20 Best Investment-Grade `80s Cars You Should Buy Right Now

By vukasin

To be perfectly honest, if you want to make money in the classic car world, you should look into `80s cars as of this very moment. The collector`s cars market is totally into `80s machines and in last year or so, we witnessed an incredible spike in prices for cars that many thought will never get the respect they deserved. However, it looks like the collectors accepted the `80s machines as proper classic cars which immediately affected the values.

That is why we have compiled a list of 20 well-known `80s cars which are extremely hot right now. Those machines, ranging from ordinary models, muscle cars, performance sedans and even off-roads and pickup trucks, are selling for some big bucks nowadays and people don’t look at them as disposable transportation as they did just a few years prior, but as valuable pieces of car history.

So, if you are up for investing, here are 20 cars you should buy right now.

1. Honda CRX

The market for affordable performance models in the early `80s was almost fully dominated by Japanese brands and Honda CRX is the perfect example as one of the most memorable cars from that era. Built from 1983 to 1991, the CRX was based on the Civic but with the lower and sportier body and with only two seats. Since it was light, nimble and with precise steering, the CRX was a true sports car although with front-wheel drive and up to 140 hp.
The biggest selling points of this model were extremely light body, as the whole car weighed 1,800 pounds and a high revving four-cylinder engine. Honda never repeated the success of the CRX and the car is still remembered by enthusiasts as a blast to drive.