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The 10 Most Expensive Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Ever Sold

Cameron Eittreim March 20, 2023

Harley-Davidson is perhaps the most well-known and world-renowned motorcycle brand in the world. There have been hundreds of different Harleys on the road. The modern-day Harley-Davidson brand has defined the motorcycle world as we know it. The price of a new Harley Davidson is as expensive as a brand-new car and sometimes even more.

But some Harleys reach insanely high sales prices that other motorcycles can only dream of. We looked at Harley-Davidsons that broke records for high price tags. There were rare models such as the original Harley race bike and others that are just valuable in the motorcycle community. These Harley-Davidsons are far outside the price range of the average rider, and you won’t see them sitting in front of your local Starbucks. Check out the most expensive Harleys ever right here.

Photo Credit: Mecum

1912 Harley-Davidson 8A Twin – $236,500

This motorcycle features a V-twin engine with a capacity of 61 cubic inches and a top speed of 60 mph. The 8A Twin had the design and functionality of a classic motor from the period coupled with twin-engined performance. The comfortable seat and functionality of the trunk are notable features of the bike, as are the fat tires.

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The 8A Twin took the V-Twin engine style to the next level. The side-mounted shift lever is the groundbreaking feature that set the bike apart. The bike was in excellent condition, with all original parts and a beautiful vintage aesthetic. Back in 1912, motorcycles were still a new thing but Harley Davidson changed the game with the 8A Twin. Although motorcycle design changed from the early days of the 8A Twin, the unique design was unlike anything else. To this day, the V-Twin motor is the defining characteristic of any Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Photo Credit: Mecum

1911 Harley Davidson 7D Twin: $284,000

At an auction held by Bonhams, a rare 1911 Harley Davidson 7D Twin sold for a remarkable $284,000. This vintage motorcycle garnered a lot of interest from collectors due to its limited production, with only a few hundred ever produced. The early Harley Davidson model took transportation to the next level. It’s comfortable handlebars and large seat gave the rider a smooth ride.

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The bike boasts a V-twin engine with a capacity of 49 cubic inches and a top speed of 55 mph. The bike has undergone a meticulous restoration, using all original parts to maintain its antique appearance. Restoring a classic Harley from this era isn’t an easy task. That’s why the 7D Twin fetched such a high amount.

Photo Credit: Mecum

Pope Francis 2013 Harley-Davidson FXD Dyna Super Glide: $331,000

Pope Francis 2013 Harley-Davidson FXD Dyna Super Glide sold for a whopping $331,000 at auction. The motorcycle was donated to the Pontifical Household by Harley-Davidson. Pope Francis himself also signed it. The bike was auctioned off by Bonhams to benefit the charity, Caritas Roma. The FXD Dyna Super Glide is a classic Harley-Davidson with a V-twin engine and a top speed of 115 mph.

Photo Credit: Mecum

The bike was in excellent condition and included a certificate of authenticity signed by the Pope. It’s not very often that you’ll run across a custom chopper that was built for the holiest man in the world, but the pope edition FXD Dana Super Glide was perhaps the most unique custom Harley ever built.

Photo Credit: Mecum

1959 FHL: $385,000

The 1959 Harley-Davidson FHL was a unique custom-built motorcycle that was owned by legendary rocker Jerry Lee Lewis. The design of the motorcycle was quintessential Harley at the time and Lewis had a friendly rivalry with Elvis over the bike. The bike was eventually sold at auction for $385,000. It was still in great condition at the time the auction was held.

Photo Credit: Mecum

Although a private party made the winning bid, the bike was still shown at various motorcycle shows. The 74 CI motor was one of the best that was used in a Harley from this era. The styling and the performance of the bike made it well worth checking out by even the most discerning cyclist.

Photo Credit: Mecum

1909 Model 5-D Twin: $550,000

The bidding for this bike began at $50,000 and quickly escalated. Potential buyers eagerly competed to own the rare motorcycle. Eventually, the Model 5-D Twin was sold for a staggering $550,000 to a collector who was thrilled to acquire such a historic and valuable piece.

Photo Credit: Mecum

The successful auction made headlines in the motorcycle world, with enthusiasts admiring the impressive sale price. The 5-D Twin was notorious for belt failures which made its reliability questionable. Still, this motorcycle was from the early era of Harley Davidson and a time when the brand was gaining notoriety.

