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Weird And Chilling Moments Caught On Camera

MJ Staff - AS August 6, 2023

Whether you’re a year-round Halloween person or simply enjoy that spine-tingling feeling when you look at something that isn’t quite right, the internet is the perfect place to get your daily dose of weird, scary, and chilling moments. From potential ghosts to Ring camera shenanigans to glimpses into the dark side of our history, we’ve scoured the internet to compile a list of the best caught-on-camera moments people have shared. So turn down the lights, take note of the shadows around you, and be prepared to get spooked!

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Wild Animals Don’t Belong Inside

Things in Europe were rough during the Second World War. People struggled to make ends meet in their day-to-day lives, but there were other victims of this war. Zoos couldn’t keep up with taking care of the wild animals, but European citizens refused to let the animals suffer. Many people took these wild animals into their homes and did what they could to care for them. This photo shows a woman feeding a large wild bird in her small home. When you think about the food rationing that was happening during this time and the amount of effort it must have taken to care for this bird, it’s truly an amazing act for this woman to offer the bird some of her own food.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Can You Feel The Darkness?

At first glance, you might think this photo shows a woman walking up to a quaint, quiet country home. But we can feel the darkness radiating from that home just by looking at this picture. Look closely at the woman walking up the stairs. She’s wearing a nurse’s uniform, and the house she’s approaching was one of 42 buildings in upstate New York that made up the Trudeau Sanatorium. People diagnosed with tuberculosis were sent here. This picture is from 1948 before common antibiotics were invented, so most people in that home would perish from the disease. It’s pretty spooky to witness this snapshot in history, especially if you know about all the ghost stories and legends associated with these buildings.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

An AI Bot’s Interpretation Of Religion

The use of AI has become very common. People use it to write their shopping lists, generate short emails, and even create images. Someone asked an AI bot to create an image that represents the word “religion,” and the result is terrifying. This looks like a scene out of a horror movie with a group of cult-like people worshipping at the foot of a frightening interpretation of Jesus Christ. AI bots are capable of sorting through millions of images online based on specific keywords to develop a new image. This AI bot must have found the darkest images on the internet to compile this horrific scene. Note to self: don’t ask AI to give its interpretation of religion again!

Photo Credit: rd.com

The Recreation Of Murder Victims

Have you heard of the murder spree John Wayne Gacy wrought throughout Cook County, Illinois? This man murdered 33 people between 1972 and 1978 and became one of America’s most infamous serial killers. Gacy was known as the “Killer Clown” by the media, and his crimes spawned a wave of serial killer-related fiction. Forensic artists were recruited in 1980 to recreate the faces of nine of John Wayne Gacy’s victims with the intent of releasing these images to the public. The artists worked hard to give these victims back their identities, and many were recognized once the public received the images.

Photo Credit: countryroadsmagazine.com

The Return Of Bobby Dunbar… Or His Doppelganger

Child abductions are a horrific event that happens all too frequently. A boy named Bobby Dunbar disappeared on a family vacation at the tender age of four, and his family was distraught. No one knew what had happened for many years, but eventually, the family was reunited with their beloved Bobby. As the years passed, the family realized something wasn’t quite right. The family had a DNA test performed in 2004, proving that the child they’d be raising wasn’t actually Bobby. No one knows what happened to the real Bobby to this day. Can you imagine the rollercoaster of emotions this family must have went through?

Photo Credit: rd.com

The Original Creepy Clown

Clowns are pretty creepy. They’re supposed to be fun characters to watch at the circus or at birthday parties, but the reality is that many of us have harbored a dark fear of these costumes for our entire lives. Many people attribute the creepy clown phenomenon to the novel and movie “IT” by Stephen King, which sparked a wild clown crazy all over the world. However, this image from 1928 shows the true original creepy clown. This photo captures a moment from a silent film called “Laugh, Clown, Laugh,” and we can’t imagine the movie had too many laughs in it with this guy around!

Photo Credit: reddit.com

This Fruit Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Did you flinch when you saw this image? It looks like someone stuffed a Chuckie Doll from the famous horror movie into this tree, but what you’re actually witnessing is an act of nature. This is a blossom on a banana tree, but the hair and facial expressions make it difficult to believe it’s not actually some kind of monster waiting for unexpecting passersby to walk beneath his tree. Who knows what caused this crazy mutation, but it’s definitely not an actual monster. Still, you probably shouldn’t eat any of the bananas this tree produces. Just in case there’s some kind of curse response for this creepy blossom.

