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Petty Acts of Sweet Revenge That Bring Deep Satisfaction

MJ Staff - CH August 6, 2023

Have you ever felt wronged by someone and wanted to get back at them in some way, but didn’t want to go too far? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have experienced this feeling, and sometimes the best way to deal with it is through a small act of revenge. These acts of revenge may seem petty, but they can bring about a deep sense of satisfaction that’s hard to replicate. From leaving a passive-aggressive note to stealing a coworker’s lunch, there are many small acts of revenge that can make us feel better. Some people have even taken to social media to share their experiences and gain support from others. Here are some of the best revenge stories we found online:

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Our hardworking grocery store employees are constantly picking up after us, wrangling shopping carts, and making sure we have a seamless shopping experience. But why oh why do some people insist on making their job harder by being total cart-hogging jerks? Maybe they think it’s no biggie, but it happens all too often. Well, one employee finally had enough of this one customer who parked right in the cart section like it was their own personal garage. So what did they do? They took matters into their own hands and surrounded the car with shopping carts, blocking them in completely. That’s what you get for being a shopping cart hog, my friend! Next time, think before you park.

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Stone Cold Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold, or in this case, concrete cold. You see, this guy was determined to get back at his brother for wrapping his Christmas present in duct tape the previous year. So, what did he do? He wrapped his brother’s gift in solid concrete and even gave him a hammer to crack it open. Now, that’s what I call sibling rivalry! The best part? Mat even posted a video of his brother and sister trying to break open the gift. It was like watching a scene from a comedy movie, except these guys were actually trying to break through a block of concrete.

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How He Hated Her

A woman’s ex bought a beat-up 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo from her uncle for a measly $600. But get this – he went ahead and registered it in her name WITHOUT her even knowing! Fast forward to 2012 and the couple called it quits, with the ex-boyfriend taking the car and dumping it in the O’Hare International Airport parking lot. Now, three years later, the car has racked up a whopping 687 parking tickets, landing the girl with a hefty fine of $105,761.81. That’s right, folks – this fine is officially the highest in Chicago history, with second place coming in at a mere $65,000 and change. We don’t know about you, but we think this woman deserves some serious kudos for putting up with this nonsense. Here’s hoping she gets the last laugh in this wild revenge story!

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Now Solve That

Roommate’s Revenge can be a dangerous game, and it can be a double-edged sword. When he found out that his roommate had canceled their lease with only one week’s notice, he felt betrayed and angry. Instead of confronting her or trying to find a solution, he decided to take revenge. He gathered all the puzzles that his roommate and her boyfriend had been working on, and threw them in a pile, ruining all their progress. It may have felt satisfying in the moment, but it was a petty act that only served to escalate the situation.

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Parking Vigilante

So, there’s this Parking Vigilante who’s been taking matters into their own hands. They’re sick and tired of lazy shoppers leaving their carts in the middle of the parking lot, blocking up precious parking spaces. So, what does this hero do? They carry around tie wires and use them to tie the abandoned carts right onto the doors of the offender’s car. That’s right – they’re not messing around! Can you imagine the look on these people’s faces when they come back to their car to find a shopping cart attached to their door like a snail to a rock? It’s like a twisted version of “guess which key unlocks your car.”

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Laundry Wars

Alright folks, get ready for a cold and calculated revenge story! This woman was just trying to do her laundry in peace when some inconsiderate dude came along and stopped her wash mid-cycle so he could wash his clothes. Well, this savvy lady wasn’t about to let him get away with it that easily. Oh no, she had a plan. After finishing her laundry, she left a little note for the clueless guy by the machine, telling him to check outside for his wet clothes. And where were they, you ask? Oh, just frozen solid in the snow! We can only hope the guy learned his lesson and won’t be interrupting anyone’s laundry day ever again.

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Another Parking King

Oh boy, looks like this driver thinks they’re above the law – but they’re in for a rude awakening when they realize why that sign says “no parking.” Sure, reckless drivers and parking jerks can make you want to go all Hulk-smash on their car, but violence is a big no-no. Instead, why not take a page from the passive-aggressive playbook and surround their ride with shopping carts? It’s a hilarious way to shame those schmucks and an epic inconvenience to move them all out of the way. Who knew grocery shopping could be so fun and vindictive?

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Revenge of the Nerd

Looks like the math nerd in this marriage isn’t one to mess with. After being teased by his wife for being a “math nerd,” he decided to take revenge in the most fitting way possible – by using math! When his wife came home one day, she found that the passcode to their door lock had been changed. Confused and frustrated, she looked for a note to explain the situation. But instead of a simple message, she was greeted with a complex math problem. Looks like the math nerd had finally had his revenge, proving once and for all that his skills were nothing to laugh at.

