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People Spill the Most Ridiculous Reasons They’ve Made Someone Mad

MJ Staff April 22, 2023

Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone’s fury, only to realize that their reason for being mad was utterly ridiculous? Maybe you forgot to respond to a text message, or accidentally took a bite of their sandwich. Or perhaps you wore the wrong color shirt to their birthday party. We’ve all been there – on both sides of the equation.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the most hilariously absurd reasons people have made someone else mad. From petty grievances to truly baffling arguments, these stories will make you laugh, shake your head, and maybe even feel a little better about your own past fits of rage. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a story that makes you say, “hey, I’ve been there!”

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1. A Skill or a Curse?

Ex-GF and I were both sick. I was napping while she was studying (this was back in college). I wake up and she is giving me the silent treatment (her method of being upset with me). Apparently, I somehow offended her while I was asleep? Ridiculous. I later found out that she had come over to me while I slept and blew her nose or coughed and I did not wake up or show concern…


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2. Small Talk to Short Fuses

Crazy ex-gf (happy): “New York is freezing! How is the weather back in California?”

Me: “Great, I’m at a bar outside watching college football… oh hey, Kevin James just walked by; man, he is shorter than I thought he’d be”

Crazy ex-gf (pissed): “WELL MY DAD IS SHORT, DO YOU HATE HIM TOO?!?” (hangs up on me)


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3. Bless You, Oops Sorry

This total stranger at the bus stop…He sneezed and I said, “bless you”. He replied angrily “That wasn’t a sneeze, it was a cough!” I said “Sorry, I thought it was a sneeze”, and he yelled “Well it wasn’t!” He was angry out of all proportion.

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4. A Comment Gone Wrong

A girl that I’m friends with on Facebook always, always posts romantic, cheesy memes. And her husband always replies with like, oh baby, I love you more than words can say, etc. One day she posted some cheesy pic of a couple hugging with the words “a real man knows there is no wrong time to squeeze his girl” So I commented “unless she has broken ribs. That’d be the wrong time.” They BOTH legitimately got so mad at me and tried to insult me by saying “well you obviously aren’t very romantic!!”


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5. The Unapologetic Teacher

I remember having this teacher in a school for Year 9 textiles class (mandatory at our school in the UK). First lesson, never had any interaction with her despite it being my third year there.

This teacher was a suspected alcoholic, later confirmed. Saw her in a pub years later when I was in college drinking Lime & Sodas with her friends while they drank wine so I guess she got sober, but I digress.

Anyway, during that first lesson about 15 minutes in she had to step outside to take a phone call, and told us to all sit there quietly until she got back.

While she was out one of the lads in the class ran over to her desk and took something from it. Can’t remember what it was, but it’s fairly irrelevant anyway. He sat down with it in his pocket and a few minutes later she came back in.

Immediately she notices and starts shouting, “Who took my thing? Who took it?!”. Then she turns to me, a student she’s had no prior interaction with and who’d never been in trouble for anything before, and flat-out accuses me of taking it.

“It was you wasn’t it! I know you took it, I didn’t like the look of you from the moment you walked in here!”. This continued for a few minutes with me trying to declare my innocence until the guy who took it ended up feeling so bad for me that he piped up and said, “Miss, actually it was me”.

She walked over to him, got her thing back and sent him to the head teacher’s office. Best thing? B*tch didn’t even apologise to me. Accused me of stealing because she “didn’t like the look of me” and didn’t even say sorry.

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6. Angry at the World

Driving around with my bff and I realize she is fuming. I have no idea why she is pissed at me. I get pissed at her for being pissed. We get to her house and we are slamming doors and sighing exaggeratedly.

Finally, she yells, “Why are you pissed at me?”

“Because you are pissed at me!”

Yeah, we both thought the other person was mad for no reason when really, we both were.


7. A Dream-Turned-Reality Story

The wife dreamt she was saving me from a killer clown. To save my life she had to attack the clown. I woke up to her clawing at my throat. I yelled WTF!! She got mad at me for waking her and being mad when she was trying to save me.

Yes… once she fully woke she was quite apologetic.


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8. How to Ruin Thanksgiving

A relative of mine sent me a long email about how awful I was and how she was offended that I invited her to Thanksgiving dinner because of Native Americans and all. Ranting that I was white and she wouldn’t eat with me and the rest of my awful white family and I should have known better than to invite her. Just the day before she had called and told me she was looking forward to coming and bringing a couple of dishes to share.

