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20 Military Vehicles People Can Own As Civilians

Vukasin Herbez December 13, 2018

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12. Chevrolet K30 US-Army Spec

The classic, rugged off-road looks with simple but durable mechanics, as well as a wide choice of engines including a diesel unit and uncompromised off-road capabilities are what makes this model the one to have. And fortunately, GM produced millions of them in the long production span.

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The US Army used drab-green Chevrolet and GMC pickups for decades. They loved its durability and dependability in any type of road condition. Best of all, you can pick up one of these at an affordable price, so you can park a real military truck in your garage.

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11. Paramount Marauder

With a price of a half-million dollars and a weight of almost 23,000 pounds, as well as space for 10 people and military equipment, the Marauder is the perfect urban assault vehicle. Of course, it is as tall as a Greyhound bus and almost as long, too. But you can register it and drive it around town.

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And, better yet, it even has a working climate control system. Even though they designed the Marauder primarily for military use, you can get one although it may take a while since the production is almost sold out.

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10. Renault Sherpa

Although it looks like a Hummer H1 rip off, the Sherpa is a serious off-road military vehicle. Renault has armored and equipped it with special floorboards, just in case you want to drive on an open minefield.

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However, the price is an astronomical $272,000, and that’s just for the basic version. The Sherpa has a big 4.8-liter four-cylinder diesel that produces 215 HP. Interestingly, it has over 400 lb-ft of torque, which is a much more important figure on the battlefield.

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9. Ford Mustang SSP

Even though Ford never designed or intended the Mustang to be a military vehicle of any kind, during the 1982 to 1993 period it served in the U.S. Air Force. Ford introduced their SSP, or Special Service Package in the early ’80s as a police interceptor vehicle. Those Mustangs were lighter and faster than the regular ones.

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Also, they packed them with heavy-duty suspensions and cooling systems. The U.S. Air Force realized that the Mustang SSP could be useful as a chase car for U-2 spy planes to help during landing and take-off procedures. They knew those fast Mustangs were what they needed to run along the side of the airplane while the co-driver communicated with the co-pilot.

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8. UAZ 469

All Eastern Bloc countries paid attention to the military, investing large sums of money on equipment and various vehicles. And Soviet Russia was the largest producer of all military vehicles, selling its models to fellow communist countries all around the globe. They introduced the UAZ 469 in 1971 as the successor to the GAZ 69.

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It was a simple yet rugged military jeep-like vehicle. Also, they improved the 469, adding a new chassis, live axles in the front and rear, and a more powerful engine in the form of the 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline unit. However, despite various improvements, this was still a crude car. It was extremely durable to withstand the toughest off-road courses and military use. And the 469 was uncomfortable and simple, yet effective. And this off-roader is still in production in Russia and still in use all around the world.

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7. Volkswagen Iltis

The German Army needed a competent off-road vehicle in the ’70s, so Volkswagen came up with a solution in the form of the Iltis. The VW Type 181 was redundant since it had only rear-wheel drive. But the Iltis was a far better-constructed vehicle with all-wheel drive, a modern engine and lots more space.

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Overall production was just under 20,000 examples, but they exported the Ilitis to several armies across the globe. The VW factory in Canada even produced 2,700 of them for the North American market. Under the hood, you will find a 1.7-liter gasoline motor or a 1.6-liter diesel engine in later versions.

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6. Pinzgauer 710 4×4

Available in a 4×4 or 6×6 configuration, the Pinzgauer 710 is a highly capable military vehicle that has been in production since the early ’70s. It is also available to civilian customers and some emergency services.

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They build it in Austria and test it in the Alps in all kinds of rough conditions and snowy mountain roads. The 710 is a basic military truck that is somewhat expensive. But most military vehicle enthusiasts praise it since this model is quite capable, even in war conditions.

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5. Volvo TP21

Although Volvo is not famous for military production, in 1953 they introduced the TP21. It is an off-road army vehicle powered by a 3.6-liter, 90 HP strong straight-six engine. Volvo produced around 7,000 of them until 1958. Some were pure military models in a drab green color, while some were civilian or ambulance versions they intended for use on rough terrain.

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4. DUKW “Duck” Amphibious Truck

The main amphibious vehicle of Allied Armies in the Second World War was the “Duck.” This was basically a truck with an open bed, waterproof floor and a propeller on the back. And it had the ability to carry personnel and cargo over large bodies of water.

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Produced from 1942 to 1945 for use in Normandy, surprising numbers of those vehicles are still around. They are not budget-friendly, but you can use them for just about anything, from tourist tours to ferrying people across rivers.

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3. Supacat All-Terrain Mobility Platform

Even though this isn’t a classic off-road vehicle you may expect from the military, it is still an interesting 6×6 truck and usable workhorse. It has a 6×6 drivetrain that can cope with the roughest terrains. Also, it can carry two people and up to 1.5 tons of cargo.

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Best of all, it is fully amphibious, so you can travel over water. This vehicle can turn on a dime since it can bloc three of six wheels and make almost a 90-degree turn. The newer one costs about $60,000, but you can find an older one for as little as $15,000.

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2. Polaris MV850 TerrainArmor Edition

The Polaris Company is famous for its ATV-style vehicles and off-road models. However, in the last several years, the U.S. Army has shown an interest in a special ATV they designed especially for Special Forces. And it is high maneuverability on rough terrain, so Polaris responded with the MV850, a special, extremely capable ATV.

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There are several interesting features of the MV850. First, it can carry up to 600 pounds and tow a small trailer if necessary. Second, it doesn’t have regular tires, but special tire-like covers that are far better on rough terrain as well as both bullet and puncture-proof.

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1. Sherman Tank

Although civilians cannot own or operate true military vehicles, there are several tank collectors who found loopholes in their local traffic laws, managing to put license plates on their tanks. Of course, nobody can own the latest and state of the art tanks, but you can buy old tanks that don’t have working guns.

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One of the most common tanks from WWII is the Sherman M4 Tank they produced in almost 50,000 examples for use by numerous armies all over the world. And a surprisingly large number of those still survive. Most are even functional, so drivers can take them out on the street. However, most owners ask over $500,000 for the roadworthy models.

These are the top 20 military vehicles you can own as a civilian. Which one do you want in your garage? You’ll definitely be the talk of the town if you own one of these vehicles.

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