Tiny Giants From Japan – 20 Greatest Kei Cars Of All Times

By vukasin

Even if you are not a fan of the Japanese car industry, you have probably heard the term “Kei Car”. This is typically Japanese class of tiny vehicles with engines well below 1.0-liter mark and dimensions of a go-kart. The microcars were not invented in Japan but there those vehicles gained significant popularity due to extreme lack of parking spaces and heavy traffic. Also, after the Second World War, Japan was only able to make diminutive cars due to a shortage of materials and the high price of fuel.

Over the years, Kei Cars become the definitive cars of urban Japan and domestic manufacturers offered a wide range of models from tiny roadsters to pint-sized sedans, SUVs, delivery vans and even supercars. It looks like there is Kei Car for every purpose and buyer. As expected, Japanese Kei Cars are rarely exported outside Japan but some of them are eligible for import to the States.

To be honest, you cannot expect some over-the-top performance from cars with a displacement of less than one liter but some of them are equipped with turbochargers and thanks to small weight, they can provide lively performance. Either way, here are 20 coolest and most interesting Japanese Kei Cars.

  1. Honda N-Box Slash

If you are limited by government-proposed dimensions, engine size limits and various other safety regulations, you must find new ways of designing the car. Honda`s N-Box Slash brings interesting design to Kei Car class with unique looks and big effort to squeeze every last millimeter of usable space from this vehicle.

You could option it with red leather seats and even totally modular interior which could be turned into a lounge.