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Uncovering the World’s Most Ridiculously Petty Reviews!

MJ Staff - CH August 6, 2023

In this day and age, social media platforms and travel review websites have made it easier than ever to share our experiences and opinions with the world. While these platforms can be incredibly helpful in planning a trip, they can also provide a platform for some of the most outrageous and ridiculous complaints imaginable. In this article, we have compiled more than 40 of the most over-the-top petty reviews ever written by tourists. From complaining about the sand being too sandy to criticizing what the brochure missed to mention, these complaints will leave you questioning humanity’s sense of humor. So sit back and get ready to be entertained by these hilarious and absurd travel complaints.

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The Size of a Masterpiece

This reviewer’s comment about the Mona Lisa is truly puzzling. They found Da Vinci’s masterpiece, displayed in the Louvre, to be “too small.” We’re struggling to grasp their reasoning. Did they expect a towering floor-to-ceiling mural? Or did they anticipate being able to admire it from a distance, effortlessly peering over the heads of other tourists? It’s a truly peculiar statement about one of the world’s greatest works of art. The size of the painting is just one element of its immense significance and beauty, which goes far beyond its physical dimensions.

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Too Many Foreigners Out There!

Occasionally, complaints reach such absurd levels that we question the reasoning behind their existence. Take, for instance, an individual who traveled to Spain and then bemoaned the presence of Spaniards and their use of the Spanish language in the area. Seriously, did they expect to be the sole globetrotter? It’s almost disrespectful to criticize such an inherent aspect of the country they chose to visit. When embarking on a journey, one must anticipate encountering locals and experiencing their culture. Assuming Spanish people and cuisine are exclusive to Spain displays a lack of understanding and appreciation for diversity.

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Where Are the Kangaroos?

Thanks to movies, TV shows, and documentaries, our perception of certain parts of the world can be influenced. Australia’s reputation as the home of kangaroos often leads people to expect encounters with these iconic creatures everywhere in the country. However, it’s important to clarify that kangaroos don’t freely roam the major cities of Australia. They are not akin to stray cats or dogs; rather, they are national animals found in zoos and rural areas. So, for anyone sharing the same disappointment as this tourist, it’s essential to adjust expectations and seek out appropriate locations to witness kangaroos in their natural habitat.

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Uncaged Wildlife in National Parks

Yellowstone National Park, spanning a vast area of the United States, is a natural haven teeming with diverse wildlife. It’s crucial to understand that Yellowstone is a protected national park, not a zoo. The animals roam freely, as nature intended. Enclosures and cages are not a part of the park’s ethos. Visitors should come prepared and informed, recognizing that these animals exist in their natural habitat. It’s essential to do proper research and set realistic expectations before visiting, appreciating the opportunity to witness wildlife in their untamed environment.

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Redefining Childhood

Determining when a child transitions into adulthood can be a subject of debate. While parents may view their offspring as their eternal children, that sentiment differs when it comes to establishments offering complimentary meals for children. A recent complaint arose when a restaurant charged a 19-year-old for her meal, despite advertising “children eat free.” However, the restaurant is not at fault. In every country worldwide, a 19-year-old is recognized as an adult. The clash of expectations likely resulted in a heated argument. Understanding the age threshold for childhood is crucial to avoid such misunderstandings.

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Brown Concrete and Dim Lighting

Here’s a word of advice: if you’re not well-versed in architecture, it’s best not to critique buildings and historical sites as if you were an expert. Traveling encompasses appreciating the history and culture of a destination. While some old structures may not visually appeal to everyone, they carry immense significance in a country’s origins. Personally, we find charm in brown concrete and dim lighting; it creates an intriguing ambiance worth exploring. The issue lies not in how this particular traveler described the location but rather in their lack of interest and appreciation. Each person has their own preferences, after all.