It was my first time hosting and I got the email as my first guests arrived. We had all painstakingly made dishes that she could eat (she has some issues with food). I had spent hours making everything right so she wouldn’t find fault with anything, since she’s the type to find fault with everything.

So I’m taking a break from all the exhausting work and getting this email.

The doorbell rings and I’m doing my best pretending not to be upset in front of the other guests.

The email was just a litany of complaints–anything she thought would hurt me. She was so angry you could practically feel the rage through the screen. It just ended with a paragraph on how I am disgracing my ancestors and I’m disgustingly white.

The thing is, she’s white. We have Native American ancestry, but our family “passed” several generations ago and intermarried. She thinks she deserves full tribal benefits and I think she grew up with certain privileges off the reservation and she doesn’t have a right to claim benefits without the struggle (we had never discussed this prior to the thanksgiving debacle).





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9. Love, Salmon, and Sulk

Back when I was living with an ex, I was working as much as possible while also walking a couple of miles to college every day. He worked full-time at what was a very easy, nonstressful tech job. I came home and made a lovely salmon dinner with wine, rice, and sautéed veggies.

I got the quiet Youre-such-a-b*tch treatment for an hour because I bought salmon that had the skin on one side. It takes not even 2 seconds to scrape it off with a fork. He went in the bathroom and sulked and, I, naively continuing on with this relationship at the time, scraping the skin off of it myself so he would stop sulking. I’m not proud of it.


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10. Nine Months Too Long

When I first moved out from home, I moved in with a friend and his fiancee. She was a complete control freak, had a massive ego, and was (at the time undiagnosed) bipolar. But it seemed like a better option than living with my Aspergers stepdad any minute longer.

Anyway it started off very well, but the downward spiral began after an incident where they went to see a movie, I stayed in to watch Die Hard, they came back when their show sold out, and I wouldn’t immediately relinquish the TV halfway through my movie. That’s not the incident in question though – that’s just how I got in her bad books from which I could never leave.

I had spent Thanksgiving with the family, and when I came back home, there was a huge mess in the kitchen from their Thanksgiving dinner. They had left it to go to bed, but okay. I’ve been there. When I got up the next morning, they still hadn’t awoken and I was feeling pretty charitable. So, patting myself on the back for the nice guy maneuver, I cleaned the kitchen stem to stern. Took me the better part of an hour.

I finished and sat down to watch some tv. No sooner had I gotten into a show did she come out of her room, b-line to the kitchen, pull open all the drawers, and start b*tching that I had put the forks and spoons in the wrong compartments. Then she slammed the drawers shut and stormed back into her room.

I was with them for only nine months, but it was the longest of my life.


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11. Playground Drama

A ridiculous case of mistaken identity. I was playing on the school playground by myself at the end of the day, probably aged about 7. My Mum usually arrived to pick me up about five minutes after the end of the last bell, so I was just minding my business and swinging across the monkey bars until her car pulled up. A random lady started shouting from across the field at me. “Sarah! Get here now! Do not make me wait!”

Sarah is not my name, and I was the only kid on the playground at the time. I looked over at her confused, even gestured a kind of “huh?” signal to her, but she couldn’t see my facial features in the distance and still thought I was her kid. She continued. “Sarah! Don’t make me come over there! It’s time to go! You will be in so much trouble! Stop ignoring me!” The lady kept shouting and sounded like she was getting angrier. I tried to ignore her because even my little kid brain had realised that she’d mistaken me for her own child. I then started getting worried because she had started marching across the field towards the playground, all the while screaming about the punishments “Sarah” would revive for not following her instructions. “That’s it! I’m going to smack your bum all night when we get home! You’re not going to know what’s hit you!”

I ended up hiding behind the slide, and when she finally got to the playground, she looked at me, realised that I was not her child, and sheepishly said “oh, not Sarah”, before turning on her heels and leaving.

Funny thing was, my school was very small, with less than 100 kids, and there were no girls named Sarah attending then.

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12. Spit Happens

A friend and I, both around 18 at the time, used to attend the local gym and work out together quite frequently. Being typical 18-year-olds we would find many things funny for really no apparent reason. A lot of the time this led to uncontrollable laughter. Well on one specific occasion, another young man noticed our laughter, that I can honestly say was directed at no one. He was working out on the complete opposite end of the gym. After a short while, we noticed him approaching us, and with a very distasteful look asked if we had spit in his shaker cup. Taken aback, we couldn’t think of a response. He asked again, this time with a little more anger in his voice. To which we laughingly replied something to the effect of “are you seriously asking if two strangers grabbed your shaker cup and spit in it for no reason?”…. this seemed to upset him even more because of the giggles that still could not be controlled. He went off on a screaming rampage and even went as far as to tell the gym manager. At the end of it all he was asked to leave, while me and my friend continued our workout laughing away at the events that just took place.


