Classic Muscle Car Terms Drivers Just Can’t Forget

By Vukasin Herbez
Classic Muscle Car Terms Drivers Just Can’t Forget

Have you ever been to a car show and listened to the car enthusiasts talk? If the answer is yes, then you probably noticed how they all speak in a specific slang, using strange terms, letters, and numberings.

And they perfectly understand each other. So, if you want to learn to talk car language, here is your chance. Read on to learn about the most popular muscle car codes, names, and expressions along with an explanation.

  1. AAR

The 1970 AAR Plymouth ‘Cuda was a limited production model. Interestingly, they built it to commemorate Dan Gurney’s All American Racing team, which used ‘Cudas in Trans-Am championships.

It came with a 340 V8 small block and a special plastic hood in matte black with a hood scoop. They added a rear spoiler and interesting side graphics including a big AAR logo. But because this version was more expensive than the regular 340 ‘Cuda, they only built 2,724 of them.

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