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Dismissing the Swan

Occasionally, individuals take the “customer is king” motto to extreme levels. One traveler lodged a complaint about the shape in which housekeeping folded the towels in their room, particularly disliking the swan shape. Would it be more suitable if they folded them into elephants? Alas, housekeeping doesn’t have the luxury of asking about preferred towel animal shapes. Simply unfold the towel, use it, and move on with your day. In the grand scheme of things, this minor detail holds no significance.

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Local Foods Everywhere!

Is it possible for individuals to venture to foreign lands without acknowledging the fact that they will be immersed in a different culture? Surprisingly, a traveler expressed disgust in their review about Indian restaurants primarily serving curry. While it may require some effort to find alternative cuisines like delicious pizza, rest assured they do exist. One of the greatest joys of traveling lies in immersing oneself in the local culture, and sampling foreign food stands out as a delightful perk. However, when traveling to a country with unique traditions and culinary heritage, it’s essential to show respect and refrain from being disrespectful towards their traditional cuisine.

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Mosquitos Outdoors

Brochures are designed to showcase establishments, accentuating their positive aspects while often omitting the downsides. They certainly won’t highlight trivial details like the presence of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are an unavoidable reality in many places. It’s crucial not to rely too heavily on brochures. True adventure lies beyond the confines of meticulously planned itineraries. You can’t find the thrill of exploration within the pages of a brochure. Being too cautious and fixated on perfection can ultimately dampen the joy and spontaneity of travel.

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The Brochure Illusion

It’s quite astonishing how easily some people place their trust in everything they see in travel brochures. The truth is, various factors can influence the appearance of the photos, such as lighting, printing techniques, and even the type of paper used. A brochure doesn’t guarantee an exact replica of reality. It’s rather amusing to think that these individuals would reconsider visiting a destination just because the sand turned out to be white instead of yellow. What’s wrong with white sand? From our perspective, we fail to see any issue here. It’s essential to keep our expectations in check and appreciate the beauty of a place beyond the confines of a brochure.

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Fooled by the Clock

When it comes to travel, flight durations can vary significantly, ranging from 24 hours to as short as 2 hours, depending on the distance between your point of departure and your destination. This discrepancy is simply a consequence of geography, and it aligns with common sense. Surprisingly, some individuals view this as a genuine offense worthy of complaint. Are they implying a geographical disadvantage against Americans because England is farther from Jamaica compared to the United States? This complaint genuinely perplexes us. Perhaps a future move to America is being contemplated by this individual?

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No One Said That!

If any readers have ever come across a water park that generously provides complimentary swimming costumes and towels, please do share the location with us. Every water park we’ve visited only offers swimming gear for sale at exorbitant prices. It makes us wonder if this person has never been to a water park before. Such criticism would only make sense if they were first-time travelers. We simply can’t fathom the expectation of borrowing swimsuits from the facility that are passed around between different guests. Frankly, that idea seems a bit unhygienic.

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Understanding Hotel Phone Functions

The convenience of hotel telephones lies in their shortcuts for contacting different departments. With just a few button presses, guests can easily reach reception, housekeeping, or room service. However, it’s important to note that these shortcuts only work when using the numbers on the hotel phone itself. It’s quite surprising that a traveler expected to reach the hotel reception by dialing 9 on their personal cell phone. Being physically present in the hotel doesn’t automatically connect their phone to the entire hotel’s phone system. Let’s remember that magic doesn’t make our phones bridge the gap between devices in such a way!

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Some People Need Signs for Everything

Before diving into any extreme sport or adventure, it’s crucial to take your fears into account. Otherwise, you might find yourself high up in the air, feeling dizzy and overwhelmed. That’s exactly what happened to this one traveler, and it’s surprising how some people overlook such obvious considerations. Did they really think they would just sit comfortably in a basket on the ground? Did they expect to descend into canyons or explore the depths of the sea? No! When it comes to heights, it’s all about going up! Maybe they missed that memo or skipped the movie that taught us the same.