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Grading Her Ex’s Essay

We’ve got a sassy ex on our hands! When this woman’s ex-boyfriend decided to pour his heart out to her in an apology letter, she knew exactly what to do. Of course, she read every word (who wouldn’t?), but then she took it a step further. She put on her editor’s hat and proofread that sucker from top to bottom! And that’s not all – she gave him a grade of 61 out of 100, aka a big ol’ D-. Ouch! But hey, at least she gave him some constructive feedback at the bottom, right? We can only imagine the look on this guy’s face when he saw that grade. Maybe he’ll think twice before sending any more apology letters in the future!

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File Hunting

This brother was determined to get revenge on his little sister. She had taken his $20 without asking, and he couldn’t let that go unpunished. So when his sister asked him to help her find a file on her USB drive, he saw an opportunity to strike. He hid her project in one of the many folders on the drive and titled each folder with a different phrase from his revenge note. As his sister frantically searched through the folders, you can only imagine the deep sense of satisfaction for getting his revenge.

Photo credit: Reddit, PrincessAlterEgo

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Looks like someone’s been stealing Christmas decorations, and it’s not the Grinch! When this Redditor’s neighbor had their reindeer decorations stolen, they decided to take matters into their own hands and put out some huge pictures of the package thief instead. That’s right, no more reindeers – just pictures of the guy who stole them! They even went so far as to call him the Grinch. We can only imagine the look on the thief’s face when he walked by and saw his own mugshot on display for all the neighbors to see. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before messing with someone’s holiday cheer.

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AHole Parking

We’ve all encountered those obnoxious drivers who think they own the entire parking lot. You know the ones – they park in the middle of two spots, taking up valuable real estate that could be used by someone else. Well, our hero decided to take matters into their own hands when they stumbled upon one such offender. Armed with a box of chalk and a sense of humor, they wrote “asshole parking” on the ground next to the car and included an arrow pointing directly at it. We can only imagine the satisfaction they felt knowing that the driver would come back to find their car labeled for all to see.

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Vicious Ex

Now, we all know that cheating is never okay, but sometimes the revenge that follows is just too hilarious to ignore. Case in point: this ex-wife who spray-painted her cheating ex-husband’s car. Can you imagine driving around in a car covered in bright pink spray paint with messages like “cheater” and “liar” emblazoned all over it? We can’t help but laugh at the thought. Of course, we don’t condone vandalism, but we have to give this woman some credit for her creative revenge. We can only imagine the look on her ex’s face when he saw what she had done. We hope he learned his lesson and that he’s enjoying his new paint job.

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Brilliant Idea

Have you ever been in a coffee shop and had to suffer through the obnoxious ramblings of strangers? Well, our hero certainly has. When he overheard a group of loud and rude people discussing their new business idea and revealing their proposed name, he knew he had to take action. Without missing a beat, he quickly pulled out his phone and purchased the domain name for their business. Who knew that a simple domain name could be the ultimate form of payback?

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Bloody Murder

Well, well, well, it looks like we have a case of a bad parker on our hands. When this driver parked half on a disabled parking spot and half on the passway to a mall, it really ticked off the wrong person. In a fit of rage, they decided to take matters into their own hands and exact some sweet, sweet revenge. Armed with a jar of jam, they covered the entire car in sticky, gooey goodness. Now, this beautiful white car looks like it just murdered someone in a raspberry field. Let this be a lesson to all the bad parkers out there – karma is real and it’s sticky.

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Freebies Galore

Whoever said that revenge is a dish best served cold clearly never met this woman. She took matters into her own hands and caused a traffic jam by holding an “X-husband” sale in her front yard. But that’s not all, she decided to throw in a free show by adding a vandalized GMC Yukon SUV parked out front with “cheater” and other not-so-nice words spray-painted all over it. Looks like someone’s ex-husband has got some explaining to do. It’s safe to say that anyone who drove by was definitely not going to forget this hilarious and petty display of revenge anytime soon. Let’s hope the ex-husband learned his lesson and won’t mess around with this woman again!

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There Goes Your Inheritance

Bernie is one grandma you do not want to mess with. Even though we haven’t quite made it to grandparent status yet, we can totally relate to her frustration. It’s downright disheartening to know that people are lurking, just waiting for you to kick the bucket so they can inherit your hard-earned cash. But, did Bernie let them win? Heck no! This sassy senior decided to put her money to good use and make a statement. She went ahead and put an ad in every magazine out there, with a direct message to her ungrateful family members. Take that, you greedy grandkids! Bernie’s not one to mess with.