Photo Credit: rd.com

Images Of The Dead

These shadowy images aren’t just interesting pieces of artwork. Each figure represents one of the 21 young people who perished during a stampede at a popular music festival. Love Parade, a German music festival known for its excited crowds, suffered a tragedy in 2010. A stampede broke out, ending the lives of 21 people and injuring many others. These figures are part of a mural in the Karl-Lehr-Strasse tunnel in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and they are permanent reminders of this tragedy.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Saddest Time Lapse

Each photo is a snapshot of Lake Mead, but the pictures were taken about forty years apart. The one on the left, which shows a healthy, thriving lake, was taken in 1983. The picture on the right, which looks like a scene of devastation in comparison, was taken in 2021. They say everything was better in the 80s, and that apparently applies to the natural resources on our planet too. A combination of droughts and climate change led to the water levels of Lake Mead dropping significantly by 2021, and seeing these pictures side-by-side is truly saddening.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Weight Of Impending Death

Death has been one of the most heavily debated topics between scientists, philosophers, and religious people throughout human history. It’s ever-present, and we all know it’s something that can’t be avoided. This snapshot of North London’s Highgate Cemetery is eerie to look at. With over 200,000 people resting on these grounds, it’s become a massively crowded space. The graves appear to be collapsing in on themselves, which gives this cemetery an even more terrifying aura.

Photo Credit: rd.com

The Sleeping Dead

Here is another example of the haunting images you’ll see when taking a stroll through North London’s Highgate Cemetery. This statue of an angel sleeping was likely erected to provide comfort and solace to mourners, but it doesn’t come off that way. Instead, it appears to be a brutal reminder of death, and it’s an image that probably haunts the dreams of visitors to this cemetery. We wouldn’t suggest staring at this sleeping angel for too long.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Monsters On Earth

Whether you were freaked out by a monster under your bed or in your closet as a kid, we have all experienced that existential fear of unknown creatures. While most people wouldn’t classify insects as monsters, some of them look pretty monstrous. Take centipedes, for example. They have a pretty creepy appearance when you look at them closely, especially when you see a mother centipede protecting her young. This photo shows an adult female centipede cradling her offspring to protect them from danger, and it’s something you’d expect to see in a horror movie about aliens or monsters. Yet, this is a perfectly natural phenomenon on Earth.

Photo Credit: rd.com

Lighting Strike On The Church

Churches are supposed to be a place of sanctuary, but these buildings aren’t even safe from random, unpredictable acts of nature. This church spire in Denny, Scotland, was struck by a fierce bolt of lightning, leaving the spire severely damaged. Logically, we all know this is a random and natural event, but it feels particularly chilling when it happens to a church. Was something going on at this church that led to this act of God? We wonder if people still felt comfortable attending this church after such a startling event.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Calm Before The Storm

This photo feels like a stark representation of the phrase “the calm before the storm.” Anyone who has lived on or near the water understands the devastation a hurricane can wreak and know these storms need to be taken seriously. Most people living this close to the storm would evacuate before it got to this point, but the person in this photo appears completely unconcerned. This person is watching the storm as flood waters approach their door, and we have to wonder what their plan is. Will they be able to reach the roof when the waters inevitably break into their home? Wondering what must have occurred moments after this picture was taken is the creepiest part of this image.

Photo Credit: rd.com

The Power Of An Earthquake

Earthquakes are powerful forces of nature that lead to destruction all over the world every year. One of the most infamous earthquakes in history hit San Fransisco in 1906. The destruction was widespread throughout the city, and very few homes were spared from devastation. This photo captured a unique scene. On a street full of Victorian homes, only one obviously showed the extent of the damage. It’s chilling to look at one semi-collapsed home when its neighbors appear to be standing tall with minimal damage. The family who owned that home must have been particularly unlucky.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Bloody Ghostly Footprints

Anyone who’s ever worked alone in a large building will understand the fear this picture causes. An employee working alone at night in this building suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He quickly swiveled around and saw this horror behind him. A trail of bloody-looking footprints had been following him through the building for quite some time. Bloody bare footprints would be disturbing to find behind you under any circumstances, but seeing them during a night shift when you’re totally alone in a large building is even more terrifying. What would you do at this point? Quit? Call for help? We hope there was a logical explanation for this, but that building is probably haunted.

