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Top 18 Concept Cars Of The Automotive World

Vukasin Herbez November 25, 2018

  1. Dodge Charger III

The success of the Charger-inspired the Chrysler designers to develop a Dodge performance model. The original Charger had power, performance and countless racing wins, but it was still a big, heavy and not aerodynamic muscle machine. However, the 1968 Charger III concept was something different.

The Charger III was no longer a muscle car, but a pure two-seater sports machine. It had compact dimensions, a low profile, a light weight and several unusual features. There were no conventional doors, but the whole top of the car opened to allow access to the interior. The steering column tilted, along with the steering wheel to make the entry more comfortable.

On the back of the car, there were massive airbrakes similar to the ones on airplanes that deploy under heavy braking. The whole car was extremely futuristic, but that doomed it from any real production.

  1. Chevrolet Aerovette Wankel Concept

The mid-engine layout has been the obsession of Corvette engineers for decades. So, between 1960 and 1977, there were around 10 fully functional Corvette prototypes with this drivetrain layout. But, there is one, in particular, that is a little bit more interesting than the others. And that is the 1973 Aerovette Wankel concept.

The most important feature of this car was the engine. It was an advanced four-rotor Wankel unit with more than 400 HP from 390 CID. In the early ’70s, all manufacturers experimented with Wankel rotary engines.

They wanted to find an affordable, more powerful and more efficient alternative to standard piston-type engines. Chevrolet realized that its car retained the power level of those big-block V8 engines with Wankel units, but in a much lighter, higher revving package.

  1. Dodge Viper Concept

In 1989, they revealed the Dodge Viper Concept at the Detroit Motor Show. And the crowd went crazy over the aggressive but still elegant lines of this monster of a car. Better yet, it was powered by the prototype V10 engine. The reaction of the public was so overwhelming, Lee Iacocca, Chrysler chairman, ordered the start of production.

Nobody expected something like this from Chrysler. So when the news broke about a new sports car, everyone rushed to the Chrysler booth to witness the birth of a legend.

  1. Pontiac GTO Concept

Pontiac spent decades producing Firebirds and Trans Ams, leaving the GTO to the history books. Although the market was gone for such a specific muscle car like the original GTO, Pontiac fans never forgot the timeless style and performance of this original muscle car. So, at the 1999 Detroit Auto Show, Pontiac surprised everybody with a fantastic concept they called the GTO.

It was a modern-looking and aggressive muscle car that drew a lot of attention from the crowd. Also, it showed Pontiac that many people still wanted to see the GTO back. Even though the GTO Concept was a pure styling exercise, General Motors realized they had a market niche to fill.

  1. Cadillac Sixteen Concept

Each concept car on this list has survived the test of time. They have proven themselves as showstoppers as well as influential pieces of modern art. However, in the case of the Cadillac Sixteen Concept car, GM should put this car into a museum of modern art. They could exhibit it as one of the most elegant creations of the early 21st century.

Cadillac unveiled the Sixteen Concept in 2003 as a super luxury sedan with a V16 engine under the butterfly-opening hood. Although the car was thoroughly modern, it felt classic and more in sync with those legendary Cadillacs of the ’20s and ’30s than with contemporary models. The initial response was so promising, Cadillac considered full-scale production, but unfortunately, nothing happened.

  1. Ford Shelby GR-1

In the early 2000s, the Ford design department was on a retro-futuristic trip with many successful concepts that drew their inspiration from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. However, the most appealing was the 2005 GR-1. It was modern day recreation of a classic sports coupe similar to the legendary Shelby Daytona Coupe.

With its bullet-shaped body of polished aluminum and 6.4-liter V10 engine in front, the GR-1 was a functional concept with a fantastic performance. However, Ford never had plans for production so the Shelby GR-1 just remained a study.

These are the 18 most incredible concept cars of all time. While some led to future models, others just faded away in car history. But they all share one thing: they are unforgettable cars that shook the industry up in a big way.

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