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13. The Liar and the Payment

I work in retail for a major phone company. One customer got extremely mad at me, calling me a liar, telling me he would call my head office and get me fired, etc, because he wanted to pay his bill and I told him “sorry, our systems are down right now, so we can’t take bill payments”. We had only been open for 10 minutes, I initially told him we could take the payment before I saw the email stating that we couldn’t, so I had to apologise and say actually I can’t take your payment because our systems are down. Straight away, he’s saying “You’re a liar. You’re lying. Show me that your systems aren’t working”. I’m like…… Why would I lie to you about this, of all things? What do I have to gain by NOT accepting your bill payment? Literally nothing. Eventually, I show him the email and he says “That’s all you had to show me! you’re a horrible salesperson. You’re so rude. I should call your head office and get you fired. I’ve gotten people fired before”. All I could come up with without completely losing my sh*t/laughing in his face was “Alright, good luck with that”.

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14. Baby’s First Bite

My sister got mad at me because her teething baby bit me. I wasn’t upset, he was just a baby, but when I came in the room with a bloody finger and asked for a band-aid, she jerked him away and went on a huge rant about what was my problem, why was I putting my finger near his mouth, etc. etc. I mildly said, “You know, when my dog accidentally hurts someone, I just apologize and move on.” She didn’t speak to me for the rest of Thanksgiving.


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15. Dramatic Move-Out

My ex-roommate had a full-on tantrum in the dollar store checkout line because I had bought a new shower curtain and said I would hang it up when she finished cleaning the bathroom before she moved out. She didn’t think she had to clean before moving. I wasn’t expecting a deep clean, just like… sweep the floor, cleaning the toilet, or wiping the toothpaste off the mirror? Just tidy up. She then asked if I expected her to clean the whole house and I said I expected her room cleaned out and the common areas tidied up. She could ignore my messes and I didn’t mind if she didn’t clean the stove or shower, but I did expect her to vacuum the carpets because she owned a cat.

This led to her telling her parents I was making her suicidal by pressuring her to move out early by being pushy (I was pressuring her to start packing because she had to move out in 2 weeks) and withholding her damage deposit, as well as forcing her to do unfair cleaning. Her parents arrived and trashed the house when she moved out. While her mom was yelling at me she mentioned things like how unfair it was that I was charging a $100 cleaning fee, still expecting her to clean, and still keeping the deposit. I wasn’t charging a fee for anything and I wasn’t intending to keep her deposit. I was threatened, things of mine were damaged, it was awful.

The new shower curtain was lovely though.

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16. Expired Card, Expired Brain?

Working in retail and some lady was having some problems with the self-checkout machines. She showed me her card and told me there was something wrong with the machine since she’s had no problems at other stores. I look at her card and it’s expired not by a day or maybe a few days, 2 f*cking years. The card expired in 2019.

I told her that her card was expired and that she needs to use a different card, she looks me dead in the eye and tells me not only am I an idiot but that she’ll have me fired for being incompetent. She walks away I go help someone else and 10 minutes later she comes up to me and tells me to go f*ck myself as she walks away with what I assume to be her husband.

I’m not sure how she paid for her stuff and there’s no way in h*ll her expired card would work so I can only assume she’s been using her husband’s card or some other card that’s not expired but still somehow found me to be the one at fault. If anyone ever wondered why this world is f*cked it’s because of people like that are allowed to drive, make decisions, and vote.


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17. Good Intentions Go Bad

Let me set the scene: I’m on FaceTime with my long-distance friend at the time. She’s currently dying her hair, going from brown to blonde at home.

Her: bleaches her hair, it comes out brassy because she hasn’t toned it yet I think it looks kind of brassy. What do you think?

Me: A little bit, but the toner should clear that right up. It doesn’t look bad as it is though.

Her: hangs up the call, blocks me on every social media platform and doesn’t talk to me for months

She eventually texted me out of the blue to say that what I said hurt her feelings, so she cut me off.

I.. yeah.

