Want To Invest In Collector’s Cars? – 30 Vehicles You Should Buy Right Now!

By vukasin

Even if you are not into cars you are well aware that prices of certain models are rising faster than bonds, stocks or precious metals. In the last couple of decades, cars have become better investments than many other things and today, high rollers of investment world are putting their money in the garages rather than banks or expensive artworks.

That is why we have compiled a list of 30 affordable but soon to be expensive vehicles you should buy right now. Most of the cars on the list are models from `80s or `90s which are next big thing in car collector`s circles. Whichever car you decide to buy you can expect a nice return on your investment in just a few years time. So, let`s start.

1. Dodge Viper RT/10

This legendary sports muscle car was introduced in 1992 and it immediately became the American icon. It had a monster of a V10 engine in the front, sleek and aggressive body style, rear wheel drive and not much to protect you from being killed by the sheer power and wild nature of this car.

Over three generations, Chrysler made a lot ov Vipers over the years but the basic layout was the same, V10 in the front, power sent to rear wheels and manual transmission in between. Until the end, this was the only transmission choice which is something the purists highly appreciated. The Vipers are not exactly cheap but they are still affordable and they will just get more and more expensive in the future.