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30+ Genius Home Improvements That Any Houseguest Would Be Jealous Of

MJ Staff May 24, 2022

For many people, owning a home is one of the greatest aspirations in life. It not only provides a permanent place to call your own but also offers the flexibility to tailor every aspect of the living space according to your preferences. There is no doubt that for some of you out there, it’s hard to imagine where you’d even start! The majority of home renovation websites tend to promote extravagant and costly floor plans or ideas that may require excessive time and go beyond your budget. We’re not going to do that here. We’ve found that all it takes to completely transform a home into your dream house is just a little bit of creativity. Explore these affordable concepts to identify the one that suits you the most, transforming your house into the most desirable in the neighborhood.

Brighten Up Dark Spaces and Reduce Energy Costs with a Sun Tunnel

While most of us would love to have a beautiful skylight in our kitchens, it is not always possible in every home. If you have a poorly lit room that could use some natural sunlight, consider adding a sun tunnel. This cost-effective solution can transform any dark space in your home into a brighter and more open area, while also helping you save money on electricity bills.

Create A Sun Tunnel To Bring In Natural Light And Lower Your Electrical Bill

Natural sunlight also makes a space feel more open, so this easy installation can completely transform any poorly lit room in your home.

Maximize Functionality of False Drawers by Installing Outlets While Keeping Children Safe

False drawers can be one of the most exasperating things in any home. Why would they waste space with something that has no function? However, we thought of a solution for those pointless fake drawers that typically only serve to frustrate people. Rather than leaving that space idle, consider installing outlets behind the false drawers to make them useful.

Put Outlets Behind False Drawers To Add Functionality, But Keep Children Safe

When you are not using the outlet, the false drawer can cover it up which will help you keep your young children safe from the risk of electrocution.

Opt for Dutch Doors Over Unattractive Baby Gates

When you have babies and small children at home it is always essential to make sure they are safe; however, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic appeal by using unappealing plastic gates. Instead of using unsightly baby doors, consider installing Dutch doors. Dutch doors are divided in half, so you can keep the bottom closed while the top is open.

Use Dutch Doors Instead Of Unsightly Baby Gates

They keep your home looking stylish while ensuring your children are supervised. Additionally, they can continue to be useful even as your kid get bigger, and they’re also great for pets.

A Ton of Space Can Be Saved with Collapsible Drying Racks

If you’re struggling with limited counter space, it can be difficult to find a suitable area for food preparation, especially with dishes taking up valuable real estate. However, this simple idea can save you a ton of counter space. Rather than using traditional drying racks that sit on the counter, consider installing collapsible racks that fold out from the wall.

Collapsing Drying Racks Save A Ton Of Space

This clever design keeps the dishes off the counter, and you can use them as a towel rack when there aren’t any dishes.

Don’t Let a Long, Empty Hallway go to Waste!

When you have a long, empty hallway, it might seem like a waste of useful space, but with a little creativity, they can become functional storage areas. Consider installing shelves along the walls to maximize storage space. If you have ever worried about what to do with those bulky winter clothes during the summer, you can add drawers and clear some space in your closet.

Make Your Long Hallways More Functional

Additionally, you can add drawers to the shelves to create even more storage space and clear up room in your closet. Don’t let your long hallway go to waste when it can become a practical and stylish storage solution.

Tired Of That Unsightly Paper Towel Roll on Your Counter? Move It Below

Do you ever feel like your kitchen space isn’t functioning to its full potential? With false drawers and limited counter space, it might seem like there is a lot of wasted potential. Don’t let that unused space go to waste – maximize it with this simple installation.

Keep The Paper Towel Roll Off The Counter By Creating A Built-In One Below The Counter

Sometimes it might seem like it is impossible to find the perfect spot for the paper towels, but this built-in nook keeps them out of the way and dry, and it’s a more functional application of unused space than a bulky paper towel holder that takes up valuable counter space.

Establish A Local Book Swap Program Using a Retired Bird Feeder

If you love reading and lending books but don’t live close to a public library, this is the perfect solution for your neighborhood. Utilize a birdfeeder and your selection of books to facilitate an exchange. Folks passing by can contribute or borrow books, fostering a sense of community. This works best if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic.

Create A Book Exchange In Your Neighborhood With An Old Bird Feeder

If you’ve ever contemplated connecting with your neighbors, this presents an excellent conversation starter. Additionally, you may discover books that pique your interest based on your neighbors’ reading preferences.