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Stop Using My Email

This girl had had enough of someone using her email address to send out spam messages, and she was determined to get revenge. After years of dealing with the annoyance, she finally found a way to turn the tables on her spammer. She decided to sign him up for a SiriusXM account using her email address, giving her the ability to control his car horn with the app. Now, every time he honks his horn, she can hear it too, and it’s all thanks to her quick thinking revenge plot. This girl has proven that you don’t mess with someone’s email without expecting some serious payback.

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Forever Yours

Have you ever been cheated on? It’s like finding out your favorite pizza place uses pineapple as a topping – it’s just not right. But what do you do when your heart has been shattered into a million pieces? Do you drown in a pool of tears or do you seek sweet, sweet revenge? This girl chose the latter and boy, did she nail it! She convinced her cheating boyfriend to get matching tattoos with her. Can you imagine that? It’s like putting a bumper sticker on a car that’s about to crash. And the best part? She left him hanging after he got inked. Talk about a hit and run!

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Return to Owner

Did you know cigarette butts are the biggest litterbugs on the planet? Not cool, man. They mess up the environment and can harm our furry friends. But fear not, for one good neighbor took it upon himself to clean up the mess, only to discover that his own neighbor was tossing them over the wall onto the sidewalk. That’s not cool either, bro. So what did he do? Well, he decided to give them a little taste of their own medicine and returned the butts in a big ol’ bag. A little something to think about, eh? Let’s hope they learned their lesson and start taking care of our planet and its inhabitants.

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Revenge Billboard

Cheating husbands, beware! This woman caught her man red-handed and decided to take matters into her own hands. When she discovered her husband was having an affair with a woman named Jessica, she could have taken the typical route of confrontation, tears, and heartbreak. But oh no, not this woman! She had a much better plan up her sleeve. After raiding their joint investment account, she bought their own ad space for rent. That’s right, she was taking this public!

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A Cat’s Wonderful Revenge

You won’t believe what this sassy cat did when their owners locked them in the bathroom as punishment for making a mess in the house. This furball had revenge on their mind and boy, did they deliver! The cat left an epic mess in the bathroom, proving that they’re not one to mess with. And the look on the cat’s face in the picture is priceless – they’re giving the camera and their owners a stare that could kill! Lesson learned: don’t mess with this cat, or you’ll end up in a stinky situation.

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Spit Boots

Ah, the sweet taste of revenge – even horses seem to get in on the action! This particular horse must have really taken a dislike to its rider, because it decided to take matters into its own hooves. As its rider went for a quick drink of water, the horse seized the opportunity to exact its revenge. In a sly move, it walked over to the rider’s boots and with a satisfied smirk, let out a huge spit of water. You can almost imagine the horse laughing to itself as it watched its rider put on those now-soaked boots. It seems that even in the animal kingdom, revenge is a dish best served cold… or in this case, wet.

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Payback Time!

When you tie the knot, you never expect it to unravel, but when it does, it can turn into a full-blown nightmare. Splitting up assets is no fun, and let’s be real – no one ever comes out of a divorce fully satisfied. But when this couple called it quits, the man found himself on the hook for some hefty alimony payments to his ex-wife. Did he just write her some boring old checks and call it a day? Oh no, not this guy! He took it to the next level by printing photos of himself and his new flame on each and every check. Now that’s what we call payback at its finest! You go, dude!

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Serves You Right

Oh boy, we all know that in every relationship, there’s one question that can bring even the strongest couples to their knees. That’s right, we’re talking about the dreaded “What do you want to eat?” query. This poor guy had had enough of his girlfriend’s indecisiveness, always answering with the same old “I don’t know” every time he asked. But, he didn’t get mad – he got creative! He decided to take her answer quite literally and made her an IDK salad. That’s right, a salad with all the toppings he could find, thrown together in a frenzy. We have to say, it was quite impressive! He even handed it to her with a fork, like he was serving her up a masterpiece.

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Squad Goals:

Karma can be swift, as one man in China learned the hard way. After kicking a stray dog in a parking lot, the man likely thought nothing more of it. That is until the same dog showed up at his house, accompanied by a pack of other stray dogs. Together, they took their revenge on the man by biting and scratching every edge of his car until it was completely trashed. It’s safe to say that the man had learned his lesson about treating animals with kindness and respect.

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Proof Enough For You?

