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Twins using the old “switcheroo” to get over on the unsuspecting

MJ Staff March 23, 2023

Did you know that giving birth to twins is a incredibly rare event. Less than two percent of births involve twins, and that number shrinks to below one percent for those mothers who give birth to “identical twins.” Of course, we often see twins who enjoy dressing exactly alike, and there is evidence that they are so in-tune with each other, that they often have similar interests and even end up working in similar careers. This is true even for the instances of twins who have been separated at birth and who do not grow up together.

There is one real-world example of two male identical twins who were separated at birth who look the same, dress the same, root for the same baseball team, and even end up working in identical jobs. And if you are lucky enough to beat the odds and are born with a twin brother or sister, you will also be lucky enough to share a lifetime of marvelous experiences at the expense of others. Below are examples of twins using the old “switcheroo” to get over on the unsuspecting.

The buff twins

Image source: Instagram Organic Twins

Twins are famous for looking and dressing the same. But something else they are famous for is sharing many of the same interests. There is even speculation that twins know what the other is thinking at any given point in time. These creative twins clearly enjoy bodybuilding together, but were also clever enough to take advantage of their passion for the sport and their identical looks by tricking these gym owners. They only had a membership for one, but made sure to come to the gym at different times while using that single membership, and they got away with it for years.

The unsuspecting driving instructor

Image source: Instagram Clary Twins

I’m not afraid to admit that, at 15 years old, I failed my driving test; this happens more than one might believe. The guy said that I went too fast through a school zone, and I was devastated. Wouldn’t it be great if I had had an identical twin brother who could have taken the test for me? Well, these kids did, and when it came time for them to take the test, the one twin who had already passed took it for his twin, and of course he passed with flying colors.

And you thought voice recognition was legit

Image source: Overly_Understated

We were hesitant to include this tweet on the list because, after all, the article is about twins. But you have to admit, being able to fool today’s high tech gadgets does deserve an honorable mention. This woman speaks so much like her non-twin sister, that she can fool voice recognition and pass herself off to get authorization for things on her sister’s phone. Her sister may be in shock when she gets the phone bill.

Expert test takers

Image source: chuckmanny20

This is genius! I would have paid a million dollars to be able to switch with my twin to take a test in school. I’m not sure how fair it is for their classmates, and I know that if I was in class with them, I wouldn’t be happy knowing I had to study and all they had to do was the old switcheroo! But, in reality, it would be more out of jealousy than anything else.

Not sure who is who?

Image source: Account_Priv

There was a pair of twins in my grade school that were very identical and also inseparable. This meant that people began to see the two of them as one entity. This also meant that they were easily mistaken for each other by both teacher and the other students. They also used to get in trouble by acting out in class a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t pull the same trick of switching with each other in their classes at school.

This just ain’t right

Image source: Instagram Twins on Tour

Imagine that, you are on the train, and you see this attractive girl across from you. You take in all her beauty. You study her big eyes. you fawn over her radiant smile. And you feel weak in knees when she also notices you, giving you that cute little knowing smirk that women do when they want to flirt. And now imagine you are the woman and her twin sister who completely fooled this guy into believing he was with the one from the train, when he was really with the other!


Image source: Instagram TinisBuntewelt

How upset would you be if you lost your job because you and your twin sister screwed up the old switcheroo? I know I’d be a very unhappy camper. These two twins were probably pulling this hoax for years. They likely faked out their teachers in school. They may have used each others ID’s at the bar. But when they thought it would be funny attempt to joke the boss, they found out the picked the wrong victim and quickly paid the price.

FaceID is overrated

Image source: iphoneinCanada.com

Earlier in this article, we talked about a “not so twin” sister who’s voice was so much like her siblings that she is able to use it to bypass the security on her sister’s phone. But to beat the FaceID recognition is on another level. With that said, these tech companies brag constantly on just how good their security measures are, but when we have one sister using her voice to beat it while another got passed the FaceID, one has to wonder just how secure things really are?

Not fair to any man

Image source: Instagram Terry Wheat

You see, this is a problem with twins; they are always on the look out to joke on unsuspecting victims. Imagine that this poor guy fell for it, grabbed up the twin sister, and planted a huge kiss on her? Their little plan would have backfired in a heartbeat, and the real twin girlfriend would have been livid. Lucky for this guy, he was able to keep his hands to himself when the other twin came out, and that kept him out of the basement with his girlfriend.

