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5 of the Absolutely Worst Car Choices for Beginner Drivers

Vukasin Herbez June 1, 2019

Everyone has been in this situation. You just passed your driver’s test, got your license and searched for your first car. If you’re lucky, your parents bought you a car that was sensible, slow, well-equipped and dependable. However, some kids are luckier than others.

Some new drivers get a carte blanche in choosing their first car. But, here lies the problem: not all cars are suitable for beginners. In fact, most of them are downright dangerous. So, here are the five worst cars for beginner drivers and the reasons why you should avoid them.

  1. Full-Size Trucks

Despite the fact that full-size trucks are safe, tough and dependable, they are not suitable for first-time drivers. The reason is simple. Full-size trucks are enormous, tough to park and maneuver, and also prone to rolling over in sharp turns. Beginner drivers are not used to the truck’s dimensions, so they’ll have a hard time negotiating parking spaces.

Squeezing through traffic or narrow alleys would be extremely problematic for somebody who is not familiar with a double cab monster with a full-length truck bed. Also, a fresh driver needs to learn driving dynamics. A heavy full-size truck is not the car for that purpose.

  1. Sports Cars

Sports cars are one of the worst choices for inexperienced drivers. Of course, they are immensely fun, so every beginner craves them. But putting a teenager in a sports car with 300 or more HP under the hood is a time bomb just waiting to explode. Teenagers are, by default, eager to explore the limits and unaware of their own mortality.

Combine that with a brisk performance, sometimes tricky handling and the excitement of driving a sports car and you`ll get the worst case scenario. In some countries, drivers with no experience are forbidden to operate high powered vehicles. This is a clever proposition since it helps control young drivers if they get their hands on some hot sports car too early in their driving careers.

  1. Old Cars

This one is a bit tricky, but keep reading. An older car is a good proposition for young drivers since they will provide inexpensive, reasonably dependable and safe transport. In fact, you should always look for something like that for your teenage kid. However, an old car is a bad choice since some outdated models with high mileage are on their last legs.

Old cars posses little or no modern safety equipment. And they are full of pending mechanical problems, possible rust issues and much more. By putting a novice driver in an old beater, you hand them an inexpensive but troublesome ride that can cause a lot of headaches. If you do that, give them a tow service phone number as well, since they will need it often.

  1. V8-Powered Muscle Cars

The biggest problem with muscle cars is that they are so accessible, delicious and cool. Most drivers can’t resist them, no matter how hard they try. The essence of a muscle car is to provide power and performance to the masses at an affordable price in a usable package. They do this so well, every beginner is drawn to the idea of owning a V8, rear-wheel-drive coupe from the moment they obtain their license.

However, this is not a good idea. First, it’s because of the power and ability to reach prohibited speeds quickly. Second, due to their ability to do smoky burnouts, doughnuts and other similar maneuvers. Third, the most affordable muscle cars are not exactly perfect handling machines. Sure, their handling is decent and controllable, if you know exactly what you are doing.

Realistically, you can’t expect a teenager to know how to handle a 450 HP Camaro when it starts to slide. Just take a quick look on YouTube to see how many scary videos of muscle car crashes are out there.

  1. Big SUVs

Some parents think that putting their kid into a big modern SUV is the solution for a beginner’s car problem. But, they are wrong. The only good thing about this scenario is that modern SUVs are full of safety features, which is good. All other aspects of this purchase are bad and here’s why. A big and over comfortable SUV will restrain the novice driver from experiencing different road surfaces, traffic sounds, vibrations and other sensations.

And that is an integral part of the driving experience. All the infotainment systems, TV screens and Wi-Fi connectivity are big problems since the average teenager will spend more time browsing their playlist than paying attention to the road ahead. Also, modern SUVs with their rugged looks but family sedan underpinning suggest they are capable of crossing the desert. But in fact, they cannot cope with the modest off-road trail.

These are five of the absolutely worst car choices for beginner drivers. If you are the parent of one, avoid these vehicles at all cost. Instead, look for a newer used car that is safe, dependable and economical for your new driver.

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