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People Share The Moments That Made Them Leave a Bad Date

MJ Staff March 15, 2023

There are plenty of reasons why someone might decide to end a date prematurely. One common explanation is that the person they are on the date with is not who they had imagined them to be based on their online profile or previous conversations. This can lead to disappointment and a lack of interest in continuing the date. Another reason is if they don’t feel a connection or chemistry with the other person. This lack of spark can make the date feel unenjoyable or unproductive. Additionally, some people may find themselves in a situation where they are no longer interested in continuing the date for various reasons, such as the individual’s behavior, dishonesty or personal issues. It’s important to remember that everyone has different reasons for walking out of a date, and ultimately, it is a personal decision.

We combed Reddit to hear some of the most shocking date stories from real people in the dating world. Below are a few of them:

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1. In a Horror Movie

Met a woman through OKCupid, we traded a few messages, moved to text and then talked over the phone. She seemed pretty normal. Fast forward to the first actual meet-up and it’s going well, but something seems a bit off. She’s asking me all kinds of questions about income, job, what my rent costs, etc. I dodge most of them by changing the subject or giving vague answers. She straight-up tells me that she’s ovulating and wants me to impregnate her. I mean, under different circumstances, I definitely would have, but I hardly know her. She started talking about how many kids she wanted to have, how I’m so perfect, and so on. This was a small town that I worked in for a year because of work transfer and career advancement.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom, flagged the server down and paid the bill, said “this date is going down like a Russian plane in a snowstorm,” and tried sneaking out. She saw me as I was making a fast walk to the door and leapt up from her chair and started running. I was running to my car like one of those scenes in a horror movie, complete with fumbling with the key fob to remotely unlock the car. Hopped in, started up and got out of there. I heard her yelling for me to come back because we were going to have a family and make lots of babies.

Blocked her on OKCupid and blocked her number on Google Voice. Thank god for Google Voice.

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2. Four More People

We were already dating, but I thought it would be nice to take her for a meal one evening. She walked in, followed by her sister, then her best friend… And their respective boyfriends, all of whom had no money. She got upset when I said I didn’t have enough money to feed six when a meal for two would have set me back £40 or more, so I left. She sent me a text on my way home saying we were over, I didn’t bother replying. To this day I have no idea why she thought it was socially acceptable to bring four more people to our date without telling me first.

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3. Tinder Dating

I definitely have! I tried tinder dating because I figured why not? It’s shallow but at least you should know in advance whether there will be a physical attraction right? Oh, I was so wrong.. So I show up expecting to see a guy who I bonded with because we both compete in powerlifting and as such are in good physical shape, and he is 23 and I am 20. Nope! He had been using some fairly old pictures because

  1. He was fat.

  2. He was at least 30 years old. I let it slide and think we can potentially still have a nice time having a drink and I just won’t sign up for a second date. So we sit down and are in the middle of having a beer, having a decent chat I may add when we start discussing how our luck has been on tinder so far. I’m nearly done with my beer when he says “Yeah I figured to be successful I’d have to lower my standards, that’s why I matched with you.” I was absolutely floored and had no idea how to respond so I just excused myself to the bathroom, paid the waitress for my beer (and gave her a tip) and left.


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4. You Win

So I met this guy online, and we decided to go to a movie. I got to the theatre, and there he was, and when I suggested we head in, he said “let’s hang around a bit first”. I agreed, and about 5 minutes later, another guy showed up and greeted my “date”. We’re introduced and it turned out that the second guy was also his date. I asked, thinking it’s a joke, “are we supposed to compete for you?” to which my “date” replied “yes”.

I turned to the second guy and said “guess what, you win” and walked away.


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5. The Wife is Out of Town

Takes me to a 5-star restaurant, I try to stick to the middle-of-the-road drinks/food as it’s a first date. Dinner went really well so we decide to go for post-dinner drinks. I get to the point where I feel I should stop drinking since it was a first date and I wasn’t really ready for him to see me trashed. He orders me another drink and then invites me over to his house because his wife is out of town.

Date over.


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6. It Was a Job Interview

We met online. She brought her sister on our first date. She never spoke and all her sister did was drill me about “my plans” and “my intentions.” After ordering she said “I hope you’re planning on paying. That’s what a real man would do on a first date.” So I said “true but this wasn’t a date, it was a job interview” I dropped my half in cash and walked out. Btw I drove us there. Never heard from them again.