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18. No Watermelon, No Problem

This is a funny story, I was out drinking and someone bought some watermelon flavoured shots. I declined because I don’t like watermelon, and this one a**h*le of the group made a big deal with it. “OH, HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE WATERMELON? I DON’T FCK WITH PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE WATERMELON, YOU NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE WE DON’T F*CK WITH YOU.

I didn’t know this person very well but she apparently did this a lot, over-exaggerating everything anyone says. That’s when everyone told her to shut up and went IN on her, telling her how they hated hanging out with her because she always had to make everything uncomfortable and start unnecessary beef with people. She got mad and left.

Don’t feel bad for her, she bullied quite a lot of people for no reason as well.

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19. Pizza Becomes a Relationship Red Flag

I’m a big guy and I like to make pizza. So one day while the ex was away I made a cheese pizza and a bacon pizza. I then ate half of each. Ex got home and was absolutely sure I was with someone else and eating pizza with them because no one would eat half of two pizzas.

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20. The Road Rage

A girl I was dating a few years back got upset at me because I was talking on my cell phone while she was driving. I had called a friend to ask for directions for where we were going. She got upset because I wasn’t paying attention to her. She took the car and ran it off the road so I would pay attention to her. The first time I didn’t realize what she was doing. I told her to pay attention to the road. She did it again and we got stuck in a ditch. Then she yelled at me and started crying blaming it all on me.

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21. Rent and Revenge

Most recently. My landlord got mad that I was paying my rent manually. On-time but he felt i may one day forget. Threatened to kick me out unless I changed to automatic payment. So I do. Then he emails me just after Christmas. Where’s my rent? You always pay early on public holidays! Sir, you asked for auto payment. That means the bank process it late on public holidays. I paid early for public holidays when I was doing it manually as a courtesy to you.

He responds back he was very angry and breached me for paying him late. Next week is another holiday so the payment will be delayed. So he’s going to lose his sh*t. It’s a matter of principle to me now. You asked for automatic payment man.

It was literally his fault. If he tries to kick me out he’ll look like an idiot at the tenancy hearing.

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22. The Cake that Ended a Marriage

My ex-wife and I had moved house a few months before her birthday. She packed the old kitchen and unpacked the new one and apparently emptied my tin of bday cake stuff (candles, cake decorations, lighter) into the bin before we moved. I knew the tin was in the pantry, I just didn’t know she’d emptied it.

I spent most of that afternoon making a nice dinner for her as well as making her birthday cake, its icing, etc. When dinner was done and the time to serve cake rolled up, I grabbed out my tin and discovered what had happened. By that point it was too late to pop out and buy candles: the shops were shut. I pressed on, singing happy birthday as I presented her candleless cake.

You know, the cake that I had made?

She glared at it like it was a literal turd on the table and spat “Are you serious? Is this it?” at me before shoving the cake across the table at me. She exploded in my face, roaring at me that it was a piece of sh*t, that I was a piece of sh*t for not having candles, how I ruined her birthday, etc. I was absolutely gobsmacked.

She continued raging at me for nearly 20 minutes; poking the cake with her finger, pushing it back at me a few times, emasculating me, etc before she finally demanded I ‘have something to say for myself.’ I was broken, and nearly whispered “but I made this. For you!”

“What, you made a pile of worthless sh*t, do you want a medal?!”

I had to sleep in the spare room for the rest of that week. She continued to rage at me for nearly 3 weeks and said she was “shelving the issue because it bothered her too much”, but I wasn’t allowed to think for one second that she’d forgiven me for my b*llsh*t. She said she never would.

This damaged our relationship beyond repair. My mental state was shot and I just rolled along with the hatred and abuse she subjected me to over the candleless cake for the next 3 months after that: she called for divorce at that point and moved out.

She came for a surprise visit for my birthday a few months later: she made sure to make a point of not bringing a cake with her after my pathetic performance on her last birthday. I didn’t deserve it, apparently.

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23. Stranger Danger

Not long after I moved to Japan I was hanging out in a foreign bar by myself. I started talking to this other guy there who was also on his own. We ended up drinking together for about an hour. We were having a nice chat about where we came from, why we came to Japan etc. the usual foreigner conversation when you first meet. Anyway, being Australian I asked if he wanted to play a drinking game.

