Greatest And Most Memorable Indy 500 Pace Cars Ever To Grace The Legendary “Brickyard”

By vukasin

There are few more legendary and recognizable motorsport events in the racing world than Indy 500 race. Established in 1911 and held annually ever since Indy 500 is the biggest and most important racing event in North America and in the world. The list of superlatives could go on and on but the truth is that Indy 500 is much more than just the race. It is an enormous automotive event and proper celebration of car culture.

However, the history of the famous “Brickyard” wasn’t made only by legendary racing cars and drivers; it was also made by a long list of fantastic pace cars. In fact, Indy 500 was the first race which incorporated the pace cars as an important part of the organization and promoted models through its special pace car status. Over the years, manufactures battled to have their model promoted as the pace cars and very soon this title become prestigious amongst the Detroit`s finest brands. So far, General Motors had 52 cars promoted as the pace car which is an absolute record. The Chevrolet Corvette was featured 15 times followed by Camaro which had the same duty 9 times.

Today, we will tell you about 18 greatest, most memorable and iconic Indy 500 pace cars. From the first one to the last one, so, let`s go.

1. Stoddard-Dayton

The first Indy 500 pace car was Stoddard-Dayton from 1911 which was a nod to the neighboring company since those cars were built in Dayton, Ohio. Stoddard-Dayton was well-respected premium car brand in those days; unfortunately, it was discontinued soon after and forgotten.