Impress the Cars & Coffee Crowd with One of These Unusual Cars

By vukasin
Impress the Cars & Coffee Crowd with One of These Unusual Cars

In recent years, Cars & Coffee meets have become popular among car enthusiasts everywhere. If you have attended a local C&C meet, you know what it’s all about. But, if you haven’t checked one out yet, here’s what it is. They hold the typical C&C event in a big parking lot near a coffee shop. People gather on weekend mornings, enjoy some coffee and talk about cars. Although it may sound simple, this well-received concept has gained worldwide popularity.

Although some wealthy car enthusiasts use these meets to show off their newest, most expensive acquisitions, true car lovers go there to find some interesting, rare cars and gems of the car industry. So, if you are one of those people who want to impress others with something strange and uncommon, here is a selection of interesting yet obscure cars you can buy. So, read on to be the talk of your next Cars & Coffee meet without spending a fortune.

  1. Skoda 110 R

During the ‘60s, Skoda’s main sedan model was the 110, a basic four-door car with a rear-mounted four-cylinder engine. In Eastern Europe in those days, sports cars were almost nonexistent, so Skoda wanted to introduce a sports coupe to widen its appeal and export sales. The result was the Skoda 110 R, a true sports coupe with a dynamic fastback design and more power.

They introduced the 110 R in 1970 and immediately, it became a highly sought after model in all of Eastern Europe. It retained the basic technical layout but had an upgraded engine producing 62 HP. Of course, the performance was diminutive by today’s standards. However, back in the early ‘70s in Czechoslovakia, this was a proper sports coupe. Skoda even entered it in rally championships and won a few events. The production lasted until 1980 and they made over 56,000 110 Rs.

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