More work to do

Image source: Instagram udaifath_udaii

Okay, from this tweet, I wouldn’t agree that these twins are “super lame,” but they do have some work to do. First, they need to take advantage of their “twinness.” They have to agree on the beard thing. Either they both go clean shaven, or they go full James Harden. Secondly, they’ve got to get that haircut a little more together. They cannot have one with bigger hair than the other. And lastly, they need feel free to pull a prank or two. they’ll have a blast at someone else’s expense and what’s wrong with that?


Image source: Dailymail.co.uk

Look, I understand that it can be difficult for the average person to tell the difference between identical twins. And of course, this is especially true when they first meet. But to successfully pull the old “twin switcheroo” with actual long-term girlfriends is simply too difficult to believe. But, if we are to believe this tweet, that would appear to be the case here. Now I’ll leave it to you to decide, but either this grandmother and great aunt are not incredibly observant, or this story is not to be believed.

Gettin out of that traffic ticket

Image source: Ben Moffat (AZCentral.com)

I think this version of the switcheroo is very easily done, provided that it is one twin using the driver’s license of the other to get out of a traffic ticket. Creating a fake ID is not that complicated to begin with, but when you’ve got the identification of your identical twin, an ID that will of course show the same birthdate and a photo that will appear to be you, then you should be able to get over without issue.

The perfect model

Image source: Instagram Fashioncolumntwins

According to this tweet, there is not a better mirror for you than your identical twin. What makes it so much more effective than a regular mirror is you are getting not a 2-dimensional version, but a 3-dimensional one! Just imagine it. You can go into any clothing store you want. You try on that cute outfit that you really like, and you check yourself out in the mirror where you have to strain your neck as you turn around to see the sides and the back. Now imagine having your identical twin model it for you from any angle you like!

Nah, don’t think so…

Image source: Instagram myprotein

Something tells me that these twins would have a very difficult time fooling their commanders in the Navy Seals. These guys know their recruits inside and out. They are in their face every minute of the day as they take them through the most intense training sessions on planet earth. There is absolutely no way that a pair of twins could pull this off without getting the boot from the program. The only way that I can see this actually happening is if the actual Seal recruit twin was looking to find an exit to the program, and this is the direction he chose.

Triplets run a game

Image source: Instagram Temitwins103

Okay, this is, forgive the pun, a triple whammy. First, you have triplets, a very unusual occurrence. Then you have all three switching classes with each other, a slightly unusual occurrence, but it does happen. And finally, you have the minority race issue, which, these days, is like touching a lightening rod with your bare hands. I think that, if I’m a part of this school administration, I look the other way and just let these kids have some fun. It’s not really that big of a deal, and it’s something that is both different and interesting for the school.

Security, security…

Image source: Instagram Passportcheckin

I can see this happening a lot back in the day because it seemed like security at airports was not really all that great. It probably wouldn’t have been very difficult to get away with using your twins passport. But the way security is after September 11th, 2001, I have an idea that they would have a much more challenging task pulling this off. Besides, how often do you really need a passport. Unless you are a regular international traveler, when do people use these things? Once a year for a vacation abroad maybe?

Ah, ya gotta get over on the extended family!

Image source: Instagram liamnolanmavie

Okay, this is absolutely true. I say this because the tweet is talking about tricking “extended family from out of town.” You have to figure, how often do you really see these people? Once, maybe twice a year at best? And even though they may have pictures of you, you know that those pics are going to be old and outdated. As any parent knows, kids go through dramatic physical changes as they age. It would probably be pretty easy to fake out your Aunt and Uncle from Wisconsin.

No way brother; I’m out of here first!

Image source: nataliethomasphotography.com

Talk about a twin, sibling rivalry; what a story! Imagine knowing that, in the womb, you were already challenging your twin to a fight, and you came out on top, literally. I wonder how this continued on in their lives? Were they always in competition to arrive first everywhere they went? Were they always at each other’s throat about who was going to be a better athlete, or who was going to get the better grades? Whatever the competition, there is absolutely no way that these two will be able to beat the competition they had coming out of the womb!