It was then that some American chick decided to inject herself into our conversation. Before he could even answer my question. She then started yelling at me telling me I can’t force people to do anything and that I should be more considerate. I can’t just expect people to want to do what I want to do. What if he wanted to go home? Etc. She went OFF and I have no idea why. All I did was say “wanna play a drinking game?” And apparently, that was enough for her to scream at me from across the other side of the bar.

Oh, also I’ve never seen her before and never even spoke to her that night. This was the first interaction I ever had with her. Still don’t know who she is or if the doctors ever removed that stick from her a** but oh well.

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24. Hubby Hated the Hair

My husband was mad as hell that I curled my hair while I was at work. I work as a hairstylist in a salon! It was a slow day at work, one of the girls learned a new technique and I’m the only one there that has long hair. He said it pissed him off because I have “male clients who I don’t need to look good for”! This was a month ago and we are still fighting about it. He has issues.

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25. Friendship Over

A wannabe YouTuber guy we used to hang out with, asked my tech-savant best friend to help him build his pc from scratch. My friend not only helped him choose but went to the stores with him to pick up the parts and straight to his house to help him build it.

On the day the last part which was ordered online, this peculiar thing happened. My friend had his parents visiting from the other side of the country, which doesn’t happen often. He told this guy that he has his parents at home, so he will make a short one-hour visit to just place the part and leave. I saw the text, and his manners were good.

Suddenly the guy replies with a wall of text saying more or less “You cannot do what you want, you have been very controlling, and I don’t want to cooperate with you anymore, that behaviour is unacceptable”

So he deletes him through Facebook, refuses to talk to him etc, but what was strange is that a while after all of a sudden he lashes out and blocks me from every social media (while he just deleted my friend), because I “sided with the enemy”, and was yelling like a monkey when he saw me in a bar and I asked him what happened.

I asked my friend and I learned that he was a total prick in general, he used to say things like “you will do all the editing but I won’t give you any credit, because you will steal my spotlight”. Dude didn’t know sh*t about computers and software, he ended up uploading videos where he used the webcam mic because he didn’t know how to set his 100 Euro microphone as audio input.

Of course, he is 30 and still living with his parents and living off their pocket money

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26. Dine in Style

They had a special deal at this restaurant we were at and she got mad at me for ordering it because it “made us look poor.” Instead, she wanted to order the EXACT same two things, but without the special. My response was “we’re in college, we don’t necessarily have it well off”

She then said “yeah, but she (our waitress) doesn’t need to know that! This is embarrassing, I bet she thinks we’re bums or like high school dropouts.”

Why would I ever give two sh*ts what the waitress thinks?

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27. The Thin Line

Years ago, I was having a walk with my (ex!) GF one day when we ran into a colleague of mine. Had a brief chat with a said colleague. Afterwards, my GF went inexplicably quiet. You know that moment when you suddenly notice a big drop in temperature? Went through that whole “what’s wrong?” “Nothing!” charade, until I finally got her to explain. She had never seen my colleague before, but remembered that many months before, in some conversation, I had apparently described her as “somewhat chubby”. Now my GF had compared my colleague’s figure to hers, concluding (erroneously) there was not that much of a difference, ergo I had called my GF a fat cow.

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28. Coffee or Not

My ex-best friend got mad at me for “arguing” with her about advice she was giving me, then said that if I didn’t want her advice I shouldn’t have asked for it and I could keep my problems to myself. I never asked for her advice in the first place. I called her out for being rude to me during the whole exchange and she promptly blamed it on her lack of coffee. That was the last day I talked to her.

As a side note, that was just the very end of a decade-long, very toxic friendship, I wasn’t just being petty.

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29. A Lesson in Patience

I opened the store I worked at the correct time as posted on the hours sign in the window.

I went to work one Sunday, as I was the opener and opened the store directly at 10 am. That’s what time the store always opened on Sunday. There was a man sitting next to the door waiting and he claimed to have been there for 3 hours so he could buy eggs. I told him, while pointing at the hours, that we open at 10 on Sundays. Always had.

He was angry, but I let him in any way. He became belligerent when he saw we were out of eggs. I managed to keep my cool and let him know that not only was I the one who sold the last carton of eggs the night before, but he could have also walked to the actual grocery store down the street and been home within the three hours he waited for me to open.

He left without another word.