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7. Hide and Seek

I was in grade 11 and she was in grade 9. Super cute girl who made me smile and feel alive after a horrible breakup a few weeks earlier. We went to the mall to walk around, have lunch, and maybe go shopping – keeping it light for a first date. She was really into her “ZOMG RANDOMMMM” phase, but I thought it was cute because it wasn’t the real her, so I put up with it. But it was exhausting. After lunch, she must have had this amazing idea of playing hide and seek, so when we walked by the elevator, she ran in at the last second and texted me “Find Me xD”. I left.


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8. Temperance Lecture

Yes, we met at a nicer restaurant, sat down and had a decent conversation.

We started to look over the menu and the wine list. I asked if she had a preference regarding the wine. She said no. I ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio since I didn’t know her preferences or what she might order: kind of a nice middle-of-the-road selection.

When it came, the waitress brought two glasses, and did the usual tasting and, when she went to pour my date a glass, she quickly declined. The waitress poured me a glass and left. I asked her if she’d prefer another drink.

She launched into what I can only describe as a Temperance Lecture. She was stridently anti-alcohol and my ordering wine had clearly upset her.

This was a first date, so I had no way of knowing any of this and had she let me know her thoughts ahead of time, say, when I asked her preference or when I was ordering, I’d have gotten something acceptable to her. Instead, I was getting a lecture that would. not. stop. I got called a drunk and rude and insensitive repeatedly by someone I just met in the course of about 5 minutes.

After a few minutes, the waitress came over and asked if everything was OK. I told her “No”. Told my date that our date was over, and asked the waitress if I could be re-seated at the bar.

The waitress and my date both looked shocked. My date picked up her sweater and purse and stalked out. I picked up my glass. The waitress picked up the bottle and led me to the bar.

(In the bar, I met a very nice young lady with different ideas and we shared the bottle and a very nice evening.)

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9. Not In a Relationship

I met this girl on the line and we had hit off and she wanted to go dancing, not exactly my thing but I said okay and we went to a country bar in downtown. Well she didn’t seem that interested in dancing but at one point walked away to go dance with another dude and I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was a friend of hers she comes back and the next song was a song I actually liked so I asked her to dance and she says no. Well half way through the song she walks away to go dance with another dude so I left right then and there. About twenty minutes later she texted me wondering where I was and I told her you shouldn’t ask a dude out to dance and dance with other guys and her response was we’re not in a relationship…

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10. Pull Off That Switch

Met this cute girl online. We’re both mid-30s and seem very compatible. Went to meet for dinner and there’s this old lady sitting there. She looked to be 55 or 60. Turns out that she’d been pretending to be her daughter online. Using her daughter’s pictures, info, etc. I have no idea how she thought that she was going to pull off that switch. Just NOPE NOPE NOPE.


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11. Way Too Sudden

She started talking about ‘our wedding’ and ‘our future kids’ on our first date. She wasn’t joking around, and when I told her that it was way too sudden to be talking about that, she looked at me quizzically and said “Don’t you want to get married?” First online date I’d ever gone on. Plenty of awkward ones after that (including the girl who got drunk and then admitted she had an infant son and lived with her ex-husband), but that one took the cake.

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12. He’s Not Giving Up

OKcupid date – emailed back and forth, had some common interests, seemed like we would get along. We met up and got food, and a couple of drinks, and seemed to be getting along well. Then he starts talking about how good he is at Karaoke. He’s been in contests and won first place, he and his friends go all the time, etc. I tell him I’ve only done karaoke a few times, when very drunk and with a big group of friends. I also mention that I’m pretty sure I’m tone-deaf. He tells me there is a Karaoke place only one block away!!! I tell him I’m not interested. He tells me you get your own little booth. No one else will even hear you. You can pick whatever songs you want!!! No waiting while other people sing!!! It’s clear he’s not giving up, so I grab two shots of vodka and say fine, I’ll try it. We go to the karaoke lounge and get our booth and he does three or four songs perfectly. I start my first song and he starts criticizing me and pointing out what I’m doing wrong WHILE I’m trying to sing. Then he picks up the other mic and starts singing over me. I say f*ck this and just get up to leave. He chases after me and tells me -” I need you to pay for half of this”. It was $60. I look in my wallet, take out the only cash I had and said “here’s $20, and you can go f*ck yourself”. Then he follows me to the bus stop and tried to make idle chit-chat while I wait to get the f*ck away from him.