Photo Credit: rd.com

A Devastating Reminder

Wildfires are deadly, devastating forces of nature responsible for some of the biggest instances of natural destruction worldwide. In 2018, a wildfire in Mati, Greece, wreaked havoc on the local population. This fire was responsible for ending the lives of over 100 people, and an additional 250 people were injured while attempting to flee into the nearby sea. Private boat owners and local fishermen are credited with saving hundreds of lives, but they couldn’t save anyone. This photo of a soccer ball taken after the chaos is a stark reminder of the devastating impact of a wildfire.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Just When You Thought Bats Were Creepy Enough

Bats are one of the weirdest-looking species on the planet. There’s something about the shape of their bodies, the semi-transparency of their wings, and the frightening sound they make as they swoop over you is enough to give most people the chills. Throw in extra creepy species like vampire bats, and it’s clear this is a species that is best left alone. However, bats get even creepier when you know what their babies look like. These babies still don’t have any fur, and they almost look like baby rats hanging from the ceiling.

Photo Credit: rd.com

An Active Crime Scene

Have you heard of the “Lonely Heart Killers?” A couple by the names of Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez went on a killing spree between 1947 and 1949, murdering as many as 20 women they’d met through personal ads in newspapers. The pair was eventually caught for the murder of Delphine Downing and her 2-year-old daughter, Rainelle. Police searched the couple’s basement in Queens, New York, as the investigation continued. This photo shows them digging in the basement, where they would eventually find the remains of another woman.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Haunted Garden

We’ve heard of houses, buildings, and even boats being haunted, but what about a garden? When most people pull vegetables out of their gardens, they find cute and healthy veggies ready to be consumed. One person went to pull sweet potatoes from this garden and experienced quite a fright. The sweet potatoes she pulled from the ground look like it belongs to a corpse! It’s almost a perfectly shaped hand and even has the correct number of fingers. Is her garden trying to tell her something? We have to wonder if she ended up eating this hand-shaped potato.

Photo Credit: rd.com

The Infamous George Washington

When most people hear the name George Washington, they immediately think of the first president of the United States. He’s the famous George Washington, but there’s also an infamous George Washington, and this man’s gravestone is featured in this picture. On February 8th, 1924, the state of Texas implemented capital punishment through the use of an electric chair. Five men were executed using this chair on this date, and the very first man to suffer this punishment just happened to be named George Washington. That date remains in Texas history as the highest number of executions carried out in a single day.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Evolution Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most devastating illnesses a person can become afflicted with. It affects every aspect of a person’s ability to function cognitively, but sometimes it’s difficult to see the progression of this disease when you’re around the person on a day-to-day basis. This sheet shows signatures from a person with Alzheimer’s Disease over a period of several years, and it’s sad to see the extent to which this disease affected this person’s ability to write. It’s a stark reminder of the way people with Alzheimer’s are suffering and the rapid decline they can experience.

Photo Credit: rd.com

A Reformed Murderer?

The haunted soul captured in this picture is Karla Faye Tucker. This woman gained a ton of public attention in Texas after she was convicted of killing two people during a robbery. After her confession and subsequent conviction, Tucker made a very public conversion to Christianity and captured the minds of the public with her charm and attempts to reform. Despite all this, she was sentenced to execution via lethal injection on February 3, 1998. She was the first woman in Texas to be executed since 1863.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Eye Of The Stone Monster

Looking at this picture gives us the bone-chilling feeling of being watched by something ancient and powerful. It looks like some kind of stone monster is staring out from the rock, watching over all who dare wander through his territory. There’s probably a logical explanation for this stone eyeball that involves different layers of rock with varying levels of certain minerals, but its eerie and otherworldly appearance makes us think there’s more going on here. Make sure to bring an offering with you the next time you take a walk through the woods, just in case you come across a stone monster like this one!

