Forget The Expensive 911s – These Are The Best Underrated Performance Cars You Can Buy

By vukasin

The internet and car magazines nowadays are full of praises for the `80s and `90s Porsche 911s, Ferraris or R33 Skylines. We agree that those are fantastic cars in every way they are not the only ones deserving the attention of the car crowd and spike rise in prices. Over the years, the car industry has produced many interesting sports cars and there are more than a few underrated and overlooked models.

Today, we will tell you about the top 20 most underrated and almost forgotten sports cars. Some of them you can still find for cheap and some of them are slowly going out of the reach of the average collector. However, all of those cars have something in common. They are good, they are powerful, they are fast and they don’t get enough credit as some more popular models. So, let`s get straight to it.

  1. Ford Mustang Cobra

Although we witnessed a recent rise in prices, Fox-body Mustang Cobra flew under the radar of mainstream collectors for long. Most people tend to dismiss it as another Fox-Body Mustang but Cobra is much more than just that. It is a proper performance car, blurring the line between classic muscle car and sports coupe.

It was produced for one year only – 1993 and marked the end of Fox-body Mustang generation. Under the hood was SVT prepared 5.0-liter HO engine with trick GT40 heads and various other upgrades. The 0 to 60 mph time was well under 6 seconds and 1993 Cobra handled perfectly thanks to revised suspension. Ford made just 4993 examples in 1993 and hurry up before they became Shelby GT350s of the 21st century.