Top 5 Most Iconic Limousines of the Presidents of the USA

By vukasin

Since the beginning of the automobile age, the U.S. presidents and luxury limousines have formed an unbreakable bond. From Theodore Roosevelt who was the first American president to ride in a car, all the way to Donald Trump, the institution of POTUS includes a signature black, custom-made, powerful and luxurious limousine.

Over the years, the concept of a presidential limousine has changed. They range from open-top cars in which presidents could stand and greet the public to closed tanks with bulletproof windows. However, after all those years, presidential limousines are still the talk of the car community and unique vehicles. And that is why this is a list of the five most memorable ones.

  1. Lincoln “Sunshine Special”

This special and custom built Lincoln with a V12 engine entered the service in 1939. Soon, it became famous as the first modern presidential car. This means it was specially-ordered according to presidential protocol and they designed it with that in mind. They equipped it with special armor plating in the doors, bulletproof glass and a soft top with hidden steel plates to protect then-president Franklin Roosevelt.

Since President Roosevelt was wheelchair-bound, the designed this Lincoln to allow for easy access, keeping the dignity of the president’s appearance. The car got its nickname since the top was open on most occasions. Interestingly, back in the ’40s, presidents commonly addressed the crowds directly from their open top cars.