Low probability of success

Image source: alessietteaq/Instagram

Twins sure do like to get over on people, even when they are not of the identical kind. I get that maybe, just maybe, these guys could fool the people at the department store, but for how long. Being 100 lbs. heavier and 3″ taller makes for quite the difference in both size and appearance. To me, they sound more like half-brothers than a pair of twins from the same parents. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun at the expense of their coworkers. It helps to build comradery after all.

But I thought you were…

Image souce: twinsandmultiples/Instagram

I wonder just how many people these two very identical twins were able to pull this off with? I’m going to say it’s probably quite a few. This would be especially true they were regular party goers. It sounds like these two had a good time of it at other’s expense, but I’m also curious as to whether or not this would get old after a while. Just think about it. Would you like to always be mistaken for someone else, and then have to correct that person, over and over again? I imagine they are just used to it, but it’s got to be a challenge at times.

Well, this is different

Image source: deliaabati/Instagram

Okay, I get the idea of switching with your twin to get out of something. For example, so far, we’ve seen a twin use his brothers driver’s license to get out of a traffic ticket. Or another twin have his brother take his driver’s license test so that he would pass. But why would a brother want to take his sibling’s place in afterschool detention. I’d rather be in a class where you are at least doing something, rather than sitting in silence in a room with a bunch of knuckleheads watching the clock tick for an hour.

This is amusing…

Image source: tmeca4782/Instagram

I get this one and, if I’m them, I’m using this little juke all the time. I just wonder if they’ve ever been caught. The thing is, there are a ridiculous about on cameras at the amusement parks nowadays. I think they might have an easier time robbing a bank than sneaking into a place like Disneyland or Universal Studios. But hey, it’s definitely worth a try, and what would the penalty be? There’s a good chance that they would get banned from the park for life, so they’d really have to be able to pull it off.

Dead giveaway

Image source: rockyourhandwriting/Instagram

You see, this is where having the same looks is simply not enough to get by. You also have to be able to pull off whatever the thing is that you are trying to do. In this case, one twin knew how to write in cursive while the other did not. This is not the same as knowing how to do a math problem, this is something that the teacher will notice right away. And it looks like that is exactly what happened here when they tried to pull off the old switcheroo.

The clever face painter

Image source: followpics.co

I know that it can really be uncomfortable if you don’t know which twin is which when at a party. As a guest, you want to be able to know who you are talking to, but if you aren’t completely familiar with them, you might have a tough time of it. With this in mind, a clever face painter took it upon herself to help everyone out. She gave the twins the same, identical mask, but then snuck in a black dot on one face and left the other without. The guests at the party were very grateful.

One confused baby

Image source: thefishportland.com

Imagine being a baby and having to deal with a mother who has an identical twin? Would this be confusing for you, or would you be able to tell the difference easily? One has to wonder, but I would imagine that the baby would be able to tell the difference pretty quickly because babies are incredibly intuitive. I could see the baby pausing for a quick moment, but then catching on to the little game her mother and aunt were playing.

What a coincidence

Image source: jsteuber89/Instagram

I could see this happening and it’s probably something that twins deal with on a regular basis, especially if they lived in a large town or big city. It wouldn’t be uncommon for people to run into one of the twins and mistake him or her for being the other. Maybe the more interesting thing is the coincidence that the Greek guy would run into one of the twin brothers a year later in a major city in an entirely different country.

The bosses will never know

Image source: solfieoldenlund/Instagram

Here is yet another story that sounds very feasible. Think about it, the girl worked a short-term, summer job which means that her coworkers probably didn’t really get to know her too well. This would make it pretty easy for her twin to step in and take her place without question. The thing that I want to know is if her sister took a commission or a finder’s fee for getting her into the position in the first place. I know I’m charging 10 percent if I’m in her shoes!

Risky business

Image source: wburong.com

You have to give it to these two twins. Not only were they trying to pull the old switcheroo like others on this list where one shows up in place of the other. These two were pulling the switcheroo in real time, in the classroom together. At any moment, the teacher could have spun around and caught them switching glasses or, better yet, switching actual seats. It was only by dumb luck that the one twin who needed glasses to see the board would get called on when he didn’t have them!

Shared time in the pokey

Image source: rhapsodyfitness.com

Wait a minute, don’t they fingerprint in jail? This was as risky as one could get trying to pull the old switcheroo for sure. Just imagine, the one sister went to jail in her twin sister’s place only to be caught. And of course the penalty would be that she would have to accompany her twin in the jail for her own jail sentence. These two must really love each other to risk such a stunt, and it’s shocking they weren’t caught!