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13. Big Backpack

I had joined a new sports club and there was one guy who was quiet and kind of just hung around the periphery of the group. I felt kind of bad for him so was always trying to bring him into conversations and talk to him. One night we all went out for drinks after the game and I talked to him for a while. The conversation was hard work but he seemed like a nice guy. He texted and asked me if I wanted to go out for coffee. I wasn’t really interested but knew given how quiet he was that it probably took a ton of nerve to text me that and I thought maybe in a 1:1 environment he would be more comfortable and I could get to know him a little more.

We met at the coffee shop and he had a big backpack with him. We ordered drinks and then chatted, with me again doing most of the talking – he rarely initiated but would answer questions. About 1/2 hour in he said he had a few things to show me to let me get to know him better. He then did a show and tell from his backpack pulling out various items and pictures and telling me about them. Some were kind of interesting (a family trip) and some I had no idea how to respond to (here is a picture of how I had my hair cut in grade 8). He had stuffed animals and lots of items from his childhood. I kept trying to bring the conversation to the present to find out if the item linked to a current interest or hobby but he kind of had the story about each item rehearsed and he would go right back to the show and tell. Eventually, the table was full of stuff and I tried to politely say that I had seen enough and change the topic. He told me had still had more to show me. I ended up saying I felt sick and left. I felt kind of bad but it was just getting too weird.

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14. For That Night

This was a third date, he was a nice enough guy, an editor at the local newspaper. We’re at his house and he’s made me dinner and suddenly he drops into normal conversation that his fetish is having s*x with girls that are unconscious. I immediately stopped eating, stopped drinking, and made my exit. I did not get roofied but d*mn was I scared that it was in the cards for that night.


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15. A Little Scared

Met a guy online who lived about an hour away. We agreed to meet up closer to me and he told me he was just going to stay in town that night. I figured he had friends here or whatever. He gets to the date and he is clearly about 15 years older than his pictures represented. I figured I would finish the meal then gtfo. After dinner, he insisted on walking me to my car and then said, “ok, so I’ll just follow you back to your place then?” I was quite shocked and a little scared for my safety so I said ok and then ripped out of that parking lot before he could get to his car. He text me an hour later and told me he was home lol. Never heard from him after that.

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16. His Answer Was

It was an OkCupid date and we met for coffee after talking for a while. He had a sour look on his face when I got there, so I wasn’t expecting too much. When our coffee came out, he said “I’m glad you didn’t ask me to pay for that, because I don’t think you should be drinking something with that many calories.” I’m a fat person, but he was way fatter than me, so I thought he was being self-deprecating. I was prepared to roll my eyes and let it go, but then he ranted for about 15 minutes about how women were getting too fat and how they should be pressured to lose more weight. Eventually, I stopped him with a “You saw my picture! Why did you even agree to coffee?” His answer was “I was hoping you had lost weight since the picture was taken because no one would put themselves on a dating app in that condition.”

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17. The Worst Date

He turned up drunk and brought pictures of his time in Iraq in the army with him, which he took me through painfully slowly, one by one. I politely excused myself to go for a cigarette and he lost it – accused me of being rude, shouting about how no wonder I was single, and then sat on my coat so I couldn’t run away – saying that even if I did leave, he would follow me and make me sorry. He also goes on a rant about how all graduates are entitled d*ckheads, he doesn’t agree with women going to uni, and that I’m a middle-class c*nt. He had insisted on paying for my drink, so when I came back in I said I wanted to go, and he insisted that I OWE HIM a drink, ‘cos he was going up Camden to meet his mates and didn’t want to be behind on the drinks front. Fine, whatever, he’s CLEARLY insane, I’ll just buy him one to shut him up then I can leave. At the bar, he begins throwing ice at the barmaid when her back is turned, then when she turns around accusingly, points at me and says ‘she did it’. The barmaid and I both know that it was him. After he has his pint in his hand he goes back to the table, and I confess to said barmaid that I’m on the worst date of my life and want to run away. She pours me a shot of tequila, tells the bouncer to distract him, then helped me run away, as he banged on the window and shouted ‘I’ll find you’.

Ran home, sobbing like a lunatic.

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18. Between Bites

I took a girl once to my favorite Mexican restaurant.