Photo Credit: rd.com

Palace Of The Forgotten

While it’s important not to sweep dark parts of our history under the rug, it’s equally important to move on from these horrific events. Occasionally, countries will leave monuments from darker times in history to memorialize the souls lost to these inhumane acts, and this picture is an example of that. The gallows seen in this photo are located at the Palacio de los Olvidados (Palace of the Forgotten) in Galvin, Spain. Human prisoners were tortured here during the Spanish Inquisition, and the original equipment remains there as a brutal reminder to us all of the acts people are capable of during the darkest times in history.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Scariest Restroom Ever

Most people value their privacy, especially when it comes to the activities that take place in a bathroom. No one wants hundreds of people staring at them while they do their business, which is why this restroom is officially the creepiest we’ve ever seen! All these bathroom titles appear to have little windows that people could be watching you through. The titles are actually just decorated with pictures of people looking out their windows, but that doesn’t really make us feel any better. No one wants to be watched while they’re doing their business!

Photo Credit: rd.com

Dangerous Ghost Ship

Ghost ships are terrifying for a variety of reasons. Ships that have been completely abandoned by their crews with no explanation strike fear into the hearts of sailors everywhere, but it’s even worse when a force of nature interferes with the route of a ghost ship. A tsunami sent this ghost ship off into the sea from the coast of Japan in 2011, and it caused major issues. The ship was considered a threat to maritime traffic and a potential threat to the environment, so the United States Coast Guard decided to sink the ship. This photo captured the plume of smoke as the ship sank to the briny depths of the sea.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Cute DIY Project Turned Into Nightmare Fuel

Halloween is one of the best times for indulging in DIY crafts projects. Most people have fond childhood memories of carving faces and other images into pumpkins. Some are intentionally made to be scary, but others are just supposed to be adorable smiling faces. Unfortunately, nature sometimes interferes with our projects in the most unexpected ways. This person’s adorable jack-o’-lantern was absolutely ravaged by hungry squirrels in the middle of the night, and the result is just horrifying enough to be on brand for Halloween! Take note, jack-o’-lantern lovers. If you’re going to leave your carved pumpkins outside, the squirrels might help create a disturbing face.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Pirate Ship Bell

Thankfully, pirates aren’t as prevalent today as they used to be, but pirate ships were once a huge part of the lives of sailors. There are probably thousands of sunken pirate ships scattered across the oceans that have never been found, so the discovery of a shipwreck is always fascinating. This picture shows an old bell taken from the wreck of a pirate ship discovered off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s an interesting piece of history and a stark reminder of the things that must be scattered along our ocean floors, still waiting to be discovered.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Mind Of A Schizophrenic

Schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood and frightening mental illnesses. People afflicted with this disease often experience frightening auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations that make it very difficult for them to separate fiction from reality. One schizophrenic patient’s disturbing thoughts were captured in the picture above. This is the last drawing this patient ever made, and it depicts a terrifying, ghostly figure appearing to scream as it emerges from the darkness. We can only imagine the types of nightmares that must have haunted this person during their years on this Earth.

Photo Credit: rd.com

A Glimpse Of Normal Before Tragedy Strikes

This may seem like an average picture of a loving mother or relative holding their baby, but the history behind this picture makes it incredibly eerie to look at. The woman in this photo is Hedda Nussbaum, who was friends with Joel Steinberg in the 1980s. Steinberg adopted the girl in this photo, Lisa Steinberg, through illegal means, and she met a tragic end just six years later. The adoptive father beat the young girl to death when she was six years old. This photo shows how convincingly normal people can look from the outside when, in reality, their lives are filled with turmoil and abuse.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

What Would You Do?

Cat owners know their beloved pets like to sit and stare at them while they sleep. It’s a strange occurrence but pretty common. However, the owner of this cat posted this photo on Reddit and explained that they frequently wake up to their cat sitting in this exact position and staring at them from atop the dresser. What would you do if you woke up to your cat sitting like a human and staring you down? We can’t blame the owner for being creeped out because just looking at this photo gives us chills!