One confused tourist

Image source: twinning/Instagram

If I were a tourist coming into a coffee shop over the summer, and I saw this, I’d be discombobulated to say the least. You have to admit that this is a pretty good party trick. One minute, you’re seeing the girl who just served you wearing a gray shirt and black pants. Then a second later, she comes back out in a blue shirt with white pants. And then a second after that, she comes out once again in a gray shirt and black pants. At that point, I’d begin to wonder exactly what they were spiking my coffee with!

The impossible just became possible

Image source” saltingthatsnail/Reddit

Okay, this is a really good party trick. It’s funny enough if they first twin goes in to shave his beard only to return and everyone in the room is none the wiser. At that point, you could have just ended the stunt and it would have been a good one. But when Mr. Cleanshaven goes back in, switches back with his bearded twin who then returns to the party, that is worthy of a freak out by the guests! But I would also add a little wager to it to make it better. “Who wants to bet me five bucks that I can go back and put my beard back on?” That would make it a classic!

Double trouble

Image source: Patch

I don’t know how I would react if I saw these two identical twin cops show up at my door? However, I do have an older half-brother who is a cop, and he took me for a ride along with him on patrol one day. Even though we are only half-brothers, and I am much taller and thinner than him, we did have a person on a call ask us if we were brothers, which we quickly denied. But, I feel like I can safely say, there is no way whatsoever, these two could deny they are brothers.

Twin success

Image source: Adriana Medina/Pinterest

This would be a super easy one to pull off, because you are usually in a very large auditorium or hall, and generally, you are not in close proximity with the school administration. And if the school is large enough, like a university for example, there are not really going to be too many people who would know you in the first place. If they did know you, they will probably not know you well enough to be able to tell you apart to begin with. In the end, it is still a pretty cool caper to pull off and something that you can tell your friends about for years to come.

But, I really need this job

Image source: Lawrsee/Reddit

Ah, now this is getting a bit more interesting as we’re delving into, what might be considered, serious fraud bordering on criminal activity. Here you have one twin sister who likes to toke on the green leaf, and another who is willing to commit a fraudulent act with the intent to fool the drug screening program of a company her twin is trying to get hired by. There is all kinds of deviancy here, and if I’m her, I’d really have to think about my personal choices and the lengths I would go to get hired for a job.

Well, that didn’t go as expected

Image source: attartwins/Reddit

Even Stevie Wonder saw this one coming. How can you dress up as your twin sister and kiss her boyfriend without expecting that there would be hell to pay? Well, it seems like that’s exactly what happened here with this twin who, for some reason, thought that she could get away with kissing her sister’s boyfriend as a joke, not taking into account the fact that he sister would not take too kindly to it? I’m not sure who got more of the smoke from the unsuspecting sister, her twin, or the boyfriend, but in the end, it was a wrap for the relationships all around.

Wait, you’re beating up the wrong twin!!!

Image source: leahpercacciolo/Instagram

This may be the only instance on this list where simply being a twin to someone had the potential for physical pain and suffering at the hands of a confused bully. Just imagine, you are walking through the school halls, minding your own business when another kid who is much taller and “wider,” comes up and begins to pummel you into submission without explanation? You have to yell and scream to the bully that he’s actually pummeling the “wrong” twin! Unfortunately for you, you’ve had to withstand a serious whooping before the bully realizes his error and let’s up on the abuse.

Twin talent

Image source: theatkinson.co.uk

Okay, here’s the real question, even though these twins “look very much alike,” are they of the same talent level. This is yet another example where, if you are going to pull the old “switcheroo,” it cannot be only about looking like, you’ve also got to be as good a musician as your twin in order to pull off the scam. Evidently, that was the case here as, according to the writer, her and her twin were able to do this successfully and were never caught.

Oh now you didn’t!

Image source: Tracy Tuley/Pinterest

This may be one of the better gags, because, while almost all of the switcheroos on this list are involving the twins working in tandem with each other, this is one twin actually deceiving the other twin. The question I have is, did the other twin also show up to take his class picture, and if he did, which one of the twin’s photos were used in the school yearbook? I think it would be hilarious if the twin who showed up and pretending to be his brother actually had his photo printed in the yearbook. That would be a story they could tell at partied for years to come!

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