Six Craziest Stories Of DIY Mechanics Gone Wrong

By Vukasin Herbez
Six Craziest Stories Of DIY Mechanics Gone Wrong


Repairing your own car or vehicle can be fun, rewarding or a learning experience. Then again, DIY mechanics can prove to be a far more troublesome situation than taking your ride to the garage.

Unless you have some sort of experience working on cars, and a manual handy, it’s probably best to leave most complicated jobs to a professional. Unfortunately many people don’t get the memo.

Check out the craziest stories of DIY mechanics gone wrong…

Brakes Are For Losers

This is possibly one of the wildest stories given how damn dangerous it is. From Humble Mechanic, this involves a customer who complained of having braking problems on a Volkswagen Golf.

Once the mechanics got the car up on the ramps, they immediately noticed there were no brake pads on the rear rotors. What’s perhaps more puzzling than anything here? The customer, who had done the brake “repair” themselves, didn’t wonder what the pads were when they took them out, or if they should replace them?!?

Hopefully the customer learned from this experience, and decided to never work on cars again.

Adds 10HP Bro

This one comes from a follower on Facebook, who had a customer come in who’d received some rather weird car advice:

Had a kid about 6 months ago come in for an oil change on his 2010 FJ cruiser. Popped the hood and there’s oil all over the top of the motor. Immediately noticed the oil cap was missing. Called the customer about it and was told he threw the oil cap away because “his dad said it runs better without an oil cap”

For some reason this guy’s dad thought he’d be better off running his car without an oil cap? The fact that two people were in on this notion, and didn’t bat an eyelid, is purely puzzling.

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