She proceeded to pretty much give me a rundown of her past 5 boyfriends, why the relationship failed, how each was in bed, what they all did for a living, and where they all took her for vacations. My eyes started to cross, and my blood was starting to boil. I was relegated to “un huh’s” and “wow, that guy is *sshole” responses. She seemed very disinterested in anything I had to say, and I was f*cking done.

As I was about to get up and walk out, the waiter brought my fajitas. So you know what…I just rolled with it. Started asking questions about her ex-boyfriends. All the while, I was stuffing my face with tasty tasty fajitas. Honestly, most of the dudes sounded like pretty good guys, but I put on a brave face and sh*t-talked them in between bites.

Once I was full, I got up, said I needed to go to the bathroom, paid for my half of the meal at the register, and just left. She was busy texting someone and didn’t even notice.

On my way home, she texted me and asked me where I was. Told her that I left and that maybe she should ask one of her ex-boyfriends to come and pick her up since she spent the last 45 minutes doing nothing but talking about them.

Got a couple of f*ck you’s, you’re *sshole texts on the drive home…but it’s been radio silent ever since.


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19. As a Way of Advertising

I’m late to the party, but my story involves a circus girl I met over Tinder (of course). She had a very interesting profile about her being an aerial acrobatic for a circus that toured all over America, so I swiped right for her…plus she was super cute. She messaged me on April 1st saying she had a show that night and wanted me to come to see it. I had reservations about trusting a stranger I just met online on April Fool’s Day, but I went away, but it turns out she was telling the truth.

I arrive at the venue and I immediately notice it is much smaller than I anticipated. There was no way she was going to be performing aerial acrobatics on a stage with a ceiling only 20 feet tall. I go to buy my ticket and I find that my date is the one selling them! This is a perfect time to introduce myself, so I do, but she doesn’t give any hint of recognition that I’m the guy she has been messaging over Tinder. The line to the window was long, so I didn’t press the issue. The plan was to meet up for drinks after the show, so I just shook it off, took a seat and just planned on approaching her after the performance.

The “circus” was a disaster. The host started off the night by making the most inappropriate, racist jokes I’ve ever even heard from my close friend’s mouths. There is a time and place for jokes like that, and I consider myself very open to a wide variety of humor, but when a large group of strangers are furtively looking around to see if anybody is laughing (or offended), then things get awkward fast. His crew was talking loudly and making noise in the back room and he had to talk over them most of the night. Overall, he did not ooze professionalism. He was a contortionist and a sword swallower and was honestly the only saving grace, and “circus-y” part of the show.

My date’s bit was up second. She didn’t do her usual aerial act but instead did a…performance…involving a chair and a cream pie. It was nothing special whatsoever, and even the audience could barely applaud in the appropriate pauses meant for applauding. Her following performer, however, is the one that made me leave during intermission.

He was a “performance artist” who walked up to the mic and started reciting a poem. Cool, I thought. It was actually a pretty neat poem, right until he took his pants and underwear off in the middle of reciting it. Fortunately for the audience, he had his d*ck tucked in between his legs so it wasn’t full frontal nudity per se…but still slightly disturbing nonetheless. He continued the deep, serious poem without any mention of his debriefing and finished his poem by exclaiming “Hail, Satan” and turned around and taking a bow, simultaneously presenting to the audience the good ol’ d*ck and balls he had been shyly hiding, along with the consolation prize of his *sshole.

I had never noped so hard in my life. I didn’t even talk to her before I left, and I unmatched her the next day.

She sent me a message the following morning thanking me for coming, so she obviously recognized me but was just using Tinder as a way of advertising and getting guys to pay for her sh*tty circus show.

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20. She Turned and Said

When I was in college a girl I knew who had an interest in me asked me to go with her to a Sorority pledge dinner/event. She needed a “date” and didn’t want to go alone so I felt I was doing her a favor. But I didn’t know anybody so would stay relatively close to my “date” in the event she wanted to introduce me or simply act like a date staying somewhat close. After dinner, she went from one person to the next and was awkward because she wouldn’t say anything and just walk off so I would follow. At one point with about 3 of her “future sorority members” around she turned and said, “Are you just going to follow me all night like a puppy dog?!!”. I looked at her and simply said “No” and walked away. I walked straight to the car and left. Don’t know how she got home and didn’t care. She went to where I worked the next day crying and told me how sorry and rude she was and wanted to go out again. I was nice to her but going out on a second “date” was not going to happen.