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Ban The Siesta Tradition

Once again, we come across an individual who lacks consideration for local customs and traditions. When visiting a foreign place, it’s our responsibility as visitors to adapt to the ways of the locals, rather than expecting them to conform to our preferences. Approaching a destination with such a mindset reflects a sense of entitlement that perplexes us. In certain countries, it’s common for shops to close during the midday siesta period, allowing locals to rest and rejuvenate before reopening in the afternoon. So, sir, we won’t keep shops open during siesta time just because you wanted a pack of beers and a mint. It’s essential to remember that some travelers exhibit a regrettable lack of courtesy.

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Bathroom Expectations

When it comes to onboard facilities, various modes of transportation like buses, trains, planes, yachts, and cruises usually offer bathrooms for convenience. However, expecting a toilet on a canoe is quite far-fetched. We’re actually curious now if anyone has ever come across a canoe equipped with a loo. This complaint truly tickles our funny bones. Seriously, a toilet on a small canoe? Moreover, embarking on a canoe adventure is not about seeking convenience. If you’re yearning for relaxation with the convenience of a toilet, perhaps consider indulging in a soothing cruise experience instead.

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Time Zones and Travel: A Forgotten Factor

When it comes to travel planning, numerous factors demand our attention: weather, culture, food, and yes, the time difference. However, it appears that one reviewer overlooked this crucial aspect when flying across the world: crossing time zones. Expressing dissatisfaction with the time is an issue that no travel service can rectify. Airlines cannot provide refunds for missed connections solely due to the time difference being overlooked. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the traveler to account for these time differences. Remembering this fundamental detail can save us from unnecessary inconveniences and ensure a smoother travel experience.

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Setting Realistic Safari Expectations

One valuable lesson to learn is the importance of managing our expectations. Movies and documentaries often depict safaris as thrilling adventures across vast plains teeming with a diverse array of wild animals. However, the reality can differ depending on the season and time of day. Animals have their own natural rhythms and behaviors. It’s possible that this individual visited during a time when the animals were migrating or simply not inclined to roam around for the amusement of tourists. It’s unfortunate that he had the misfortune of encountering mostly antelopes throughout his week-long safari. This serves as a reminder to set realistic expectations and embrace the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters.

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Realism in Street Shopping

It’s important to exercise caution and skepticism when purchasing items from street traders. If one believes that anything sold by them is an authentic find, it may indicate a certain level of naivety while traveling. The price alone should have been a giveaway when it came to those “Ray-Ban” sunglasses. Legitimate Ray-Bans cannot be acquired for a mere €5, and street vendors aren’t authorized retailers. Perhaps these individuals were either a bit gullible or genuinely believed they had stumbled upon a remarkable deal.

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The Unexpected Presence of Fish in Water

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact destination this person visited, whether it was Seaworld, the Great Barrier Reef, or a typical lake or pond. Regardless, when visiting such attractions, it’s safe to assume that fish will be present in the water. Just imagine the humor if this individual had gone to Seaworld or an aquarium and expressed surprise at the sight of fish in the water! After all, the primary reason for visiting these places is to witness the fascinating array of fish and other sea life. What else would they expect to see?

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Wet and Wild Adventures

One issue we have with high-maintenance individuals attempting adventurous activities is their inability to adapt and their unrealistic expectations. A prime example is this woman who seemed to believe she could stay dry during a river rafting trip. Did she envision rafting on a luxurious yacht or rolling along in a giant hamster ball? It’s evident that the tour company didn’t feel the need to explicitly warn about getting wet because it’s inherent in the activity itself. River rafting is an exhilarating and extreme experience where staying dry isn’t the goal. It’s essential to leave behind expensive belongings, such as a $300 leather handbag, as they have no place in the water-filled thrill of rafting.

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Choosing the Right Slope

When planning a ski trip, it’s essential to assess your own skiing abilities. Have you hit the slopes before? Are you an experienced skier or just starting out? The answer to these questions determines which slope you should tackle. If you’ve heard that Snowbird has a reputation for being challenging, what did you expect the terrain to be like? It certainly wouldn’t resemble a gentle bunny slope. If you found it overwhelmingly difficult, it’s a clear indication that you might not have been ready for it just yet. It’s crucial to choose slopes that match your skill level for a more enjoyable experience.

