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Watch: Owning 4×4 Doesn’t Make You a Good Driver: Epic On and Off Road Fails

Vukasin HerbezJune 11, 2018

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Most people know how the sports SUV craze has swept the car market. For almost two decades, SUV models of all sizes and shapes have been some of the bestselling models worldwide. They based the first SUV models on rugged off-terrain vehicles but added luxury features and comfort. Although they had nicer interiors, they still retained their off-road usability and capabilities.

Fast forward 20 years and there are dozens of SUVs for sale today. But most are nothing more than lifted wagons with front-wheel drive, but no off-road capabilities. And the luxury SUV class is even more disconnected from its rugged roots nowadays. Today’s modern, high-powered luxury SUVs are loaded status symbols with unbelievable power, big wheels, and stiff suspensions.

They built those cars for high-speed highway cruising and showing off, but not for crossing the desert or running through the jungle as you may think. However, the problems occur when inexperienced drivers of those shiny new luxury SUV decide to go off-road. The most expensive SUVs come with advanced all-wheel-drive systems and a host of electronic upgrades. But even that is not enough to cope with rough terrain because all that technology is better for asphalt than for gravel and mud.

So, it is no surprise there will be embarrassing problems for the new SUV owner. So, this is a compilation of five videos of epic off-road fails. These owners who either don’t know how to drive or expect way too much from their cars. So, even if you pay an enormous sum for prestigious luxury SUV, that doesn’t mean you know how to drive or your car is capable of tackling rough terrain.

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