Installing A Half Table in Your Bathroom Can Provide Valuable Storage Space

If you’re struggling with storage space in a compact bathroom, finding room for all your towels and toiletries can be a challenge. Instead of stuffing things into cabinets, adding a half table can give you some much-needed counter space to roll up towels like a spa. This solution allows you to roll towels like a spa and adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Adding A Half Table In The Bathroom Can Add Much Needed Storage Space

It’s surprising how even a small addition like this can make a significant difference. If you’re lucky enough to find a half table with shelves, you can enhance your storage options even further. Why wouldn’t you want to maximize your space wherever possible?

Adding Drawers to The Wall of The Bathroom Will Give You Much Needed Storage

You can find extra storage space pretty much anywhere in your home. If you’re unable to add more shelves due to limited room, consider utilizing your bathroom wall. Although drilling into walls may appear daunting, it’s an excellent spot to add drawers.

Adding Drawers To The Wall Of The Bathroom Will Give You Much Needed Storage

You can install low-impact drawers between the studs in the walls to give your small bathroom a storage upgrade. This method eliminates clutter and ensures you have ample storage. Additionally, it’s is also easier to organize your things in drawers.

Save Room by Putting Barstools on Hinges So They Are Not in The Way

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and tripped over one of the bar stools? These stools always seem to be obstructing the space, causing frequent toe stubs. It’s time to get rid of those bar stools and try a more unique solution. Consider installing hinged bar stools to free up space in your kitchen and eliminate tripping hazards.

Save Room By Putting Barstools On Hinges So They Are Not In The Way

When guests come over, the seat can easily swing out, so they have a place to sit. While this solution may require some extra effort to ensure sturdy hinges, it can significantly improve your kitchen’s functionality.

Sliding Steps in The Bathroom Are a Sleek Alternative to Bulky Stools and An Ideal Solution for Growing Children

When you were young, you probably remember the struggle of reaching the sink. However, traditional step stools can be bulky and occupy valuable bathroom space. Instead of moving a stool around the bathroom, create a slide-away step for the growing little ones.

Slide-Away Steps In The Bathroom Are Less Clunky That Stools And Perfect For Growing Children

This innovative solution not only saves space but can also be used for various household tasks like changing lightbulbs or reaching high-up items. It doesn’t take up space, and it can be used even after the children grow up.

You Won’t Find Anything Cooler in Any Home Renovation Than This

Dealing with residual dust while sweeping can be quite frustrating. Vacuums are a much better option, but cordless ones die quickly, and the other ones become a tangled mess as you clean the house. Luckily, there’s an innovative solution to these issues that we’ve seen in some home renovations:

This Is The Coolest Thing You Will See In Any Home Renovation

a vacuum built into the baseboard. All you have to do is sweep everything towards that hole, turn it on, and your mess is gone. This clever addition is a must-have for any home.

Add Heat Sensitive Tiles to Your Shower, So You Know When the Water Is Warm

While it might seem odd, heat-sensitive tiles are a really cool idea to add to your shower. With these tiles, you’ll be able to determine the ideal water temperature without having to test it with your hand. Not only that, but your guests will be envious of your unique and stylish shower.

Add Heat Sensitive Tiles To Your Shower, So You Know When The Water Is Warm

The only potential drawback is that you may become so entranced by the colors that you’ll stay in the shower for too long. These can spice up any boring bathroom and add a pop of unexpected color when you least expect it.

Utilize Kitchen Drawers as Concealed Cutting Boards

Are you tired of your cutting boards constantly falling out of the cabinet every time you open it? Well, some genius came up with the perfect solution for this problem, and it will even save you counter space too. Rather than storing cutting boards inside cabinets, place them on top of drawers.

Kitchen Drawers Can Be Used As Hidden Cutting Boards

It makes storage so much easier, and you can have extra room on the counter because you won’t be using it to cut things. Who doesn’t love having more space in their kitchen?

Save Trips to The Trash with This Cutting Board Hack

There is nothing more annoying than cutting vegetables and having to go back and forth to the trash to throw away scraps. The cutting board quickly becomes cluttered, leaving little room for continued cutting until the scraps are removed.

Save Trips To The Trash With This Cutting Board Hack

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this issue; use a cutting board with a hole and position a trash can beneath it. As you are cutting, you can scrape the scraps into the trash and keep the board clean the entire time.

