The Evolution of Speed: Fastest Production Cars of the 20th Century

By vukasin

Since the dawn of the automotive age, car enthusiasts have been fascinated with speed. It seems like every new car is faster and stronger than the ones before it. The nature of this speed progression has pushed car engineers and designers to build cars that can go far beyond the limits of traffic. And at times, they even beyond the limits of the driver.

Even though most drivers never will experience speeds over 100 mph, at least not in a car, people are still mesmerized by the top speeds and ability to go super fast. During the 20th century, a car’s top speed has been one of the more important selling points. Even when road conditions, traffic or other cars were much slower, people still lusted after high-speed cars. Som most car manufacturers have chased after the coveted title of “the fastest production model in the world.”

Because of this lust for speed, here is a compilation of the 20 fastest production cars the 20th century has ever produced. Not surprisingly, almost all of them are supercars, which is what you needed to go fast some 40 years ago. So keep reading to learn more about the fastest cars in automotive history.

  1. Mercedes Simplex 90HP

Mercedes introduced the Simplex in 1902, and it was the biggest, most luxurious model they offered to their customers. Although it looked like any other antique car, the Simplex had a powerful engine for the time. Buyers could get 40 to 60 and even 90 HP versions.

The 90 HP version set a world record when it traveled at speeds of over 90 mph during testing. Today, 90 mph is nothing special. But 115 years ago, it was lighting fast since most people traveled in slow horse carriages.