Looks like Dave Apnea got a rude awakening when his wife told him he snored. He didn’t believe her at first, but she decided to prove it to him by recording his snores and uploading it to Spotify. And boy, did it take off! The recording got more than 200,000 plays, much to Dave’s embarrassment. Looks like he’s not just a regular guy anymore, he’s a viral sensation! We can only imagine the jokes his friends and family must be making at his expense. Maybe next time he’ll take his wife’s word for it and invest in some snore strips.

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Your Side of the Bed

When you’re in a relationship, it can create some serious tension when one person is lagging behind while the other is already halfway out the door. This guy was sick and tired of always being the one to make the bed. I mean, come on, how hard is it to pull up a few sheets? So, he decided to take a stand (or lie down?) and only make his side of the bed. That’s right, he left his wife’s side looking like a hot mess. We have to give him credit for his creative solution to the age-old problem of household chores. Why should he have to do all the work while his wife gets to leisurely get ready in the morning? It’s time to level the playing field, one unmade bed at a time.

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Wait Till the End

This guy was not going to let his ex get away with using his Netflix account forever. Oh no, he had a plan, and it was a good one. He knew that his ex was in the middle of binge-watching her favorite show on his account and was absolutely hooked. So, he decided to wait until the very last episode, just when she was at the edge of her seat, and then BAM – he would change the password and cut her off mid-binge. It was the perfect revenge plan – she would be so infuriated that she wouldn’t know what hit her. He even started to get excited just thinking about it.

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Surprise Donuts

We can all relate to that feeling of bringing our favorite snacks to work and finding them mysteriously disappearing. But this person had enough of their office food thief and decided to take matters into their own hands. They got revenge by booby trapping their donuts with a surprise nobody would want to eat. The next time that thief tries to steal a bite, they’ll be in for a disgusting surprise! We’re not sure what kind of revenge this is, but it sure is a creative way to teach someone a lesson.

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Got Her Number

This lady was at a bar when this obnoxious guy approached her and asked for her phone number. Without hesitation, she pretended to type in her digits, but instead, she edited his mom’s name into her contacts and told him it was hers. The look on his face was priceless when he walked away, thinking he had just scored her number. But the real fun started when he texted what he thought was her number, only to realize he was actually texting his own mother! The embarrassment and confusion on his face must have been unforgettable.

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Secret Cat Food Lunch

When it comes to office lunch theft, it’s the ultimate betrayal. You spend time and money preparing your delicious fish tacos, only to have some sneaky thief swipe them from the communal fridge. But this person was not going to take it lying down. Nope, instead of just writing a passive-aggressive note or confronting the thief head-on, they decided to get creative with their revenge. They swapped out the tasty fish for some stinky cat food, and sat back to watch the show. We can only imagine the look on the thief’s face as they took a big bite of that taco, expecting a mouthful of fresh seafood, only to be hit with a pungent aroma of kitty chow.

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Junk Mail Payback

Revenge is an art, but let’s be real, sometimes you just want to go for some petty revenge. You know, the kind that’s harmless, but still leaves you feeling like you’ve won. That’s where this genius revenge plan comes in. With six months worth of junk mail piling up, our revenge mastermind decided it was time to strike. Armed with prepaid envelopes, they carefully stuffed all the bulk mail back inside and sealed them up. The next day, they gleefully marched to the post office, knowing that they were about to give the junk mailers a taste of their own medicine. It’s an eco-friendly revenge, so really, everyone wins.

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Petty Bathroom War

Hey, am I the only one scratching my head over the whole “no shampoo in the shower” rule? I mean, c’mon, it’s their own personal shower! Maybe it’s a teensy-tiny space or they’ve made a deal to keep it empty, but this act of revenge is just plain weak sauce. It’s not like it’s even that inconvenient – sure, the guy might do a bit of a search and rescue mission for his shampoo the first time, but let’s face it, he’ll probably just roll his eyes and move on. Honestly, if this is the best prank they can come up with, they might want to stick to watching funny cat videos instead!

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Literally Anything But…

In the corporate world, there’s always that one colleague who seems to enjoy making snide remarks and causing trouble. For Jesse, that colleague was the lady who tells her that her head is stuck up her ass once a week. So, when Jesse offered to buy lunch for her admin team as a thank you for their hard work, she couldn’t resist the opportunity for a little petty revenge. As she asked for lunch requests, the snarky colleague chimed in with “literally anything but Olive Garden.” And that’s exactly what Jesse ordered for everyone. Breadsticks, pasta, and salad all around.

To wrap it all up, revenge may not always be the best option. But when it comes to petty acts that bring deep satisfaction, it can be hard to resist. From using junk mail to prank the senders, to changing Netflix passwords, they can certainly pack a punch. Whether it’s for justice or just for fun, the sweet taste of revenge can be oh so satisfying.

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