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21. Separate Checks

She was from a “nuclear family” with lots of money. In itself, not a bad thing. However, she proceeded to go on a rant about “trashy” people from divorced/remarried and single-parent families, and how those people would never amount to anything, that sort of thing. She also mentioned how she could tell I was from a traditional family with wholesome values, not some loser raised by a sl*tty single mother or influenced by a runaway, deadbeat father (her words) because I was clearly raised right. At this point, I get up from the table, track down the wait staff, and ask for separate checks. As she proceeds to call me *sshole for not paying for her meal and acts confused about why I tell her not to contact me again, but that I’ll be sure to pass on to my single mother that people are noticing how well she raised me.

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22. Trying So Hard

Halfway through this date I had in high school, I was extremely gassy and trying so hard to keep my composure. If I didn’t let one out I would be miserable the entire date. Well, I definitely should have held it in as the gas was far better than the outcome. I basically sharted on my way to the bathroom…stopped, turned around, put money on the table and left in a hurry with my cheeks clinched and a very baffled date behind me. Let’s just say we never went out again.

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23. In Short

He told me he didn’t have a job and had no intention to get one. He was looking for someone to support him (in short). I got up and left.


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24. Ex-girlfriend of 7 years

Yes. First and last date. He picked me up at my place. Before we drove off he told me he was apartment-sitting/cat-sitting for a friend couple of blocks away from my place and he just needed to check on the cat before heading out for dinner. I said, “sure not a problem”. So we go to this apartment, and I stand in the doorway while he does his thing (feeding the cat and whatnot). I just ask “whose apartment is this?” and just make small talk. His response “It’s my ex-girlfriend of 7 years…she’s totally okay if we f*ck on her bed” at that point I just turn, open the door and walk out of the apartment without saying a word. Never heard from him again.

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25. Demanding Payment

I met a girl on a dating site, we went on a first-meet-type date at a Starbucks which went pretty well. In the end, she mentioned that she had a bus to catch home and I offered to drive her. She accepted and I drove her home, but when we got close she asked that I pull over a block away. She said she still lived with her ex due to a lease and not having the money to get her own place yet. Anyway, we kiss and she gets out, a few days go by and I get a call from her and we go on a second date, this time to a bar. We flirt and play pool and are having a great time. After dancing for a while we take to sit down and chat for a bit. It’s at this point she makes a comment about how tough the job market is (this was in late ’09) and that her friend really had it bad after Craigslist banned prostitution. At this point, I’m like “Uh yeah, that would suck to have to do that for a living” and the date went south from there. She starts accusing me of flirting with another girl at the bar and then drops this one “You’re trying to make that girl jealous, you like her don’t you?” I’m confused at this point and say that no I’m having a nice date and have no interest in this other girl. She then says “Look, if you’re going to treat me like a wh*re then pay me like one.”

I was so shocked, I started to deny that was what was going on and she keeps demanding payment. I finally caught on that this was in fact a Craigslist W using dating sites to ply her trade. I left her there without a ride home.

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26. All He Could Talk About

Yep! Got set up with a guy (total striped shirt bro). I knew he wasn’t my type but figured let’s try something new. He took me out to the standard date restaurant in my city, which is boring but the food is good. Then all he could talk about is how amazing his alma mater (Ohio State) is and how much Michigan sucks. Miraculously, at some point, he asked about my family. I gave him a quick run down and mentioned my female cousin was married with a couple of kids. Asked what her husband did and I said her WIFE stayed at home with their children….and he responded with, “Oh she’s a lez? Was she sexually abused as a kid? I mean, that gay sh*t isn’t normal so that sucks you have to deal with it.”

Instead of arguing and questioning him, I just got up and left – I didn’t even say a word. The look on his face was incredulous. To this day, I can’t hear or see anything about Ohio State University without thinking about that piece of sh*t.

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27. The Biggest Batman Fan

Not me, but a friend of mine.

He and his date are walking down the street, and they see a little girl being excited about something. My friend LOVES little kids. He melts at anything adorable. Before he can comment on how adorable the kid is, his date goes “UGH, kids are so annoying.” He doesn’t say anything. Because, she’s a good-looking girl, and he’s just gonna overlook it and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

So they continue walking down the street and someone walks by in a Batman shirt. My friend is the biggest Batman fan I know. Like, he will convert Superman fans into Batman fans.

