1. Honda CRX

The Japanese brands dominated the market for affordable performance models in the early ‘80s. And the Honda CRX is the perfect example of one of the most memorable cars from that era. Honda built them between 1983 and 1991. And although they based the CRX on the Civic, it came with a lower, sportier body and with only two seats.

Since it was light, nimble and came with precise steering, the CRX was a true sports car. The only difference was it came with front-wheel drive and produced up to 140 HP. But the biggest selling points of this model were the extremely light body. In fact, the whole car weighed just 1,800 pounds.

Also, it had a high revving four-cylinder engine. Honda never repeated the success of the CRX. Most car enthusiasts still remember it as the car that was a blast to drive.