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This Is Just Mean

Tour guides often receive modest compensation for their efforts in showcasing tourist attractions and providing valuable information. It’s important to show respect and appreciation by leaving positive reviews. However, there are travelers who fail to recognize this and choose to focus on irrelevant aspects. One reviewer specifically mentioned the appearance of their tour guide, which is simply uncalled for. The guide’s role is to guide and inform, not to meet arbitrary beauty standards. If you’re the one being distracted by such superficial matters, it’s worth reflecting on whether the issue lies with you.

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Too Much Sand!

We can’t help but shake our heads at this one. You booked a beach vacation, right? So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s sand involved. If you prefer to sunbathe without getting in touch with nature, lounging by the pool might be a better option for you. Perhaps a rocky beach would have suited your preferences. Complaining about sand on a beach is simply absurd. Honestly, those who find fault with every aspect of their vacation should consider staying home and sharing their money with those who genuinely appreciate the joy of travel.

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Their Sun Was Too Much For Me

When traveling to tropical destinations from a country like England, where the sun isn’t as strong, it’s crucial to come prepared with ample sunscreen with the highest SPF. The sun in places like Mexico can be scorching all day long. It’s unfortunate that this person didn’t take proper precautions and ended up sunburnt. Sunburn can be incredibly painful and can spoil the rest of your trip. Remember, it’s essential to prioritize your skin’s protection by doing thorough research and taking necessary measures, rather than relying solely on warnings or blaming others.

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Who Doesn’t?

When it comes to reviews at restaurants and cafes, it’s typical to encounter comments about the taste of the food, the service quality, or even the cleanliness of the establishment. However, this particular reviewer seems to be nitpicking over minor details. We fail to see any issue with providing milk for tea in a separate jug. Perhaps the intention was to offer diners the freedom to adjust the milk quantity to their liking. If the restaurant had added a tad more milk than this person preferred, we can bet they would have found something to complain about as well. It’s all about finding the perfect balance of milk and tea, after all.

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Didn’t Mean To Do That

Amongst the plethora of travel reviews, there are always a few that catch our attention. One particular review stood out, where the traveler claimed that their visit to Russia negatively affected their self-esteem due to the striking beauty of the local women. While it may be seen as a compliment to the Russian ladies, it’s unfortunate that the reviewer felt diminished in comparison. We hope she didn’t let this overshadow the wonders Russia has to offer beyond appearances. From captivating attractions to rich cultural experiences, there is so much to enjoy in Russia. We genuinely hope she found joy in her holiday, despite any personal insecurities.

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They Don’t Have “Proper” Biscuits

Traveling to different parts of the world should be an opportunity to embrace diversity, not to impose our own expectations. It’s unfortunate when travelers bring a narrow-minded mindset and assume that everything they’re accustomed to will be readily available in distant lands. This kind of thinking is restrictive and lacks cultural sensitivity. Not every country will stock the same snacks or treats found in your local supermarket, and that’s perfectly fine. Using the term “proper” biscuits implies a judgmental stance, as if the traveler’s preferences are the only valid ones. Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of each place and appreciate the local offerings without imposing our own standards.

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What About Bottled Water?

Some travel reviews seem to seek justification for personal choices. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy a holiday centered around drinking, but blaming the water for excessive cocktail consumption is a stretch. If there were concerns about the water, opting for bottled water would have been a practical solution. Choosing cocktails instead was an individual decision. While not remembering all the details of a vacation might indicate a good time, it’s important to take responsibility for one’s choices and seek a balanced approach to ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip.