Add Outlets to Drawers to Keep Counters Free of Clutter

If you’re tired of seeing tangled cords and cluttered countertops in your kitchen, consider adding outlets to your drawers. This simple solution allows you to charge your devices and operate small appliances without taking up valuable counter space. The best place to hide outlets is inside drawers because you can plug things in and keep them off the counter.

Add Outlets to Drawers To Keep Counters Free Of Clutter

With outlets conveniently located in your drawers, you can keep your kitchen looking clean and organized while still having access to all the tools and gadgets you need to prepare your favorite meals.

A Simple Window Seat Can Make the Stairs More Cozy

While a staircase really only has one function, that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up to make it more inviting. If you’re looking for a cozy spot to curl up on a chilly day, consider adding a window seat to your staircase. This simple addition provides a comfortable place to relax with a good book or watch the rain, instead of being cooped up on the couch or bed.

A Simple Window Seat Can Make The Stairs More Cozy

While not essential, a window seat on the stairs can add a welcoming touch to your home and make your guests feel more at ease.

Make It Easy for Your Guests to Find the Bathroom with a Helpful Sign

Do your guests often have a hard time finding the bathroom because all the doors in the hallway look the same? You don’t want your guests to end up in the coat closet, but there is no way to differentiate the doors without changing the whole thing. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace all the doors to solve this problem.

Help Your Guests Find The Bathroom When You Add This Sign

Adding a cute handmade bathroom sign to the door is a fun and quirky solution. It not only adds personality to your space, but also helps your guests locate the bathroom without any hassle.

Use More Modern Fonts for Your House Number to Add a Unique Design Element

While it may not increase your home’s storage or functionality, it can enhance its curb appeal. Houses in a neighborhood can all look similar, and it can be challenging to distinguish your home from the others, but there is a simple and cheap way to add something fun to the outside of your home by upgrading your mailbox numbers with contemporary fonts.

Use More Modern Fonts For Your House Number To Add A Unique Design Element

It is the small details that can liven up the outside of your home, and it won’t cost you much.

This Old-Fashioned Bed is Coming Back in Style

In the 1920s, Murphy beds reached peak popularity and then had a resurgence in the early 2010s. These functional beds can be folded into the wall during the day to create more floor space and then easily pulled out for sleeping at night. They are a better option than bunk beds and make cleaning the room effortless.

This Old Fashioned Bed Is Coming Back In Style

If you have limited space, these beds can instantly transform your children’s room into a playroom. They might seem old-fashioned, but they help save you a lot of space, and make your life easier when it is time to clean.

Help Children Feel Calmer at Night by Installing This in Their Room

Initially, young children may encounter difficulties in sleeping in their own rooms. It’s a difficult transition to start sleeping in a room alone, but there are ways to make this easier for them, and it will add a cool design feature to their room. To promote a child’s development, it is crucial to distinguish between their sleeping and playing areas.

Help Children Feel Calmer At Night By Installing This In Their Room

One way to achieve this is by incorporating vibrant tunnels in their room to separate the two spaces. They will have so much fun crawling between rooms, and it will tire them out, so they are ready to sleep at bedtime.

Organize Your Pantry by Storing Spice Items in Slide-Out Drawers

Were you aware that storing spices next to the oven is detrimental to their quality? Elevated temperatures can hasten flavor degradation, making spice racks an unsuitable choice for storage. Spice racks also take up valuable counter space and don’t look that good. Instead, store your spices in slide-out drawers so they will stay keep longer and won’t be in the way.

Keep Pantry Items Like Spices In Slide-Out Drawers

In order to preserve their flavor, most herbs require storage in a cool, dark place. Slide-out drawers not only help to maintain the quality of the herbs but also facilitate easy access and organization.

Showering Can Be a More Relaxing Experience with The Use of Multi-Hose Shower Heads

Have you ever found using a single shower head to be monotonous? Do you sometimes feel that a single shower head is insufficient to thoroughly clean yourself as desired? Well, say goodbye to those problems when you switch out your shower head for one with more hoses like this one. It will make cleaning time much more entertaining, and it will feel like your shower is a work of art.

Multi-Hose Shower Heads Make Showering More Relaxing

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat by replacing a few basic fixtures for a more tranquil showering experience. Add some essential oils for an aromatherapy experience, and you will never want to get out of the shower.

Spruce Up the Curb Appeal with Your House in a Few Simple Steps

The way your house looks on the outside is just as important as how it looks on the inside. Maintaining an attractive curb appeal can evoke envy among your neighbors and increase the value of your home, emphasizing the need to keep it in pristine condition. You can make the foundation of your home shine by adding different bricks or stones.

