20 Well-liked Classic Performance Sedans

By Vukasin Herbez
20 Well-liked Classic Performance Sedans

Once upon a time, sedans were just basic transportation and not performance cars by any means. Then, somebody shoehorned a powerful engine into a four-door body and created a performance or sports sedan. And doing that started a small revolution and inspired numerous manufacturers to offer comfortable, well-equipped sedans with sports car performance.

You probably know about those insanely powerful BMW M5s and Mercedes AMGs, but which cars started this trend? What were the first performance sedans they ever produced? So, read on to learn about the forefathers of today’s four-door muscle cars. These are the 20 of the best classic performance sedans ever made.

  1. Duesenberg SSJ

Duesenberg was one of the most famous luxury manufacturers that were famous for their superb quality and big power. Sadly, the company is no longer around. However, their SJ and SSJ four-door models they produced in the late ‘20s and early ‘30s were among the fastest cars of the period.

And that was due to its big straight-eight engine they equipped with a supercharger. The output ranged from 260 to as high as 400 HP in SSJ trim. As expected, those rare and extremely expensive cars had big top speeds. In this case, it was over 110 mph, which was insanely fast for 1932.

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