Top 5 Cars of the World’s Most Infamous Serial Killers

By vukasin

Serial killers are the crime phenomenon that never fails to captivate the public’s imagination. For decades, serial murderers were incredibly interesting but also morbid topics for discussion. And most people are equally scared and fascinated by these individuals. Almost all of them were eventually caught and brought to justice, which serves as a reminder that justice can be slow but effective.

However, this list will not discuss their murderous crime careers or numbers of innocent victims taken by the terrible acts of these individuals. Today, you will find out about something totally different. So, keep reading to learn about the top five cars of the world’s most notable serial killers. Some of them may surprise you.

  1. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was one of America’s most frightening serial killers with 36 proven murders. Some crime experts claim he was responsible for over 100 missing person cases, but they never proved that. He started his killing spree in 1974 and they caught him in 1975 after one of his victims managed to escape. After the trial, the executed Ted Bundy.

But the most interesting thing was that he drove a plain old Volkswagen Beetle. It was a common economy car in those days and didn’t raise the suspicion of the authorities. He used his Beetle to lure victims by pretending that he was hurt or having medical problems.