Photo Credit: Beamish

1907 Strap Tank: $715,000

In a highly anticipated auction, the 1907 Strap Tank was offered for sale. The bidding began at $300,000, and many collectors vied to own this rare and historic motorcycle. As the bidding escalated, the excitement in the auction room was palpable. Finally, the auctioneer declared the bike sold to a lucky bidder for $715,000. The earliest Harley models on the road had the same design as the Strap tank did. As the design of the motorcycle evolved, the strap tank took the design a step further.

Photo Credit: Reddit

The new owner was thrilled to have secured the Strap Tank and admired the motorcycle’s remarkable craftsmanship and unique design. The successful sale made headlines in the motorcycle world, with enthusiasts admiring the high price paid for this rare piece. The 1907 Strap Tank is now a highly prized addition to the new owner’s collection. The Strap Tank took the generic design of the Harley Davidson a step further and it gave the rider more functionality.

Photo Credit: Mecum

8 Valve Racer: $1 million

The Harley-Davidson 8 Valve Racer was recently sold at auction, attracting a lot of attention from vintage motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. The bike was in excellent condition and had been well-maintained and cared for over the years. Bidders eagerly competed for the chance to own this rare and iconic motorcycle. The look and feel of the 8-Valve Racer is a lot like a bicycle with an engine on it. But that is how the motorcycle design felt back then. That’s not to say that the 8 Valve Racer can’t hold up today, because it is still a blast to ride.

Photo Credit: Mecum

The auctioneer started the bidding, and the price quickly began to rise as collectors vied for the opportunity to add this piece of motorcycle history to their collection. In the end, the Harley Davidson 8 Valve Racer was sold to a lucky collector for a significant sum, reflecting the enduring popularity and value of vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The bike collector community will know about the 8 Valve Racer when they come into contact with it. The bike is unlike anything else you will see from the same era.

Photo Credit: Mecum

Easy Rider Captain America: $1.35 million

The iconic Easy Rider Captain America motorcycle recently sold at auction, drawing the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike. The bike, ridden by Peter Fonda in the classic 1969 film Easy Rider, has become a symbol of counterculture rebellion and freedom. Despite its age, the motorcycle was still in remarkable condition and bidders eagerly competed for the chance to own a piece of cinema history. The look of the bike resonates with an entire generation of people. The Captain America has the long fort and high spoke look that the entire chopper world has been based on.

Photo Credit: Mr. Moto

The auctioneer began the bidding and the price quickly skyrocketed, with collectors from around the world vying for the opportunity to own this iconic motorcycle. In the end, Easy Rider Captain America sold for $1.35 million, cementing its status as a cultural icon and testament to the enduring legacy of Easy Rider and the 1960s counterculture movement. The bike is as iconic as the movie itself is, and the current biker culture that we have today is due to the popularity of this bike.

Photo Credit: Luaxtic

Bucherer Blue Edition – $1.9 Million

Harley-Davidson and Bucherer teamed up to create this cool one-of-a-kind motorcycle. The bike has a unique blue and silver paint job and is decorated with sparkling diamonds. The one-of-a-kind style didn’t look like anything else in the motorcycle world. The eye-catching colors and design did wonders for the look of the bike. The way that the copper color corresponds with the blue paint job is unlike any other paint job that you’ll see on a Harley.

Photo Credit: Luaxtic

It runs on a 1,883cc V-Twin engine, making it a powerful and stylish ride. It is a hot item for collectors who love motorcycles and luxury. Although the styling is a bit unorthodox, it is the fabrication of the bike that attracts your eye. The curvatures on the frame and the metalwork are top-notch. The deep diamond blue paint job of the bike is still beautiful today. The Bucherer Blue Edition is more expensive than you might want to pay for a bike, but to own this bike is unlike anything else.

Photo Credit: Vectezy

Cosmic Starship: $3 million

The Cosmic Starship Harley-Davidson is a unique and eye-catching motorcycle that recently sold at auction. The musician had great taste in a motorcycle, and the bright orange paint job popped. The powder-coated frame had a nice paint job that corresponds with the bright orange and yellow paint job.

Photo Credit: Vecteezy

The Cosmic Starship is a true work of art and a rare piece of motorcycle history. The paint job and the style of the bike were unlike anything else. It’s no wonder that collectors and fans of both Harley-Davidson and Jack Armstrong were eager to bid on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle. In the end, the bike sold for a huge sum, cementing its status as a unique and valuable piece of art and motorcycle history. A chopper is not usually a bone-stock Harley, but this one is. From a design standpoint alone, the Cosmic Starship changed the game for Harley.

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