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30. The Myth and the Reality

I was sitting at the window seat on a plane during the time when they used to tell you to turn your device all the way off, not just to airplane mode. The lady next to me, there with her husband, yelled at me for being on my phone after the announcement. I quietly explained to her that there’s no real reason to turn off phones beyond airplane mode. A fact which she very loudly disputed citing that her son was a pilot and told her that the “radio signals” a phone, even in airplane mode, transmits prohibits their communication to the air traffic towers. I rolled my eyes and continued playing on my phone. To which she responded by frantically encouraging her husband to support her claims. Which he did by saying, “Yeah, it was something like that I think.” I continued to ignore her. And then she rang for the flight attendant to tattle on me and just like the savvy brat I am, I put my phone under my thigh and pretended to be sleeping when the attendant came. I pretended to wake up all groggy when she started yelling about my phone and showed my black screen to the attendant side-eyeing this middle-seat fool like she was crazy … because. Like, facts. Once we were in the air, I proceeded to use my phone and try to be as undeniably irritating as possible. Tapping my foot to my music. Moving around. Asking her to move so I could go to the bathroom, twice. So, the stupidest reason is the phone. AFTER the phone incident, her being mad at me was completely justified.

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31. Technological Generation Gap

My mom was furious with me one morning because she couldn’t type in the computer password correctly. Said I broke it because I’m on it all of the time. I’m sure some of you have dealt with this. She walked upstairs to my room yelling about how I needed to fix it. I calmly got up, walked down to the computer, put in the password in one go, and walked back upstairs and closed my door. Somehow this did not please her, as she was still yelling after the fact. It was quite the spectacle.

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32. The Struggle for Better Stuff

She thought I always had to have better “stuff” than her. It wasn’t even about stuff I actually bought or anything, just stuff I’d mention I wanted to eventually buy myself later once I’d saved up.

First, it was vehicles. We were in college, and both had crappy > 10-year-old cars, hers may have been a couple of years older, but it’s been so long that I’m not sure about that. I wanted a newer one, but couldn’t afford it, so it was just wishful thinking. “That car’s awesome, wish I had one like that” sort of thing. She bought a new car just before she broke up with me, I bought one a couple of years later when I could afford it as I’d planned.

Then it was an iPod. I wanted one, but couldn’t afford it and class, so it was put on the back burner as a “someday” purchase. She got one for Christmas and loved it. I said it was great, but made the mistake of saying when I eventually get one, I’d need one with more space to fit all my music. Her translation was that I had to get an iPod that was better than hers. I never owned an iPod or any similar portable music player during the time we dated.

The other one I can think of off the top of my head was cell phones. She had an uncanny knack for breaking her phone every few months and buying a newer one, so they were rarely more than 6 months or so old, and she always bought pretty decent phones. I had an old cell phone that was a couple of years old before we started dating. My phone worked but didn’t have any fancy features, so again, I thought a newer one that could do more than calls and texts would be great. She translated that as me needing a better phone than her. I did get a new phone but not until a year or so after we broke up because I changed carriers.

I still don’t understand it, but apparently, it was very important to her that I not want things that were “better” than hers.

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33. The Road to Relationship Ruin

One time my Ex-girlfriend got mad at me cause I was going to head to her house when I got done with classes and my car broke down on the way there. She got mad at me cause my wheel practically fell off…on the freeway. Did I get an “Are you okay?”. nope. Even get a “Well that sucks”. Not a chance. What did I get? “I told you that you going to college was gonna ruin our relationship.” It was the third day of class too…glad that’s long over with.


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34. Opening Doors for Strangers

I was 5 years old and my Grandma had a doctor’s appointment. I was bored to tears sitting in the waiting room all alone. (Mom went into the exam room with my Grandma, dunno why though) Lord knows why I was left alone, but I was. So I started opening the door for people to pass the time. Most people seemed rather appreciative I was doing this.

Until I opened the door for this woman who was probably in her mid-20s. She snapped at me and said something to the effect of “I’m perfectly capable of opening a door myself you little chauvinist.” and walked through a different door.

I was taken aback and didn’t do it again and just sat in my chair crying because I knew I did something wrong but didn’t know what, since I got yelled at. When my Mom got back she wondered why the f*ck I was crying. I told her and she was mad at that woman and explained that some people are just mean like that and encouraged me to open doors again. I also asked her what the word meant. So that was a “fun” thing to learn at that age.

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35. Gas Attack

I was 16 and working at Walmart helping a customer lift a heavy boxed bookshelf into her cart and accidentally let out a loud fart. The customer thought it was hilarious and burst out laughing over it. I apologized for it.