Spruce Up The Curb Appeal With Your House In A Few Simple Steps

Incorporating such simple ideas can breathe life into the exterior of your home, and it does not require extensive effort. In coastal towns, some individuals even utilize seashells as decoration for their foundation.

Make Appliances Look More Expensive with a Cheap Hack

Have you ever wanted to give your kitchen a facelift but didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money remodeling? Although stainless steel appliances are typically pricier, they can significantly enhance the aesthetic of a kitchen, lending it a modern and polished look. Make Appliances Look More Expensive With A Cheap Hack

Instead of buying all new appliances and spending a ton of money, buy some stainless-steel contact paper to refurbish the appliances you already have. This quick and effortless method can revamp your kitchen’s appearance in just a few minutes, and no one will be able to discern the difference.

Bringing In Groceries Could Be So Much Easier with This Hack

What is the one thing you dread most about going grocery shopping? For many people, the most arduous aspect of grocery shopping is carrying the bags from the car to the house, as it often necessitates several trips and carrying them all at once can result in hand pain. Instead of running in and out of the house, add a small door where the pantry connects to the garage.

Bringing In Groceries Could Be So Much Easier With This Hack

Incorporating this feature can streamline the process of unloading groceries, minimizing the inconvenience, and adding a distinctive element. You can say goodbye to those trips to and from the car when you install one of these.

These Recessed Outlets Facilitate the Process of Plugging in Electronic Devices with Greater Ease

Have you ever tried to plug something in behind a piece of furniture, but it doesn’t fit? Typically, when the plug extends out from the wall, it causes the wires to bend, and one may have to shift furniture around to connect electronic devices. Instead of breaking your chargers or having furniture sticking out, try one of these outlets.

Recessed Outlets Like These Make It Easier For You To Plug In Electronics

With recessed outlets, connecting electronic devices becomes a hassle-free experience, allowing your furniture to remain flush against the wall. They are also perfect for behind TVs, and you can plug anything in no matter where it is in the room. It’s a simple way to make life easier.

Create A Bedroom for The Dog Under the Stairs

Although some individuals may argue against the need for a room for a dog, we hold a contrary view. Although Harry Potter didn’t like living under the stairs, your dog will actually find it very comforting. Several pets prefer snug areas where they can snuggle up to feel secure, and the space under the stairs tends to be quieter, which can further enhance their comfort.

Create A Bedroom For The Dog Under The Stairs

Many people have built these on their own, and it doesn’t take much work. This area under the stairs has so much untapped potential, so why not make your dog feel like a king. It can also be a place to keep their toys, so no one trips over them.

If You Have Concerns About Germs, This Product is Essential for Your Bathroom

This might seem a bit ridiculous, but everyone has become a germaphobe in the days of the global pandemic. Regardless of your relationship with someone, using a separate toilet seat can provide reassurance that germs are not being transmitted.

If You Are Concerned About Germs, You Need This For Your Bathroom

By having individual toilet seats for each household member, there will be no need to concern oneself with cleaning up after others. It might seem eccentric, but you can feel so much better about not spreading more germs.

Diagonal Inserts Make Organizing More Efficient

Do you ever feel like your utensil draw is always unorganized? Storing longer utensils, such as spatulas and wooden spoons, can often present a challenge, but there is a superior method of organizing and storing them within a drawer. If you put diagonal dividers in the drawer, it will create more space for those longer utensils that always give you problems.

Diagonal Inserts Make Organizing More Efficient

By utilizing this storage method, one can avoid rummaging through a cluttered drawer and instead enjoy a tidy and organized space for their utensils. You can grab whatever you need in seconds.

Keep All Your Bulkier Kitchen Tools Organized with This Trick

These days, air fryers and instant pots are all the rage, but have you ever thought about what to do with these large appliances when they’re not in use? They might sit on your counter and take up space, or they are in a high cabinet where you have to climb to reach.

Keep All Your Bulkier Kitchen Tools Organized With This Trick

For a more efficient storage solution, consider installing pull-out cabinets to easily locate your appliances. They will be out of the way, and your counter will be clutter-free, but you won’t have to stand on chairs to get them out of tall cabinets.

Chandeliers Add a Sophisticated Touch to Any Porch

As we said before, the way your house looks on the outside is important. If you have a porch in your house, you could enhance its appearance by adding a decorative lighting fixture such as this one. Chandeliers are no longer only for the inside of the house, but they can also be used outside.

