5 of the Absolutely Worst Car Choices for Beginner Drivers

By vukasin

Everyone has been in this situation. You just passed your driver’s test, got your license and searched for your first car. If you’re lucky, your parents bought you a car that was sensible, slow, well-equipped and dependable. However, some kids are luckier than others.

Some new drivers get a carte blanche in choosing their first car. But, here lies the problem: not all cars are suitable for beginners. In fact, most of them are downright dangerous. So, here are the five worst cars for beginner drivers and the reasons why you should avoid them.

  1. Full-Size Trucks

Despite the fact that full-size trucks are safe, tough and dependable, they are not suitable for first-time drivers. The reason is simple. Full-size trucks are enormous, tough to park and maneuver, and also prone to rolling over in sharp turns. Beginner drivers are not used to the truck’s dimensions, so they’ll have a hard time negotiating parking spaces.

Squeezing through traffic or narrow alleys would be extremely problematic for somebody who is not familiar with a double cab monster with a full-length truck bed. Also, a fresh driver needs to learn driving dynamics. A heavy full-size truck is not the car for that purpose.