Porsche 959
Photo Credit: Autoweek

29: 1988 Porsche 959

The Porsche brand name is synonymous with quality and racing heritage, and as such the 959 was supposed to be the ultimate road car. Unfortunately, the car was lost in transition and the actual driving experience fell far short of expectations. The 959 was designed as a legitimate racing car, which didn’t bode well for comfort. You can’t just drive a race car to the grocery store and a lot of owners figured this out. The suspension and the overall build quality of the car were questionable when you’d drive it hard.

Porsche 959
Photo Credit: Automotion

Likewise, there was no V8 powerplant, instead, there was a flat-six engine. Not lacking in power but the refinement wasn’t there either. The 959 is not going to win any races in the current condition that you’ll find most of them in. Your hard-earned money could be spent on something better that would offer more.

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