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Expecting a Volcanic Eruption

Traveling to extraordinary destinations, such as towns near volcanoes, can be an adventurous experience. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations. One traveler had an extreme mindset, expecting molten lava during their trip. Without knowing the specific status of the volcano, it’s unfair to assume there would be lava present. If the volcano was active, it would have been dangerous to witness such eruptions up close. On the other hand, if the volcano was dormant, the absence of lava is perfectly reasonable. It’s crucial for travelers to conduct thorough research and align their expectations with the reality of their chosen destinations.

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Weather Complaints and Airline Responsibility

Entertaining children on long flights can be challenging. However, blaming the airline for the weather is unreasonable. At high altitudes, the view is typically limited to the sky and clouds, making traditional games like eye spy impractical. It’s essential to understand that airlines prioritize safety and efficiency when determining flight paths and altitudes. While airlines strive to provide a comfortable experience, they cannot control or be held responsible for weather conditions. It’s important for parents to find alternative ways to keep their children engaged during flights and to manage expectations accordingly.

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No AC Outside!

Sometimes, we come across reviews that make us question the common sense of certain individuals. Take this instance, where a person expressed dissatisfaction with having to line up outside during a boat trip. We can’t help but wonder, where else would you expect to line up for a boat? A luxurious air-conditioned hall, perhaps? When you’re out in nature, the wind becomes your natural air conditioning. If that proves challenging, it may be best to stay within the confines of your hotel room. Embrace the beauty of the great outdoors and appreciate the elements that come with it.

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Paying for Kids’ Seats

It’s important to understand that certain services come at a cost, and that includes plane seats for children. It’s surprising that some individuals are taken aback by the fact that they have to pay for separate seats for their kids. Regardless of age, ensuring the safety of children during a flight is paramount. All passengers, including children, need their own seats with seatbelts for a secure journey. Expecting children to sit on their parents’ laps throughout the entire flight is not only impractical but also poses a safety risk. If one is hesitant to pay for their children’s seats, it might be worth reconsidering their travel plans.

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The Authentic Experience

After spending a few days in Rome, it’s natural to crave a change from Italian cuisine. In search of a different dining experience, one traveler ventured into a Mexican restaurant, only to be disappointed by the presence of an Italian waiter. Apparently, for this individual, an “authentic” Mexican food experience also hinges on the nationality of the waitstaff. While Italy undoubtedly offers an authentic experience with its own cuisine, expecting the same level of authenticity for Mexican food in a different country is unrealistic. For an immersive Mexican culinary experience, it’s best to explore the vibrant flavors and culture of Mexico itself.

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Wrong Soup!

Traveling offers an exciting opportunity to explore diverse culinary experiences in foreign countries. However, people’s perspectives and preferences can vary. It’s amusing to come across a guest who calls the waiter to complain about the difficulty of swallowing their soup, only to realize it was actually gravy. Embracing new flavors and textures is part of the adventure of trying different cuisines. While everyone has their own preferences, it’s important to approach unfamiliar dishes with an open mind and a sense of humor. Sometimes, unexpected surprises can lead to delightful discoveries.

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Misunderstanding Rooftop Pools

Upon hearing about the rooftop pool, did this person envision a pool located directly above every single room in the hotel? Perhaps they had little familiarity with rooftop pool concepts or the fundamentals of architecture. It’s possible that this was their first encounter with a hotel offering a rooftop pool facility. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that a rooftop pool is situated on the highest level of the building, providing guests with an elevated and scenic swimming experience. Understanding the concept of a pool on the roof, as well as basic architectural principles, can help avoid such misconceptions.

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Currency Exchange 101

This particular travel review highlights the need for a Traveling 101 seminar catered to individuals like the reviewer. Such a seminar would cover a range of essential topics, including respect, navigation, time differences, and, of course, the basics of currency exchange. It’s important to understand that the value of your money remains the same; it’s the exchange rate that affects the numbers. Without a basic understanding of currency exchange, one might question how one can comfortably travel to other countries. It’s crucial to be informed and aware of such fundamental aspects of international travel.