Girl comments. “Batman is so stupid. Comics are stupid. It’s so nerdy.” My friend abruptly stopped, turned around and just walked off without ever saying a word to her.

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28. He Flipped Out

My story was about the dude I had been dating for a year and a half. We went to a baseball game on the Fourth of July with a group of good friends. He proceeds to get sh*tty drunk, when he was the one driving, and falls asleep during the game. Whatever. After the game they let you come down and watch the fireworks in the outfield. And apparently, he is some firework genius, knew everything about everything. The music and fireworks were so loud that he had to yell to tell me all of this information, I finally just asked him if he could wait until after it was done so I could hear him better. And he flipped out! Got up and started walking out. I ran after him because I was so confused about what I did wrong and he had my wallet and the keys to my car. So I chase him down to the gas station and the dude pushes me into the shelves, throws my keys and wallet at me and tells me to take him home. I left him standing on the side of the road.

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29. Pay For It

I had been casually dating a guy, I think this was our third date. We were planning on dinner, a movie, and then him coming over to my place for, I assume, some fun. Right after we ordered, he said, “So, I think we should stop seeing each other. My girlfriend is getting suspicious.” This floored me since it was my understanding that both of us were single gay men. I flagged down the waiter and asked him to box up my food, then I let my “date” pay for it.

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30. Personal Gain

We’d been seeing each other for a little over the week, and halfway through the dinner she tells me she’s slept with over fourteen men, who were mostly in their 40’s (we were 19 at the time), because “they always wanna buy me things afterwards, tee-hee.”

People can do what they wanna do on their own time, but announcing such a thing in a glib matter– and sleeping with people for some type of personal gain– is just not behavior I wanna tolerate.


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31. Too Much Too Soon

I met him at his place and we watched The Italian Job in his sister’s basement, where he was staying.

After the movie, he asked if I was hungry so we drove to Denny’s. It was 1 AM so I was surprised when his friends showed up like they’d been invited.

“So this is the guy you’ve been telling us about,” one of them said. I thought it was a joke, but then they mentioned a few things we’d discussed like where I worked, what area I lived in. I was pretty uncomfortable: I was still closeted and this was probably my first formal date. He’d mentioned earlier that he talked about our date with his sister, but she sounded like his confidant so that seemed normal. But why was he talking me up to his friends? We hadn’t chatted online for more than a few days. They made a few other comments about us seeming cute together that made me uncomfortable, but we finished the coffee & cigarette “meal” and headed back to his place.

It was about 3 AM at that point. He pointed out a picture of a kid on the wall and said it was his kid. He started talking about how the mom had custody but he relished the visitation days they had together. I wasn’t sure about the whole thing; telling his friends about me, sharing private info, making them part of the date, and now a single dad?

That’s when he mentioned that he’d already told his son about me and him dating. He’d even shown his son my photo. That’s when I panicked and left. I told him, “too much too soon.”

In retrospect, he was a really nice guy. I was mostly freaking out because I was still closeted.

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32. A Weird Vibe

So we go on our 3rd date, She’s nice, good-looking, funny and has a beautiful smile, I’m getting a good feeling hence the 3rd date. We go to a restaurant and have a great conversation, and a good meal and she says to me, as it’s still pretty early. That she’d like to stop in the Mall on the way to the movies and maybe do a little shopping. So I’m all “Ok, that’s fine”. Thinking to myself, OK this could be fun. So we are walking around the Mall and she stops us at a Bridal store, you know the ones with Tuxedos and Wedding dresses etc. So she says to me, “Don’t you think I’d look good in that Dress?” So I say before thinking “Yeah you’d look fantastic”. So without missing a beat, she says “yeah, I really really like that Tuxedo, you’d look awesome in that”. So now I’m getting a weird vibe. So she then says opening her shoulder bag “I’ve got these for us to look at after the movies” Her bag is full of wedding magazines, Photographer’s flyers, etc. So I’m all like “OK….” I then said to her I had to use the bathroom, proceeded to find the nearest one and Txt my friend to call me in the next 5 minutes saying that there was an emergency and I had to go. As I was leaving she said to me “Do you want to take one of the magazines to see which things you’d like?” I left and literally ran to my car. She called and texted me for like 2 weeks straight after that, but I never returned any of her calls. I got called an “*sshole for dumping her at the alter” and “We could have had beautiful babies and wonderful life together” on the voice-mails and texts I got. I think I got off lucky there….


