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Watch: Why Russian Truckers are the Most Dangerous Drivers in the World

Vukasin HerbezJune 10, 2018

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Being a professional truck driver is one of the toughest professions in the world. Truckers spend their days and nights alone on the road driving endless stretches of highway. Also, they are responsible for the valuable loads they carry. And, they face all kinds of dangers, such as exposure to the elements, breakdowns and traffic jams.

However, being a Russian trucker means multiplying the dangers by 10. In this vast country, truckers also must fight extremely harsh weather. They often drive through deserted areas while watching out for highway bandits who want to snatch their load, rob them or both. All of this makes the job of a Russian trucker even more dangerous. And driving in a country notorious for bad drivers with insane numbers of traffic accidents takes it to an entirely different level.

Here you will see five terrifying accidents involving Russian truckers and most are hard to explain. These videos clearly show a lack of judgment and poor decision making in demanding road conditions. But it’s hard to understand how professional drivers could make such bad mistakes. This video is among dozens that people post daily showing the Russian driver’s reputation is warranted.

But those Russian truckers are some of the most dangerous drivers in the world. However, maybe it’s not always the weather, tough roads, highway bandits or sleepless nights. Maybe the reason is far simpler and describable in just one word. Have you guessed it already? If not, it is sometimes vodka. Enjoy these videos, but try not to drive like they do.

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