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Saltwater Wonders

Saltwater in the sea? Quite a shocking revelation! It’s hard to fathom how these travelers managed to snorkel with such an outrageous occurrence. Just kidding, of course! The Gulf of Mexico is essentially an extension of the vast ocean, and as such, its waters are naturally salty. It’s a bit perplexing that these individuals were unaware of this fact. It’s important to approach travel experiences with an open mind and a willingness to appreciate the unique qualities of each destination. If someone can’t find joy in a trip to the Gulf of Mexico, we’d gladly take those tickets off their hands, as we’re yearning for a much-needed vacation ourselves.

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Bugs Outdoors

Opting for an outdoor destination entails encountering the raw essence of nature. National parks and camping trips come hand-in-hand with bugs, gusts of wind, and scorching heat—elements beyond our control. Surprisingly, one travel review lamented about bugs biting people’s faces at a specific outdoor location. Newsflash: when you venture outdoors, bugs are part of the package! If your face becomes a target for these critters, it’s essential to come prepared with repellent or bug spray. After all, embracing the great outdoors means embracing all its inhabitants, bugs included.

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What a Fully-Equipped Kitchen Means

Opting for an Airbnb or serviced apartment allows travelers the convenience of cooking their own meals, saving money on dining expenses. However, it’s important to set realistic expectations when it comes to the provided amenities. While these accommodations generally offer basic kitchen utensils like pots, pans, and plates, expecting specialized tools like an egg slicer is a bit excessive. What’s next, requesting a sous vide machine? It’s important to remember that these spaces are not professionally equipped kitchens, but rather provide the essentials for a comfortable and convenient cooking experience.

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Spanish-Speaking Spanish

When traveling to different countries, it’s important to embrace the local language and culture. Expecting everyone to speak English everywhere you go is not only unrealistic but also limits your experience of immersing yourself in a new culture. Spain, for example, is a Spanish-speaking country, and encountering locals who primarily speak Spanish is to be expected. Instead of expecting others to cater to you, it’s an opportunity for you to learn some basic phrases and communicate with locals in their own language. Technology, like translation apps, can also be a useful tool to bridge the language barrier and enhance your interactions with locals.

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Perfect Example of Cultural Ignorance

Traveling provides an incredible opportunity to explore and indulge in different culinary experiences. While global chain restaurants exist in many parts of the world, it’s essential to step out of your comfort zone and savor the local cuisine. India, known for its rich and flavorful spices, offers a vibrant and diverse culinary scene. By solely seeking out familiar fast food options, you miss the chance to discover the authentic and mouthwatering dishes that the country has to offer. Embracing local food is not only a culinary adventure but also a way to appreciate the culture and traditions of the places you visit.

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Can’t Read the Guidebook

In this day and age, relying solely on guidebooks may seem outdated. With the wealth of information available at our fingertips, using resources like Google can greatly enhance our travel experiences. You can just get a cheap phone SIM and easily navigate your way around a new city, accessing information and recommendations from anywhere you desire. Embracing technology offers flexibility and convenience, opening doors to unexpected adventures beyond the limitations of guidebooks. So, let go of the guidebook and allow your curiosity to lead you off the beaten path. You never know what hidden gems await.

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It Was Just a Statue

Watching films featuring famous landmarks can create lofty expectations that often lead to disappointment when visiting the location in person. This traveler experienced a similar sentiment when encountering the Statue of Liberty. In their review, they awarded the statue a measly one-star rating due to its perceived lack of size. While it may not be the tallest monument, standing in the shadow of the nearby Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty proudly reaches a height of 93 meters. It appears that for some individuals, size becomes a determining factor, overlooking the historical and symbolic significance it holds.

It’s hard to imagine that some people go out of their way to write such ridiculous reviews. While it’s important to read and consider reviews before making purchases, it’s also important to use discernment and not take every negative review too seriously. Next time you stumble upon a petty review, just remember that everyone has different standards and opinions, and it’s important to take them with a grain of salt.

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