the Mustang appeared for the 1969 model year and the car grew again. Ford changed the engine choices as well as the equipment list, taking the Mustang lineup in two main directions. One direction was the luxury segment with the new Grande notchback model and other was pure muscle with three new models, the Mach I, Boss 429 and Boss 302.

Produced for only two years, 1969 and 1970, the Boss 302 featured a 302 V8 engine they conservatively rated at 290 HP. But, the real output was closer to the 350 HP mark. The Boss 302 was a model Ford intended for racing in the Trans-Am championship.

They equipped it with a blackout hood, a spoiler on the trunk and other details. Also, it featured a stiff, track-tuned suspension, close ratio gearbox and high revving engine. The car was light and without any unnecessary luxuries, which helped the performance.

  1. Ford Ranchero GT

Ford offered the Ranchero in the late ’50s as a reasonable proposition to car/truck dilemma. It sold reasonably well and became a practical vehicle for people who wanted the usability and payload of a light truck with the drivability and road manners of a car. However, in the late ’60s when the muscle car craze took the American automotive landscape by storm, Ford decided to introduce its most potent muscle car engine.

And that was the mighty 429 Cobra Jet, which they added to the Ranchero line. If you opted for the GT package in 1970 and the 429, you could get one of the fastest trucks on the planet. It came with optional wood grain sides, a hood scoop and suspension upgrades. They rated the Cobra Jet engine at 335 HP, but in reality, it had over 400 HP. Because the performance was brutal, the Ranchero GT was a bit of a handful to drive.

  1. Ford Mustang Boss 429

The mythical Mustang Boss 429 is a proper Ford muscle car legend. Ford conceived it in 1969 as a pure racing engine they intended for use in the NASCAR championship. The Boss 429 featured a totally different engine architecture than the rest of the Ford big blocks. The Boss 429 was much wider and had semi-Hemi combustion chambers.

As a result, it could achieve higher revs, better flow inside the head and it produced more power and torque. Rated at 375 HP by the factory, this unit produced over 500 HP in reality and much more in race trim. Ford decided to put this engine into the Mustang, creating a limited production Boss 429.

However, NASCAR decided not to homologate it since the series only accepted intermediate and full-size cars, and the Mustang was a pony car model. So, Ford homologated the Torino Talladega as the body and the Boss 429 as the engine. They participated in the 1969 season with Torinos and Mercury Cyclones powered by the Boss 429 engines. Those cars proved successful, winning 30 out of 54 races that year.

  1. Ford Mustang Boss 351

In 1971, the Mustang received another thorough restyle, the final one for the first generation. The car again grew in size and weight. Also, it featured a new sharper look with a much wider track. Unfortunately, the Boss 302 and Boss 429 versions were gone but the Grande and Mach I stayed, albeit with lower power ratings.

However, there was one interesting model Ford introduced in 1971, and that was the Boss 351. They made it for one year only, so the ’71 Mustang Boss 351 was one of the rarest Mustangs ever. In fact, Ford only built 1,800 of them.

It was powered by a highly tuned version of the 351 V8 engine with around 330 HP. It was fast, good looking and more expensive than the Mach 1 version of the same model year. And today, it is a true collector’s item.

  1. Ford Torino Cobra

As the last true muscle car of the bygone era, Ford introduced the Torino GT in 1971. It came with the Cobra Jet engine to produce 370 HP under its long hood. The 1971 model was one of the coolest looking cars out there. It had the semi-fastback rear end, low stance, and wide track.

Also, it came in coupe or convertible form. The engine options were simple, too. You could get the venerable 428 Cobra Jet or 429 Cobra motor, both with the same power ratings.

These are 20 of the Blue Oval’s greatest, most legendary classic muscle car hits. Which one was your favorite? All these cars came with devastating designs and unparalleled power.

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