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Built To Last: The Most Reliable Supercars Money Can Buy

Cameron Eittreim June 29, 2023

A supercar is one of the most awe-inspiring investments a car fan will ever make and the repairs and maintenance can cost almost as much as the car. But this hefty investment doesn’t deter the wealthy enthusiasts who collect these cars. Many of the millionaires who collect these supercars almost always leave them locked away inside warehouses for decades. These cars are nothing more than a trophy piece for wealthy investors. But there are also enthusiasts like Jay Leno who actually get out and drive these cars as well.

It might come as a surprise that there are quite a few supercars that are reliable as well. Reliability can be construed in several different ways, but the main thing depends on how much it costs to keep the car on the road. Some supercars are built better than others, and these are the most reliable supercars that money can buy. Based on consumer testing, that makes these supercars a lot better to own. Even if you have unlimited funds in the bank, sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy a reliable supercar. Find out which supercars are the most reliable money can buy here.

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Acura NSX

This entry shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as Honda/Acura is one of the most reliable automakers on the road. The NSX has long been the supercar for the frugal and wise enthusiast. You get top-tier performance, but you also get Honda reliability. The NSX has maintained its position as one of the best supercars in the world because its performance never wavered and its design is timeless (via Hot Cars).

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Even the current generation of the NSX has stayed true to the formula that made the brand great to begin with. Few supercars have ever been able to compete with the NSX when it comes to reliability. Honda precision-engineered every inch of the NSX to be a one-of-a-kind supercar. Those who know a thing or two about supercars have no trouble acknowledging just how reliable the NSX is.

Photo Credit: Porsche

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

German cars are often equated with a lack of quality and reliability, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, Porsche is one of the most well-known brands in the world and their quality is renowned. The 911 GT3 RS was a well-designed supercar that was built on the already existing 911 platform. The car was built for speed from the ground up and its precision engineering made it ultra-reliable (via Top Gear).

Photo Credit: Rock Auto

In a 2021 assessment by J.D. Power and Associates the 911 GT3 RS was awarded the most trouble-free ownership. With that kind of record, you can’t deny the positive attributes of owning this supercar. Porsche’s engineering and attention to detail can’t be ignored, which is why the brand is so popular today.

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Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey has always been a tuning company but the company also designed a supercar that’s known around the world. The Hennessey Venom GT is every bit one of the best supercars on the market, and part of the reason for that is the engineering that went into it. The engine is one of the best that ever come out of a supercar builder, and since Hennessey is known for tuning performance cars, there was no surprise there (via EVO).

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

The Venom is built using American muscle and technology, and there’s a 1451 HP LS7 V8 engine under the hood. General Motors parts and engineering are some of the reasons that Venom is such a reliable ride. The same technology is found under the hood of a Corvette but this is amplified. The Venom GT has some of the best reliability of any supercar in this class, not to mention the fact that it’s extremely rare.

Photo Credit: Nissan

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan brand has cultivated one of the best reputations for reliability in the world and the GT-R is one of their most well-known cars in the world. It wasn’t always classified as a supercar but over the last decade thats what it became. When it comes to fun driving characteristics and a high price tag, the GT-R is a combination of both (via GTR Life).

Photo Credit: Nissan

But the GT-R is also one of the most reliable supercars on the market with a bulletproof track record. The 600 HP twin-turbo engine is one of the best that Nissan has ever built, coupled with an AWD system that seldom needs maintenance. In every way, the Nissan GT-R is a bulletproof combination of power and performance. Even if you’re rich, it doesn’t hurt to have an economically friendly supercar.

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Koenigsegg Agera RS

Koenigsegg is one of the most well-known automakers in the world and the Agera RS is a car that many prominent drivers own. For a long period, the Agera RS was one of the most well-known performance cars on the planet and also the fastest. The Agera RS has a groundbreaking 5.0 L V8 that’s also found in the modern Mustang models, and the only difference is that it was tuned to the extreme (via Car Buzz).

Photo Credit: Mecum

Likewise, the sleek design of the car gives it amazing acceleration. The low center of gravity is something that the designers intentionally implemented. When you look at the Agera RS, you can’t help but be floored by the unique design of the car. It doesn’t look like anything else on the road and the bulletproof reliability of the engine cannot be ignored.

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Lexus LFA

Lexus is a brand that needs no introduction, but did you know that they sold a supercar at one point? The LFA was the culmination of years of research and development, and the final product was rock-solid. You wouldn’t ordinarily equate Lexus with a supercar manufacturer but the brand is indeed that. The 553 HP behind the wheel of the LFA was enough to power through any racetrack, and what’s behind this power is the bulletproof 4.8 L V 10 engine (via Lexus Mag UK).

Photo Credit: Lexus

The reliability reputation of the LFA was among the best in the segment. Lexus has a strong track record when it comes to owner maintenance costs. The design of the car is still beautiful today and the value of it has skyrocketed. With Lexus’s reliability and the beautiful design of the car, there’s just something awe-inspiring about it.

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Ford GT

Every once in a generation you get an amazing car like the Ford GT, and the current generation of the car is better than ever. The GT has the kind of performance that drivers only dream about getting behind the wheel of. The driving experience is like nothing else on the road and the car is about as elite as they come. The reliability of the current Ford GT is also some of the best in the segment (via Ford Problems).

Photo Credit: Ford

Although the maintenance is expensive, the car seldom needs any real work done to it. Aside from the oil changes and Ford diagnostics, the GT is ready for the track. Utilizing a turbocharged engine made the design of the GT a little different this time around. When it comes to unique rides, the Ford GT is about as unique as they come.

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Saleen S7

Saleen is a company that’s usually associated with high-performance Ford models, but the company also delved into the supercar segment as well. The Saleen S7 was the culmination of years of design and testing. The final product was something that provided one of the best driving experiences on the market. The Saleen S7 has a 700 HP engine and weighs under 3000 lbs., making it one of the lightest supercars in the world (via Motorious).

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Likewise, the S7 was always one of the most reliable supercars on the road. The maintenance costs aren’t very high because it used a Ford V8 under the hood. Saleen went the extra mile to make sure that every inch of the car was detailed to fit a driver. This is one of the fastest street-legal cars that you can find and it will break the bank. Thankfully, it’s also reliable.

Farbe: Teakbraun

Audi R8

The Audi R8 has the distinction of being a Porsche in sheep’s clothing because that’s basically what it is. Almost all of the engineering that went into the R8 is derived from Porsche and that’s what makes the car great. The sleek and powerful mid-engine design made the R8 one of the most talked about cars on the road. The interior was designed to fit around a driver with every inch of the cockpit being functional (via Co-Pilot Search).

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Although it has German engineering and a brand behind it the maintenance costs with the R8 are relatively reasonable. It’s been said that the R8 was one of the most reliable supercars of its generation. You’ll see a lot of these R8 models being used as daily drivers by their wealthy owners. Even Justin Bieber famously owned an Audi R8 because the car exudes confidence.

Photo Credit: Chevy of North Ridge

2022 Corvette Stingray

The Corvette is an everyman’s supercar and for good reason. The price tag hovers around $60,000, which is fairly reasonable considering what you get. For that price, you get a mid-engined design that pumps out some of the best performance in the world. The sleek design of the car is unmatched compared to other vehicles in the price range (via Car & Driver).

Photo Credit: Auto Journal

The Corvette also has bulletproof reliability thanks to the LS series engine, which is renowned as one of the best to come out of GM. It is not uncommon to see a Corvette on the road with over 200,000 miles on it. These cars are so reliable and their owners know how to take good care of them, so even if you find a used one it’s going to be reliable.

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