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The Scariest Real-Life Police Car Chases Ever Caught on Camera

Vukasin Herbez March 30, 2019

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Sometimes, life can look like an action movie. You may hear loud sirens and see flashing lights, speeding cars and cop cruisers in wild chase. But no, it is not the newest Hollywood blockbuster, it is a real-life police chase. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, those scenes may seem strange.

But each day all over the country, many police officers are engaged in dangerous real-life car chases with various fugitives. As you can imagine, not many of them successfully escape, but almost all of them try it. To catch a suspect, police officers use their cars, often ramming the fugitive’s vehicle or trying to push it off the road. This is a dangerous but necessary technique since it can damage the vehicle, yet it makes the arrest possible.

In modern times, police helicopters are helpful since they can follow the fugitive’s car even when ground forces lose sight of the vehicle. Due to aggressive driving on public streets, the lives of innocent bystanders are in danger. That is why the police want the chase over as soon as possible and to apprehend the fugitive fast.

As you will see, most suspects are bad drivers, but they try to get away regardless. Even though they know they cannot outrun those fast police cruisers or helicopters, they still go for it. This usually ends in a crashed car with the suspect on the ground in handcuffs.

So, enjoy this intense video, but remember to obey your local laws. And never try to outrun a police officer, because you can end up like them.

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