Best Investment-Grade Cars From the `90s You Should Snap Right Now

By vukasin

Even if you are not a keen classic car collector, you must have noticed rising prices of `90s cars. What was once considered old and almost worthless modes now are slowly becoming a collector`s items and valuable assets. We believe that `90s models will achieve even higher price tags since those cars combine practicality, usability and modern feature of today`s models with the coolness of bygone era, analog feel, and appearance.

That is why we have compiled a list of 20 Best Investment Grade Cars From the `90s, models that are already sought-after but will be even more expensive in a year or two. To be perfectly honest, get them while you can.

1. Dodge Viper RT/10

This legendary sports muscle car was introduced in 1992 and it immediately became the American icon. It had a monster of a V10 engine in the front, sleek and aggressive body style, rear wheel drive and not much to protect you from being killed by the sheer power and wild nature of this car.

Over three generations, Chrysler made over 100,000 examples but the basic layout was the same, V10 in the front, power sent to rear wheels and manual transmission in between. Until the end, this was the only transmission choice which is something the purists highly appreciated. The Vipers are not exactly cheap but they are still affordable and they will just get more and more expensive in the future.