Go Fast on a Budget: 20 of the Best Cars with 300 HP or More for Under $10K

By Vukasin Herbez
Go Fast on a Budget: 20 of the Best Cars with 300 HP or More for Under $10K

What should you do if you have an irresistible need for speed but you can’t afford one of those new, expensive machines with high horsepower ratings? The answer is to look for an alternative on the used-car market. If you don’t check the classified ads every now and then, you will be amazed by how much car you can get for $10,000.

With just a simple search, you will see it is possible to find some interesting machines with 300 HP or more on tap for around 10 grand. Read on to learn about the 20 best cars with 300 HP you can find for $10,000. The reason for the 300 HP rating is that it will provide you with plenty of driving excitement and performance in any car.

From executive sedans and muscle cars to GT coupes, you will find them all. Of course, if 300 HP is not enough for you, these cars could be the perfect platform for building the ultimate street rod of your choice.

  1. Audi S4 B6

Audi fans have always considered the Audi S4 a special car in the compact performance sedan class. Not only did it feature powerful engines and elegant styling, but it also had the famous Quattro all-wheel-drive system as standard. Introduced in 2003 and sold through 2005, the B6 generation of the S4 was a highly praised and quite accomplished car.

Under the hood was the 4.2-liter V8 with 340 HP which sounded great and revved all the way up to 7,000 rpm. The performance was equally impressive with 0 to 60 mph in just five seconds. Although they electronically limited it, its top speed was 155 mph.

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