My supervisor had been standing in the aisle behind the customer and after the customer left, asked to see me in the back office. She completely flipped out and started yelling about how I had ruined the customer’s shopping experience and how rude that was and that I should be completely ashamed of myself for it because ‘ladies don’t toot’ publicly.

She stayed pissed at me for a couple of weeks over that.

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36. Let There Be Darkness

I was at a relative’s house for a visit.

The living room got darker and darker as the sun went down – to the point where we were squinting to try to see each other.

Finally, I turned on the 25-watt lamp next to me to dispel the darkness.

My uncle took umbrage and immediately turned it off. He said, “We’ll sit in darkness until I decide we’ll have light!”

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37. When Red Flags Wave

I had an ex who used to joke I was Satan when I first woke up (which is true, I won’t deny that). Before things spiraled in that relationship I use to make that same joke about him all the time because he truly was very grumpy when he first woke up. One day he was laying on the couch with his head on my lap asleep while I watched a movie, I decided to wake him because it was getting late. I looked over at my brother who was in a chair across from the couch and said “well I guess it’s time to wake up satan”. It was very clear I was joking, you could hear it in my tone and I was smiling. This guy basically raises up like one of those vampires in old-timey movies and processes to lose it on me. Calling me names and cussing me out before I can even process he’s awake. My brother steps in and tells him to chill out and to not call me names. He gets in my brother’s face and starts cussing him out too. My mom comes in there and tells him he needs to stop so he starts cussing her out too, all while I’m crying on the couch kinda stunned and I haven’t even said a word during any of this. My mom kinda shoves him back when he got in her face, he starts threatening to call the cops on her for “harming a minor” (this all happened back when I was still in high school). She told him to get out and never come back because this wasn’t the first time he’s acted that way towards me and she was sick of seeing me cry at least every other day because he would flip out on me so much. We had been together for 2 years at this point, he had only started doing this stuff a little over 6 months before this. He basically lived at my house and was considered part of my family by everyone there but everyone had had enough. Less than a month later I broke up with him after not seeing him those few weeks only to have him drunkenly tell me one night that he had been cheating on me and demanding an open relationship on his end but I wasn’t allowed to sleep with anyone else or say no to an open relationship. Oh, he also told me he never loved me that night and cussed me out when I got upset over everything he said. To this day he hasn’t dated anyone else, tries to start things with anyone I date, and every few months makes a fake social media to try to follow me or one of my family members….we broke up years ago.

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38. Gaslighting or Not?

So I don’t know WHAT the heck is wrong with my dad but even to this day, he feels like he did nothing wrong.

My parent’s home has about four bedrooms/ two baths/a downstairs den/a patio/etc. – basically there’s more than enough room for privacy.

So one day my bestie and I are just chilling and watching a movie in the living room when all of a sudden my father takes a phone call in the adjacent kitchen and then for whatever baffling reason comes into the room where we are literally watching a movie and sits down on the sofa to continue the call. Then he states that our movie is too loud and demanded that he lower the volume to which I mention the other more suitable places where he could take his call, but no. He wants to sit in the room where people already were and berate them for calling him out. Explaining to him that it was rude and just a moronic thing to do, he went on and on about how emotional I was and how there was something mentally wrong with me. Gaslighting me thinks?

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39. The Bored Employee

My boss got angry at me for doing something outside of my job description on a slow day when I had nothing to do. He seemed to think that it was a better idea for me to sit on my butt browsing the internet and wasting the company’s time than it was to do something productive that needed doing but I wasn’t responsible for.

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40. Seat Snatcher Showdown

Went to a movie theater with assigned seating.

Go to my chair, and there’s a stranger sitting on my chair.

I doubled check my ticket, and then very politely mention to the person that the theater has assigned seating and showed them my ticket.

The person got mad and refused to give up my seat until I could direct them to their own seat.


“…. what’s printed on your ticket?”


“Okay, well, that seat is right over there…”

They were mad at me for wanting to sit in my own seat, and they expected me to take the time to help them before they’d move.

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41. A Space-less Affair

My ex got mad at me because I would text her ILoveYou like that instead of putting spaces because she thought I was being repetitive and lazy and thought that because I was saying it that way all the time meant that I was over it for some reason. When really it just became MY way of texting her ILoveYou. I said it to her in person every day too but for some reason, she got mad at me because of it. Girls are confusing!