Photo Credit: cbc.ca

The Challenger Explosion

The Challenger explosion was one of the most tragic moments in recent history. Unfortunately, the Space Shuttle Challenger was on its 10th flight when disaster struck. On January 28th, 1986, Challenger broke apart only 73 seconds into its flight. The explosion killed all seven of the crew members aboard, including a schoolteacher. Christa McAuliffe had been selected from more than 11,000 applicants to participate in the NASA Teacher in Space Project, but no one could have anticipated she’d meet such a tragic end.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Terrifying Reality Of This Lighthouse

Most lighthouses give off an eerie feel, especially since most of them are reported to be haunted. But there’s a more specific reason this lighthouse makes our stomachs clench with fear. You see the way it’s situated on top of this giant rock coming out of the ocean? Today, people can reach that lighthouse by helicopter, but lighthouse keepers used to have to climb that rock to get to the lighthouse! Can you imagine how terrifying that would be with waves crashing all around you and slippery algae covering the rocks? Only the bravest lighthouse keepers would have been able to stay here.

Photo Credit: ukrainetrek.com

Abandoned Kindergarten In Chernobyl

Remember the horrific nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl in 1986? That explosion sent a ton of radioactive material into the air, irradiating the area and forcing people to abandon Chernobyl for the foreseeable future. This picture shows an old toy left behind in this Kindergarten classroom in Chernobyl. Can you imagine being a parent during this situation and racing to collect your child from their school before the radiation reaches them? This photo is extremely disturbing and should be a stark reminder to us all about the dangers of messing with nuclear energy.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

An Arachnophobe’s Worst Nightmare

Arachnophobia is an irrational fear of spiders, but looking at this picture makes us feel as though that fear isn’t so irrational after all. The creature captured in this photo looks like a cross between a tarantula and a giant moth, which is absolutely terrifying. Thankfully, it’s not what it looks like. The antheraea polyphemus may look like a giant flying tarantula, but it’s actually a type of silk moth common to North America. Don’t panic if you come across one of these beasts because they’re entirely harmless to humans!

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Don’t Get Too Close

People have found all sorts of creative ways to let other drivers on the road know they don’t appreciate being tail-gated, but we feel this person may have taken things too far. The words “this container transports a disease which has no cure” have been printed onto the back of this trailer, and considering the pandemic we all just went through, the very thought of what could be riding in there is terrifying. We can’t imagine there are actually any diseases being transported in this unofficial vehicle, but it’s probably better to be safe than sorry, considering the state of the world today.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

An Army Of Bugs

Plenty of people get the heebie-jeebies when they come across the types of creepy crawlies seen in this picture, but rarely do you see so many of them grouped together like this! A flood caused all the creatures living in the mud to take to high ground. Various worms, beetles, and other bugs climbed to the top of this cement post when their homes flooded and appeared to be living in perfect harmony. If the world ever floods, these guys will probably be the ones to survive.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

An Omen Of Frogs

There are so many questions about this picture, and it’s hard to know where to begin. Where did all these tiny frogs come from? Why are they all staring in the same direction? Someone posted this photo on Reddit and explained they walked outside of their home to find hundreds, if not thousands, of these tiny frogs sitting on the road. They were sitting perfectly still, staring in the exact same direction, and it gave this person an eerie feeling. Are these frogs an omen of death and disaster? Or is there a logical explanation for what’s happening in this picture?

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Final Resting Place

This diagram shows the final resting place of dozens of hikers who met their untimely end while climbing Mount Everest. None of these bodies can ever be recovered due to their placement on the mountain, so the hikers will forever remain where they fell. Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous peaks to climb, and many hikers succumb to the lack of oxygen before they can make it back down the mountain. Perhaps future climbers should take a look at this diagram to remind themselves of the danger that awaits them and to ensure they’re being respectful of all the lost souls who are now a part of this mountain forever.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Nut Putty Cave

Many people enjoy exploring unknown and dangerous caves, but some don’t survive the adventure. Back in 2009, the man in this photo went to explore Utah’s Nut Putty Cave. Unfortunately, Jones became stuck in a narrow passageway in the cave. Rescuers and family members worked tirelessly for 27 hours to remove him from the cave, but they were unsuccessful. Jones passed away on November 25th, 2009, and his body remains trapped in the cave. The cave was permanently sealed after Jones passed. This incident should be a warning to cave explorers everywhere.

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