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Video: 1300 HP Race Between Supra & Monster GT

Vukasin Herbez September 20, 2017

As unsafe as they are, street races are incredibly exciting to watch, especially if they have two amazing cars involved in it. It takes at least two cars to race, and the most interesting ones usually involve well proven street racing cars. This time, it is the battle between Japan’s and America’s beasts, the Ford GT and the Toyota Supra.

These two cars are true beasts even in its stock form, and their tuning potential is even greater. That fact makes them ideal for different performance enhancing mods. So, when they’re properly modified, they are the force to be reckoned with.

There’s a total of 1,300 horsepower in this video. Yes, that’s right! The GT has 700 horsepower coming from the all-American V8, while the Supra has 600. These numbers are quite impressive, but that’s not all. Remember, the Supra has 320 horses and the GT has 550 as stock, so there had to be some serious tuning involved.

Both race cars have sick mods

As the biggest mod, the Texan GT has a Whipple 4.0L Crusher Supercharger. There’s also a pulley and ADV1 wheels. That alone is enough to bump the GT’s horsepower from 550 to 700. All blacked out and entirely badass, this Ford GT also has a 1BADGT licence plate, and it couldn’t be more true, because it really is as fast as it looks!

On the other hand, the Supra has a longer list of mods. Otherwise stock motor has PHR 6266 turbo kit and Brian Crower cams, with a built automatic transmission. That brings the horsepower to 5700 wheel horsepower on 28psi running on E85 fuel. The exhaust is Blitz Nur Spec, and the Supra runs on street tires.

Japanese imports or American muscle?

On paper, the difference in horsepower is significant, but what happens when you transfer that to the street? Luckily for all of us, these two amazing cars came head to head on a highway, and the result is a full blown street race.

The minute-long video is shot from the Supra, and it shows the Japanese muscle approaching the black Ford GT from behind. Soon, both cars start accelerating, and the race begins! In the first pull, the Supra has a slightly better throttle response, but the GT soon catches up, storming past the supra for the win.

In the second pull, the GT has it much better, and it quickly leaves the Supra well behind. So, the absolute winner of this two-round race was the Ford GT. But the biggest beauty of this clip were the fantastic sounds of these two beasts.

Whether it’s the rumble of a turbocharged V8 or the whistle of the Supra’s six, it’s enough to get every enthusiast’s blood boiling. In a street race of such two cars, there are no winners, and no losers too. These two enthusiasts built two fabulous cars, and they don’t shy away from stepping onto the gas. Tell us, which of these two makes your heart skip a beat? And which one would you rather take for a spin?

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