Chandeliers Add A Sophisticated Touch To Any Porch

Not only does it add a touch of vintage elegance to your porch, but this lighting fixture is also an affordable option. You can find nice ones at estate sales or second-hand stores.

Add Storage Space Under the Stairs

With its vast potential, we couldn’t help but share more than one idea for utilizing the space beneath the stairs. One of the biggest problems people find in their homes is that there isn’t enough storage for all of their family’s things. Furthermore, without designated spaces for items, a house can easily become cluttered.

Add Storage Space Under The Stairs

Instead of throwing random things all over the place, drawers can be built under the staircase for an easy storage solution. Opt for pull-out shelves to store shoes instead of leaving them in a pile by the front door. This way, you can keep the walkway free of clutter.

Additional Space in The Kitchen Can Be Repurposed for Storing Cleaning Supplies

If you’re anything like us, cleaning can be a daunting task when your supplies are located on a different floor or out of reach. However, there is a simple way to maximize your kitchen space and create more storage for the things you need. To ensure that cleaning supplies are always within reach, consider using the extra area in your kitchen to create a small closet, like this one. It’s an easy and affordable solution, and it will encourage you to clean more often.

Extra Space In The Kitchen Can Be Used For Storing Cleaning Supplies

Install Outlets Underneath Cabinets to Avoid Ruining Your Backsplash

We love hidden outlets, and besides putting them in false drawers and inside drawers, there is another way to keep them out of sight. Installing outlets on a wall may damage the backsplash and compromise the sleek appearance you were hoping for. Instead of having them in plain sight, put plugs underneath cabinets.

Install Outlets Underneath Cabinets To Avoid Ruining Your Backsplash

While outlets are essential for a functional kitchen, this approach ensures they won’t be an eyesore. The only downside to this is that they require longer chords. If you use short chords, they might not reach the plug.

When Appliances Are Not in Use, Sliding Doors Can Help Keep Them Out of Sight

Creating a modern and tidy aesthetic in the kitchen is one of our foremost goals. To avoid clutter, we make a point to find a designated spot for everything. Even the coffee maker can have a place, so it is not taking up counter space. By installing sliding doors, you can hide appliances when they aren’t in use.

Sliding Doors Can Hide Appliances When They Aren't In Use

When preparing a large meal, it’s crucial to have ample counter space, and having a coffee maker in the way can be a hindrance. These cabinets can also organize all your coffee supplies like mugs, tumblers, and sugars. It will make your home feel like a hotel.

A Bookshelf Under the Stairs Saves Space and Adds Color

We love to read, but when we finish books, there is never a good place to put them because we don’t have a lot of shelf space. If you’re anything like us, you may have boxes of books crammed into closets due to the lack of proper storage area. Instead of taking up space in your closet, you could create a bookshelf under the staircase.

A Bookshelf Under The Stairs Saves Space And Adds Color

By doing so, you can conveniently browse through your collection and add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. It’s like having a mini library in the comfort of your home.

Make that Baseboard Space in Your Kitchen Work for You

When it comes to kitchens, everyone always needs more storage space. n a kitchen, every inch counts and should be utilized for practical purposes instead of mere decoration. For instance, if you have an abundance of baking pans, they can occupy much-needed space.

Take Advantage Of The Baseboard Space In Your Kitchen

Instead of wasting valuable cabinet space, add drawers to the baseboards of your kitchen cabinets. This particular area is ideal for incorporating additional storage, and flat items like baking pans can fit seamlessly in these spaces.

This Laundry Room Addition Will Save You a Ton Of Time

There’s nothing more exasperating than accidentally staining a garment and having nothing else to launder it with. You don’t want to waste water by running a load just for one item of clothing, but you don’t want the stain to set in. That’s where this appliance comes in hand. One of the most valuable additions to a laundry room is a sink with built-in jets.

This Laundry Room Addition Will Save You A Ton Of Time

It can serve as a mini washing machine for those times when you only need to launder one or two items. It will also save you a lot of water instead of running the washing machine for a small load.

Chores Just Got Easier with This Hack

Of all household chores, taking out the trash is perhaps our least favorite. It often emits unpleasant odors, and we feel unclean after handling it. However, there is a solution to this chore that most people dislike, and it will help you get better at recycling too.

Chores Just Got Easier With This Hack

Installing trash chutes in your kitchen allows for easy separation of recyclables from regular waste, and it will go right into the can so you don’t have to touch it all the time. Moreover, it can make disposing of items more enjoyable.

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