50 Respected Muscle Cars From The 1960s

By Vukasin Herbez
50 Respected Muscle Cars From The 1960s

Without any doubt, most people can say that the ‘60s was the decade of muscle cars. During those 10 years, the muscle car movement was fully articulated and American performance got its recognizable format. The market changed when almost all domestic manufacturers presented fast, cool-looking and desirable yet affordable models that created automotive history.

But some people say muscle cars were only a small segment in the vast American automotive landscape. And since it might be true considering the production numbers, the impact those cars had is enormous and still felt today. Even though the classic muscle car era lasted until the early ‘70s when they built some of the fastest and most composed models, the ‘60s are still the defining decade.

Here is the ultimate list of 50 classic muscle cars from the ‘60s. These are all the most relevant models from 1960 all the way to 1969 that displayed muscle car characteristics and are desirable classics today.

  1. 1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Interceptor 360 Package

Ford offered the Interceptor 360 package in 1960 on the full-size Galaxie with Starliner body styles. The Starliner was a two-door coupe with a sloping roofline. And it was ideal for the fast NASCAR tracks Ford wanted to dominate in the early ‘60s.

They based the Interceptor 360 package on an old 352 V8 engine. And then they equipped it with a new performance intake system and dual exhaust, as well as beefed up internals, which resulted in an astounding 360 HP rating.

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