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42. Jumping to Conclusions

I was riding my bike around the block when this mom came out of her house with her tiny son yelling at me for bullying her son. I had never seen her son before and I certainly never bullied him but I guess I looked like someone who did and the son argued that it definitely was me. I felt really bad. I said I didn’t do it but they didn’t believe me. I felt bad cause I’d probably do the same if I was a mom.

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43. Family Judgment

One of my grandparents passed away a few years ago. I was dating my now boyfriend already when this happened, we had been together for a year and my parents knew him ever since I met him (about a year and a half before we started dating). So he wasn’t a stranger or anything to my family.

On the day of my grandfather’s burial, I was obviously really sad and crying. My boyfriend was consoling me and I was hugging him for comfort. We were literally just hugging.

A few hours pass, and it turns out my father was mad. My mother told me I was being inappropriate in front of everyone and that my dad was angry. Verbatim, she told me that if I did those inappropriate things in public, God knows what I did in private.

No, I wasn’t even underage in this scenario.

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44. The Bracelet Mystery

An ex gave me a bracelet that was supposed to have a lot of sentimental meaning. We had gone out for a month. So when I got it, I was like, oh thanks, pretty, and he didn’t explain the meaning behind it. Fast forward a couple of years and he is now going out with a friend of mine and he gives her the same bracelet, explains the meaning of it….and explains how he had given it to me a long time ago. A friend now gets mad at ME for receiving the bracelet x amount of years ago.

The bracelet was a sign of intended marriage.

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45. Dreams vs. Reality

A girl in high school had a dream where I wouldn’t talk to her so for two weeks she wouldn’t talk to me. Finally, she confessed why she was pissed at me and I told her “you know that wasn’t me right?” and she said, “I know but it really upset me!”

Conversely, another girl (same high school) had a dream that I did something heroic for her so she was pretty smitten. Again I said “you know that wasn’t me right?” and she said, “I know but I’m sure you would do it in real life”.

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46. Colors Matter More

I once grabbed a box of tissue from the upstairs closet and took it to my room downstairs. My mom flipped on me when she found out because I “took the wrong colour box”. That’s right. She freaked out because I took a blue box of tissue, which I should have somehow known are only to be used in the living room upstairs.

Note that there was no difference in the type of tissue. Simply a large multi-pack that had different colour boxes.

Still bothers me that she seems to seek excuses to get upset about stupid sh*t because she has no legitimate things to be upset about. Like why can’t you just be happy?

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47. Helping a Broke Friend Backfired

Two summers ago I invited a friend of mine to come with me to my small apartment in a seaside city because I knew he was broke and needed some holidays.

I told him not to worry, that he could buy some food or take some from home and I would take care of anything else: I was taking my car, with two bikes, paying for the fuel, and the apartment is mine, so no need to pay for that if I want you as my guest. I really wanted to spend some time there myself, so I thought, “what the hell, the more the merrier!”

He raged at me saying that I was being disrespectful because he told me he did not have the money, so my offering made him feel bad and useless, making me a sucky friend (to use his words).

In the end, I nearly lost a friend by inviting him on a “free” holiday (meaning u don t need to pay for anything else but eating or having a beer).


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48. Mom Doesn’t Believe it’s Saturday

In high school, I lived in the hood but commuted about an hour on the subway to a school in a much nicer area. Sometimes I’d spend the night at friends’ houses on weekends to stay nearby.

I had a Nokia Cell phone, the infamous brick. It rings.

Me: Hey Mom

Mom: Hey! I was just calling to leave you a message. Why aren’t you in school?

Me: There’s no school today.

Mom: WHY AREN’T YOU IN SCHOOL? she’s getting more agitated

Me: Because it’s Saturday?


hangs up

I was 16 and decided not to go the hour home to be grounded. Instead, I stayed out with my friends for the rest of the weekend. I got grounded for two weeks for not honoring my original grounding, even though it was in fact, a Saturday.

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49. My Hair, My Rules

My ex-boyfriend (who wasn’t my ex at the time) gave me the silent treatment for 3 days because I got my hair cut without telling him beforehand that I was going to do it.

One of MANY reasons he’s my ex.


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50. Ex Throws Tantrum

My Ex-boyfriend got mad at me for exercising. Seriously. He hadn’t exercised that day, and when I told him I had (after he had asked what I had been up to), he began to feel guilty for not having exercised and took his guilt out on me. He accused me of gloating and not being sensitive to his feelings (I didn’t know he hadn’t exercised or that it would be such a freak out for him), and he withheld affection/attention for several days after the screaming tantrum he had.

Please wait 5 sec.