1. Ford Mustang GT

One of the first ordinary cars that boosted its value is the classic Mustang. Even before its muscle and pony car classmates started to achieve high prices, collectors paid top dollar for rare Mustangs. If you count out those Shelby models, one of the most desirable early Mustangs is the K-Code GT. With an optional GT package that included a stiffer suspension, updated equipment and lots of exterior details, the 289 HiPo or High Power was the choice of real car fans.

Ford introduced it in 1965 and made it available until 1967. In fact, the 289 HiPo was the first Mustang that ran as well as it looked, especially if you ordered it in the gorgeous Fastback body style. The base price of the car was around $3,500 in 1966 but today; expect to pay around $70,000 for a perfect example.