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35 Affordable Turbos Drivers Overlook Far Too Often

Cameron Eittreim June 25, 2020

VW Beetle
Photo Credit: VW

2: Volkswagen New Beetle Turbo

The Volkswagen New Beetle was one of the most influential new cars in the last couple of decades. But as the years waned on there were quite a few other “halo” cars that stole the spotlight. Fortunately, there is a bright spot in the history of the New Beetle, and that was the Turbo version. The Turbo offered a powerful German driving experience with the same motor that you’d find in a Jetta or a Passat.

VW Beetle
Photo Credit: Motor Trend

The Beetle had a short wheelbase the drive was much more intuitive. Although the Turbo version had a lot of reliability issues overall, the car was a blast to drive. That made it a great choice for anyone who wanted a turbo-powered tuner on a budget. The turbo version was also released in a convertible.

Volvo C70
Photo Credit: CDN

1: Volvo C70 T5 Turbo

Another interesting car that has been under the radar for the last decade is the Volvo C70. This rather sedate looking convertible was one of the best selling cars in the Volvo lineup. But aside from a calming demeanor, there was a performance version of the car as well. The C70 T5 was a turbocharged variant of the already excellent wagon. The interior of the C70 was only one of the radically different features.

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

The turbocharged engine is at the heart of every special-edition Volvo. The Volvo lineup has not often been associated with performance. But when you merge Swedish engineering with a turbocharger, you get a pleasant combination. Volvo has long been associated with an upscale driving experience, and the C70 is true to that.

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