Bank Robber`s Express – 20 Best Obtainable Getaway Cars

By vukasin

So, you are planning a heist. You need crew, masks, weapons, a good plan, and dependable getaway car and driver. Although we strongly oppose to such endeavor and suggest that you remain law abiding citizen, we will help you with a small but important part of the plan – getaway car. Today, we will cover your best options when it comes to the perfect set of wheels for robbing a bank.

Choosing the right getaway car is extremely important since it makes the difference between getting caught and successfully fleeing the scene. What are the qualities you want in a getaway vehicle? Well, power and speed are obvious ones. Then stealth looks, low profile appearance, dull color, and dependability. Also, four doors and big trunk are must since you need the space for your crew, gear and loot. Let`s see what are your options.

1. Dodge Charger Hemi

The brand new Charger sedan debuted in 2005 as a true American four-door with rear wheel drive platform (AWD was optional), 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine as a top engine choice and aggressive muscular design which reminded the buyers of Charger`s heritage and history. Immediately, this was a fantastic success since it combined modern technology with retro styling and Hemi power in a great package. It wasn’t what the muscle car fans asked for but it was a proper performance car which they needed. The engine you will need is 350 HP 5.7-liter Hemi.