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Gas vs. Electric: These Cars Will Outlive The EV Revolution

Cameron Eittreim September 7, 2023

Photo Credit: Automobile

Mercedes-Benz 500 E

The 500E was one of the most notable cars of the 1990s. The design of it was far above anything else at the time, and the performance just added to the fun. The engine is considered one of the most reliable that Mercedes ever built. The car was known for giving owners minimal problems during their ownership time with the car (via Hemmings).

Photo Credit: Automobile

These cars have managed to keep the Mercedes’s reputation for quality alive. The amount of time that you’ll spend in a shop is minimal and it’s not uncommon for these to have thousands of miles on them. Nowadays these cars have achieved new recognition as classics and many enthusiasts are restoring them back to their factory beauty.

Photo Credit: Car Domain

Geo Metro

Everyone has seen one of these or knew someone who had one. The Geo Metro was for a long period of time the cheapest car on the road. It was fairly common and had a three-cylinder engine. But what made the Metro extremely unique was the fact that it was one of the most reliable compact cars ever built. The repairs are almost minimal with these cars and there are still dozens of them on the road (via US News).

Photo Credit: Car Domain

The Geo Metro is a great example of simple engineering done right. The car had all the things that made it a hit and now it has become a cultural icon. You’ll definitely see this car on the road for many years to come. It offered the right blend of reliability and economy that made it a great choice for a new generation of car shoppers.

Photo Credit: Namaste Car

Mazda RX-7

The Mazda RX-7 was a thing of beauty, redefining what a sports car should be. The unique look and feel of the car was only the tip of the iceberg because it was one of the most revolutionary sports cars that was ever built. The rotary engine was unlike anything else on the road, and it gave the car an amazing amount of performance and reliability (via Motor Trend).

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

The RX-7 had a number of unique features to it that made it a legendary sports car. So many people have learned about the RX-7 and learned to love it. The value of these cars just continues to rise and they are more reliable than ever. There are very few sports cars that have carved as unique of a niche as the original RX-7 managed to.

Photo Credit: Motor 1

1995 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

Once the least popular Corvette of all time, the C4 was actually a great car. It boasted one of the most durable engines in the world, the LT1 V8. The thing with the Corvette C4 was the fact that it wasn’t the most high-quality car on the interior. But for the reliability and the one-of-a-kind performance you couldn’t go wrong with this piece of Americana (via Car & Driver).

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) - Car
Photo Credit: Motor 1

The ZR1 competed with the likes of many other models on the market, and it did it well. The unique styling and one-of-a-kind performance helped to differentiate the car. The bulletproof reliability has made it quite a popular ride among enthusiasts these days who want a classic Corvette without breaking the bank.

Photo Credit: Mecum

GMC Syclone

This wasn’t your father’s GMC Sonoma, and it also wasn’t a full pickup truck. Instead, this was a sports car with a pickup truck body that broke all the rules when it hit the road. The Syclone had one of the most powerful turbocharged engines that GM ever used in a production vehicle. For a short period of time, it was the fastest production car on the market (via Top Speed).

Photo Credit: GM

The GMC Syclone was one of the most powerful sports trucks of its time and it showed the world what GM was capable of. It also had some of the best reliability numbers of the time too thanks to being built on the solid S-Series platform. Few cars have revolutionized an entire segment the way that the GMC Syclone did when it hit the market.

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