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20 Military Vehicles People Can Own As Civilians

Vukasin Herbez December 13, 2018

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2. Polaris MV850 TerrainArmor Edition

The Polaris Company is famous for its ATV-style vehicles and off-road models. However, in the last several years, the U.S. Army has shown an interest in a special ATV they designed especially for Special Forces. And it is high maneuverability on rough terrain, so Polaris responded with the MV850, a special, extremely capable ATV.

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There are several interesting features of the MV850. First, it can carry up to 600 pounds and tow a small trailer if necessary. Second, it doesn’t have regular tires, but special tire-like covers that are far better on rough terrain as well as both bullet and puncture-proof.

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1. Sherman Tank

Although civilians cannot own or operate true military vehicles, there are several tank collectors who found loopholes in their local traffic laws, managing to put license plates on their tanks. Of course, nobody can own the latest and state of the art tanks, but you can buy old tanks that don’t have working guns.

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One of the most common tanks from WWII is the Sherman M4 Tank they produced in almost 50,000 examples for use by numerous armies all over the world. And a surprisingly large number of those still survive. Most are even functional, so drivers can take them out on the street. However, most owners ask over $500,000 for the roadworthy models.

These are the top 20 military vehicles you can own as a civilian. Which one do you want in your garage? You’ll definitely be the talk of the town if you own one of these vehicles.

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