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33. National Treasure

I had a blind date that I was set up on a few years back. We get to the restaurant, order drinks, and right as the waitress walks away, my date pulls out his iPad, puts in his headphones and proceeds to watch National Treasure. We were on that date a whole 10 minutes before I politely paid for my soda and walked out. I really don’t even believe he noticed until the end credits. LoL!


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34. He Had a Coupon

I once went on a blind date with a guy who was friends with one of my friends. He called me a week in advance and said he would pick me up at six for dinner. He showed up an hour late because he was “eating dinner” and then took me to Dairy Queen to get blizzards because he had a coupon. He then proceeded to call me little miss piggy for eating the entire kid’s blizzard. I pretended to go to the bathroom and just walked to the bar across the street.

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35. Before Marriage

This is kinda lame. So he picked me up and was able to see my cat, Spot, on the back of the couch from the front door. As soon as we got dinner he proceeded to probe for questions about my cat and then told me how disgusting they were. He told me no girl should get a pet before marriage because that just won’t ever work in a relationship. He demanded I get rid of it so our relationship could progress normally. It was our first date! He flipped when I told him I had 2 cats. I texted a coworker/friend to come to pick me up and I walked away from my date, who proceeded to follow me asking me what was wrong. I told him my cats are cute, I’m cute and not desperate for a cat-hating jerk like him.

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36. In a Factual Way

I went on a date with a coworker of mine. I was incredibly shy, so I was just happy to be going on a date. A lot of coworkers helped me get the nerve to ask her out. She was always really nice to me on the job, so people thought it’d work out.

We ended up at a decent restaurant (was still in high school so I didn’t have the money for anything fancy). She talked about herself for a while. I kinda just listened and asked questions to keep the conversation flowing. It wasn’t completely one-sided though. I’d say a few things, then she’d tell a few stories. She spent a lot of time talking about her church and the things she wanted to do with it. I didn’t realize how much she was into it until I realized most of her stories included mention of her church.

Eventually, I asked how she’d feel if I were an agnostic or an atheist. Looked at me and said that I’d go to h*ll. Not looking at me in a d*mning way; in a factual way. Like “If that is what you are, you will burn” with a smile tagged along with it. I started to argue about how rude that sounded, and she didn’t care. It was a fact. So I got up, told her I’d meet her in h*ll, and then walked out. We drove separately so we didn’t have to sit together through an awkward ride home. She never spoke to me again, then quit a few days later.

I don’t remember her church, but I always see a Billboard off of a highway I drive down often that’s heavily against homosexuality. I always assume she was probably a part of that one. Most of my friends that are religious are actually really great people. Just sucks that there are bad eggs out there.

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37. The End

She had a “funny” story that she really wanted to tell me. She said how hard she kicked a neighborhood dog on a jog. “Did it try to bite you or something?” I asked. Nope, she said, it was actually quite friendly.

… And that’s the end of that chapter.

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38. Blank Stare

Sat down at a bar with him and the first thing he did was show me his inbox and pictures that a bunch of other women had sent him. Then he proceeded to say, “See – this is your competition. And I’m here with you.” So after the split second of just looking at him like ‘are you kidding me,’ I said something along the lines of ‘If you really want to impress me, tell me one thing you know about me from my profile’. [blank stare] ‘That’s what I thought.’ – and I rolled on out.


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39. Picture of Another

I had spent all day with this very nice young lady, went back to her place and things started moving along. She got up to go to the kitchen to get us something to drink and as she did she told me to look around her new place. As I did I noticed a picture of another very nice young lady I had spent some time with a week or two ago. I asked her innocently who the girls in the picture were. She said it was her with her 3 roommates, who were coming back from dinner later.

I have never bailed so fast in my life. I texted a buddy who called saying he was out and his friend was getting sick and needed a ride.

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40. Kid’s Dad

I met this chick. Seemed nice, had a child (which I’m ok with), and also had a good job. That is important to me because chicks target dudes in my industry for our paychecks. So anyways I took her on a date. Was going well. Until she started talking about the kid’s dad, “he is back in prison, it sucks he was doing so well…..how much money did you say you make?”

I told her I didn’t say how much money I make, got up and left.

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